Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

Woah I am chionging this post before this year comes to a close. Haha.. 2010 is quite a bad year for me.. and it can't even get worse anymore. Near the end of the year, I fell sick! Ouch! I had no idea why I fell sick. It started with a gastric pain a few days ago. I did not skip any meals :( Was it because of stress? Haiz.. I overdosed myself with antacids and after 24 hours, the pain still lingered. I could not sleep in the first night. I woke up 2x.. Once to take 1 tablet.. and since I woke for the second time because of the pain, I took another tablet. Sigh.. Perhaps next time I should straight away take 2 tablets :( I am thinking of upgrading to H2-antagonist. or perhaps a liquid-based antacid. But I think the pharmacists will ask me to see doctor first :( I look so bo-boy, the pharmacists won't give me 'adult' medicine de..

I also felt unwell, with a bit of headache, and funny body temperature. I know recently the weather is quite cooling. But still shivering even with the lowest speed of fan + blanket just does not seem right. After showering, I always feel even weirder. Some parts of my body will feel warm and some are cold. Oh gosh! Yesterday when I went out, I wore double layer and I was still feeling cold.. -_-"

Although I was not very fit, I decided to go for a new year celebration yesterday. It kinda suck to feel sick during celebration :( But at least it lifted up my mood. Haha.. Hilarity always occurs when I have gathering with my friends. I had no time go wrap the gift for my gift exchange so I wrapped it on the place. Thank goodness I was one of the early birds. I did not even know what to call my own gift (LOL!) and since there was no tape, I used rubber band to secure the wrapping. Damn jialat.. Haha..

There was a time when crumbs were present on my friend's hair. I helped to remove and put in into a waste plate (on the table) in front of her. But for the 2nd crumb, I put it into the plate she was holding (and eating from!). I seriously thought I put it in the waste plate so when the rest was laughing, I was still like "what is so funny?". Haha.. When sharing about holiday activity, one friend went "carolling". Guess what did I hear? Cameroon! I was gonna ask whether he went to Cameroon in Africa or Cameron Highlands (in Malaysia). I think I was seriously sick..

Anyway for the gift exchange, I got SAKE! Woohoo.. I don't normally like alcoholic beverage.. under normal circumstances, I would just give away the gift.. Somemore I had gastric =x how to drink alcohol. But this time, it is SAKE! I never tried before.. So I will take the risk.. Haha.. I managed to not try it yesterday.. But for today, since it is the new year eve, I will just 'hantam'. I pray that my stomach can take it. Hahaha..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Godhand Teru

The story revolves around a young man named Mahigashi Teru. When he was young, his father, a brilliant surgeon, died in an accident, but not before saving Teru's life. As a result, Teru also aims to become a great surgeon like his father, devoted to never letting a patient die. As a clumsy newcomer at his hospital, he seems to be an unlikely savior. But whenever a patient's life is in danger, his true powers emerge in the form of his "god hands," allowing him to successfully perform even the most difficult operations.

My opinion:
I was so eager when I knew this dorama would come out since I love the manga so much! There is a healthy mix of human drama, humour, as well as medical stuff. Unfortunately, the moment I read that there are only 6 episodes, I somehow feel that this is gonna be a disappointment.

My first disappointment is about the cast. I don't think they manage to display the comical effects as in the manga. Some look way too old for people in their 30s. Oh well.. And it was crazy that they replace Teru's rival to a woman in the live action! Yeah I know they want to have some pretty girl to spice up the show but I thought the nurse is good enough (Ayano is played by the girl in Rookies ^^). My problem is: females do not understand rivalry! When females are involved, rivalry and healthy competition turn into bitchiness and jealousy. Urgh.. And I cannot stand to watch another actress that I like to be this bitchy woman. Haha..

Story-wise, I am glad that Japanese never fail to show the more human side, rather than the medical side, of the stories. As compared to Voice (another medical-theme dorama), Godhand Teru is less touching though. And the biggest mistake is that the producer somehow makes this into a science-fiction/fantasy genre rather than a medical drama. In the story, clumsy Teru suddenly becomes serious and good when his patient is near death. In the manga, the transformation is due to his desire not to let the person die.. But in the dorama, it seems like a magic. It seems like Teru is a lousy guy who suddenly transformed into having his father's ability after a "heart attack" is triggered. The term "Godhand" also becomes "like God's hand to pull back the dying into the living" in the dorama rather than referring to a very skillful surgeon as in the manga. And I absolutely have no idea how the idea about "jealousy from other doctors" come into play in the dorama. Bleah.

In short there is nothing fantastic about this dorama. It has failed to reproduce the same effects like the manga. It is not funny, the story is not touching enough, the medical parts are explained in a very quick pace for people to even regard this as a medical dorama, there is no romance whatsoever. No idea what genre this show will fit into.

My afterthoughts:
Medical-related shows always show the 'dark' side of the medical world (read: hospital). Haha.. It is not a lie.. I am sure that some unethical profit-oriented doctors are present in real life too! Being admitted into a hospital or undergoing a surgery is really a matter of luck in regards to what types of medical professionals who handle your case.

The theme which continously being echo-ed throughout the series is: there is no such thing as luck in medical treatment. In my opinion, there is! Call it luck or call it fate. I am not a doctor/surgeon so I don't know how true the surgery situations depicted here. But certainly, it is kinda scary to see almost every patient goes into "asystole" state during the surgeries here. It is really life or death at any moment during the surgery.. And like in one of the episode, after the procedure is done, the surgeon can only say "We have done what we can as doctors.. The rest depends on the patient's body.. and her willpower to survive". For me, when it is time for you to die, you will die no matter what treatment you get.. When it is not your time yet, no matter what disaster (or medical error) befalls you, you will still survive. Haha..

One wonderful thing (which I know will never ever happen in reality) depicted here is the good working relationship between the doctors, nurses, and patients. Wow! If only such things are REAL, my profession will be much more interesting and enjoyable one.. Seeing how they work together as a team (during surgeries) make me realise how sad pharmacy as a profession is. Pharmacists don't really get to work together or even be engaged in  life-or-death situation.. I guess that's where the lack of passion stems from. Facing life or death situation makes people more human.. There is certainly an invisible string which bond the people together when they all work to save this poor man/woman/child. When faced with this kind of thing, we realise that we can be that poor man/woman/child we are helping now. Thus, we should be thankful that we are in the position to help them.. But well, that's the ideal.. In reality, most people grow heartless as they watch people live and die day after day.. And that is the problem with healthcare system: to find people who really have the passion to help.. Heart should come first... brain second... :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unexpected Christmas!

I had Christmas once in Cambodia.. I had one in Pontianak.. I basically hate to celebrate Christmas away from home.. away from my Christmas music and Disney show.. It makes me lacking of Christmas spirit.. So what could be worse than celebrating Christmas at ulu places like Cambodia and Pontianak? It's celebrating Christmas HERE in Singapore! Urgh! Stuck in the lab! Thinking of stupid project whose outcome looks ugly..

Thank God for He is a jealous God! It seems that He won't let people have a bad mood during his Birthday! Haha.. To be honest, I did not expect that my mood was pretty upbeat yesterday. Though I had quite a freak experimental experience yesterday, it was still salvage-able.. I am running out of time so this is my final try and I am really hoping for a Christmas miracle..

Singapore is a secular country. Thus, I never expect that Christmas Eve is just a big deal here. I was caught surprised when the school was extremely quiet yesterday. It felt as if it was the Chinese New Year eve! The canteen stalls were only open for half day! Haha.. And Christmas is about community spirit too. So it feels good for strangers, like the Western stall auntie, wishing me Merry Christmas.. or for the other professor in my lab wishing me Happy Holidays. A~~~h...

And last night was my first Christmas celebration.. My first in Singapore and my first in my life! Lol..  Actually it was no diff from a normal mass ba.. Easter seems to be a more joyous occasion for the Church. Even the 15mins carolling before the mass was kinda lame to me. Chey! I thought carolling in church was a big experience. It started at midnite and ended at 0115. I reached PGP at 0200 haha.. 45mins walking in the night of Christmas.. It made me feel like the 3 wise men looking for Baby Jesus! But wait, those men were riding camels, weren't they? Haha..

Anyway Christmas is a time of reflection. And yesterday was another good homily. Hearing "Mary and Joseph's faith... following God's plan even without knowing what His plan had for them.. and yada yada..." can be quite boring and old.. But it is something that I need currently :( I honestly am in the stage where I half-hate my project.. Few months ago, I thought it was a nice plan by God to get this seemingly slack project (with 24hours of waiting time kind of thing).. Now everything was the opposite.. Oh well, I guess now I can just leave everything up to Him.. So be it if I have to get 2nd class... So be it if I have to lead a sad life here in Singapore.. So be it if I got some lousy experience for my prereg.. So be it if I am destined to be emo forever.. Afterall, the final destination is to be in Heaven anyway.. Though these sad things would be what hinder me from that destination :(

For this year, my Christmas present (by myself for myself) is just a cheap Santa Hat. Haha.. It has been a longing for me to have one. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to camwhore with it.. Ugly face.. and bad lighting.. and bad camera.. Oh well..

I also updated the links of my past Christmas Youtube stuff here and here.. Blast Youtube for always deleting certain files, only for some people to reupload them again. What a futile effort.. And one last Christmas thing to share: 2010 version of Mariah Carey's O Holy Night.. I am amazed that she still can reproduce the kind of voice that she made many years ago (1994!). Bravo!!

Lastly, I wanna wish Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus! I could give You nothing but instead, You gave me a nice Christmas experience this year. Thanks :) To everybody else, Merry Christmas and may the good Lord shower you and your family with His grace and blessings

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Xmas Emo

Aaah the weather lately is very good for emo-ing. Haiz.. Actually the weather is damn nice lately for holiday mood. Cool, windy, and rainy.. Nice for lying on the bed and slacking :) Too bad I still my screwed up FYP :( Anyway I never expect that too cold weather can disrupt my sleep. But that happened on Sunday. I woke up 3 or 4 times in between my 6 hours of sleep. It was as good as not sleeping. I did not feel too bad upon waking up but I KO-ed on the bus for the Christmas celebration in the evening.

I was a bit reluctant to go :( Not very close with the people so I would feel akward. Gosh but thank goodness I went. The food was great.. It was even greater because the fact that they were all cooked by a few of us there. WOW! They really have good cooking skills. I had a chance to try 4 different liquour without getting any redness or drunkenness haha.. I tried my best to just simply 'taste' them.. I wanted to try all 4 so if I got drunk before that, that would be disappointing haha.. Bailey's Irish Cream was okay.. The milk+coffee liquor was a horrible mixture.. Bacardi something had 40% alcohol so it was burning my throat. The Vodka Mandarin (also 40%!) was the worst of all. Haha... It smelled mild (orange aroma) but upon drinking, urgh.. it really burnt my throat.. and it tasted like drinking those alcohol used in the lab!

Yesterday was the release of exam results. I was quite emo because the sms did not come in the morning. It did come at 330pm though.. Damn lame.. I checked via the website already. As expected, this sem was disastrous. I got my first B. Fucking bitch! Well, I was a bit scared of failing that module so I guess B was okay :( It pulled down my CAP by a lot :'(

My future lies with my FYP now :( Regardless how I do for next sem, my class is determined by my project.. Looks like I will be 2nd class anyway.. Perhaps that is the biggest reason that I was not suicidal upon seeing the B yesterday... Gosh..

Come to think of it, I feel as bad as 3 years ago, year 1 sem 1. I was very down to be an average student just then.. But miracle happened with my results that sem.. A miracle that never happened again.. Now I think that miracle was a curse.. If from the start I am an average student, I don't need to be very stressed after all.. And now, I guess I am back to where I should be: average.. Still, I feel a pang of sadness.. And I will definitely hate or love my supervisor forever and ever. Haha.. She holds the key to my future... Lol.

Anyway my project is doomed. I had been doing nothing for the past week. My filter hasn't arrived :( Really die.. I almost had a big shock of my life today. The person doing analysis sounded as if my sample was lost! Oh God!! Thank goodness she just forgot about it.. It was too "long" ago haha.. 1 week only.. I just can't help that I really have a sad life.. There is nothing I can do about my project.. I wanna shout I wanna scream I wanna cry for my poor luck.. Why do I get something so new that there is no data that I can refer or compare? Why am I given so little materials? Why does my lab do not have things that I need? Why are my processes taking days to weeks to do and confirm? Why why why? It is really unfair :( I will lose everything that I have worked hard for for the last few years just because of these things I have no control of :( Really lousy luck :( Or call it fate... Aaah I am fated to have a cursed life.. Everything is a mistake from the first day God decided to bring me into this life T_T

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where is my Christmas Spirit?

In Hollywood and Disney Christmas-themed movies, 'Christmas Spirit' is mentioned quite often. I never seem to understand its significance and I always feel that it is just a cliche thingy during Christmas season. Unfortunately, now I am experiencing the lack of Christmas Spirit. Haha.. I admit that my previously there had always been anything special with my Christmas-es since I don't really celebrate. But at least, I always waited for it eagerly in previous years. Even listening to old Christmas songs and watching the same few Disney Christmas shows gave me a huge excitement. This year, I totally feel unexcited about Christmas at all. Yea thanks to FYP and all the morbid thoughts about my bleak future and my hated life here. Those Christmas songs, which I have been listening every year for more than 5 years (or is it 10?) become boring. I tried to find Christmas albums by more recent singers but I don't think they are fantastic. I just feel so sian.. It isn't going to be a blue Christmas. It's gonna be a BLACK one for me :(

Today was my last day of work for 2010. It was a Christmas Opera by a Methodist Church. I kinda had a bad day. From the matinee show, I kept getting scoldings by everyone for whatever I do. Bleah.. Lousy day.. Anyway, it was kinda good to watch a Christmas-y show ba.. The plot is a cliche: someone from modern life had a brief encounter of death and in her moment of unconsciousness was sent to the times before the First Christmas. It was very lame to see Herod's guards and concubines were dressed in Chinese Opera style o_0 while dancing to Indian tune during their party. But for fun, entertainment value, and laughter, I guess the cast did excellently! Lol.. I like the kind of jokes which are from daily lives. No need to try too hard to make people laugh. Just use whatever funny insider jokes and apply them in the context of 2000years ago, and everything would just become funny. This is the kind of formula that I always use when thinking of script for role play etc ba haha...

Anyway the show did not quite inject some Christmas spirit into me. Haha.. However, there was something that made my day! I had a few patrons who wished me Merry Christmas after the show ended. Wow.. One even offered a handshake. I almost declined but since I saw her hand had been 'there' for quite sometime, I guess no harm to just return the handshake. I never thought that getting a simple Merry Christmas from strangers could be that exciting. Lol.. But it was a good feeling.. Now I know why the angmohs in the movies always say Merry Christmas to anybody they meet during the Christmas season.

Still, at the end of the day, I feel 'dead'.. No Christmas spirit.. Perhaps I should go for a celebration that I am invited to this Monday.. Who cares about stupid FYP :(

Do You Hear What I Hear?
I find this song memorable right from the first time I hear it.. Perhaps because out of so many Christmas albums that I own, this song only appears in ONE album. Lol

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent 2010

I was curious about "penitential service" so I went for one yesterday. I sorta guessed that it was related to confession, perhaps a mass with prayers and intentions for sins forgiveness etc. I was surprised to find that it was a proper individual confession. So basically it began like the usual mass. But the Eucharist was replaced with queueing for making confession. It was quite interesting to see confessions done in express, perhaps <5 minutes for each person.

I was honestly shocked during the reflection (examination of conscience). Everything (yeah EVERYTHING, not ALMOST everything) which was listed there applied to me.. I am showing ingratitude, outburst of anger, black moods, not true to my Baptismal promises, etc etc. It was 3-ppt slides long (perhaps about 20 things being mentioned) and it all.

Anyway this time I was not given any "punishment" le! Lol.. Haha.. The priest advised me to join a Ministry. I was like o_0 From my experiences so far, joining church-related communities have not been satisfying to me. Oh well, I just open my heart.. If really it is God's will, it will happen anyway. The priest found what I said to be quite unbelievable haha.. He told me "You seem like a lively person". Lol.. "Lively" is the last word I will think that people will ever use to describe me..

It was another occasion when I actually realise Sacraments are not some bullshit by the church or something. Well, I felt kinda different after yesterday, at least for awhile. Haha.. Some will say that it is because when you actually speak your problems to someone, you feel lighter/better etc. Not really so for me haha.. Lately I have been complaining about my projects to whomever I meet but I never feel as 'light' as yesterday. Ah.. too bad it's a short-lived feeling.. But certainly, everytime I feel a deep resentment to God, somehow the sacrament feels different..

Something from the homily yesterday was very nice. The priest said that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, so we should ask him what he wants for his birthday. Haha.. Well, putting things into perspective, what he said was kinda nice.. Everytime during Christmas, I am too busy thinking of what presents I should buy for myself :p So certainly it is time to ask:

"Dear God, what Christmas present do you want from me?"

Friday, December 10, 2010

A long post for a long week

Initially I was thinking whether to share the good things or the bad things first. But then I realised that everything is equally emo. Haha.. So I shall go by chronological order then. Lol.. Beware, though, this is gonna be terribly lo~~~~~ng.

I had my dental cleaning on Tuesday. My oral hygiene has improved a lot. But I was told that my front tooth is showing signs of demineralisation!! Ouch! What the hell :'( I wanted to cry.. Despite the crazy things that I do to my teeth daily, how can such things be possible T_T Anyway I can't help it. Under normal lighning, there is no way I can tell which teeth are healthy which teeth are jialat. It has to be under strong light (like the dental chair kind) to see the difference. Well, I guess that really makes the once every 3 months cleaning appointment be of utmost importance to me right now. No more delaying to try to save money anymore. A high concentration of fluoride was applied to that tooth and I could not eat and drink for 2 hours. I wonder how the thing worked/was absorbed but I hope the thing did wonders :( And that treatment caused my stomach to be empty for 16hours wew...

I always learn new things from the dental cleaning visits. Long time ago, I learnt that when there is blood during flossing, instead of stop flossing, keep on flossing. The blood means there are bacteria colonies there. Anyway the blood should be dirty blood, not fresh blood. Point noted.. Not too long ago, I learnt that it is ok to floss all the way down to the gums (I always thought it would cause any bleeding), that when it is getting harder to put the floss in between teeth, it means that the gaps are closing (I always thought that the floss would cause the gaps to widen), and that to use the tongue and feel grooves as a sign of no tartar (I always thought no groove is good!). This time, I was taught how to brush my teeth haha.. It was quite interesting. She taught me to angle the brush from the top to clean in between the teeth. I always thought I should angle it from below! Lol..

These experiences made me regret that I did not give dentistry a try at all for my university education. Sigh.. Now I feel that dentists work in a relatively nice environment. There is no rush, there is nice and fuzzy clinic, and the most interesting is there is genuine relationship among staff and with the patients. I don't think I will even get that from pharmacy. Bleah.. No point crying over spoilt milk so I guess the lesson I learnt is: just whack send job application to retail, private, and polyclinic. Later on then choose.. Don't limit my options right from the start! I will never know whether someday I find out that private or polyclinics are better than retail or something like that.

My second batch of anime books finally arrived! Wow.. Registered mail really did wonders. It came within 2 working days. I am amazed that the guy sent on Friday 520pm and it was delivered by Tuesday 9am. Wow!! I am deeply satisfied with 2 books, so-so with 1, and disappointed with 1. The so-so one is the most expensive. Geez.. The art from the games/anime I don't know is not that good! I actually chose this one over since it has a combination of the art from another 2 books. This book has art from other titles while if I choose the 2 books, I will have to settle with many B&W pages.. But at least they are still manga of the anime I like! Haiz.. Sad.. The book I am disappointed with is really due to my carelessness. I was too eager to buy that I did not read the description properly. There are only 20+ coloured pages.. The rest is B&W and worse is: MANY ARE WRITINGS!! GGRRRRAH!! Oh well :(

 The 2 original books which I want (I only want the coloured pictures the artist - Kyoko Tsuchiya. I don't want the rest of the B&W pages!)

 Collection of all artwork by Kyoko Tsuchiya (I only like the Weiss pictures!)

With more books, my drawer no longer has the space. It is time for me to get a plastic container box. And guess what, at 8pm, I decided to go to Kinokuniya and then to Giant. Why Kino? Actually right after done with my dentist in the morning, I saw the third book from the Manga Bible series. I wanted to buy but I was hoping that there will be 20% Xmas sale or something. Haha.. But since I needed to go out, might as well right? Even at the bus stop I was still considering whether to go out that late. Well, 95 came before A1 or A2 so off I went. Lol..

Talking about book, I read a bit of the Chinese Horoscope book for nxt year. I became damn emo! Oh gosh, it's Rabbit Year next year and how on earth that Rabbit has the shittiest luck? I don't know how these things go so I can't describe why they say it is gonna be bad.. Conclusion is: I will be doomed.. Haiz.. Many bad things have entered my mind: failed project, 2nd class, I will hate my prereg place, and many more.. :'(

The manga was kinda disappointing for me too. One thing for sure, the artist is different from the previous 2 book. I hate this one.. Very manga style.. Even the males look like females (esp the eyes). Anyway the book contains the stories from creation up to Moses crossing the Red Sea. Reading this makes me wonder about my faith. It is quite appalling to see the the early fathers of faith are not much different from criminals: they fought over wealth, they killed, they took wives and concubines, etc.. It seems that human beings are not much different from what they were thousands of years ago.

From Vivo, I discovered that Best is having IT fair this week, and the netbook that I want is there too!! Gosh.. Toshiba NB-520. There is green colour, there is free DVD slot (I can install my ms office), estimated battery life is 8-10 hours, but one big downside, the POSITION of the speaker.. It will collect dust easily! But anyway, I think I can say bye to buying netbook liao. I brought my laptop to the lab and the wi-fi was bad. No point bringing there since I cannot kill time to buy time facebook also.

I am done with Tuesday! Fiuh.. Seems like "A long Tuesday" would be more appropriate. Haha.. Anyway I went to bank yesterday to check my registered address and about my debit card. Seems like I cannot do internet shopping without applying for iBanking first! Gah! So how on earth that PayPal could deduct my $3 few weeks ago for a registration (which obviously failed.. duh)? This is seriously a bad thing.. The moment I can do internet shopping, OMG there are tonnnes of things from Ebay that I want to buy!! Thank goodness I am not into anything currently. My irrational craze is always over the anime stuff which was from 10+ years ago. It will stop sooner or later haha..

This weekend there is an anime fair again at Suntec. I will give it a miss =( Thanks to stupid FYP I have no time to enjoy life.. I will have to give Narnia a miss too T_T I'm really sad.. Anyway I gotta work this weekend. Thanks to stupid FYP, I hardly can work during weekdays.. I really need to earn a bit since my expenses for the past anime books have been higher than normal. Gotta earn a bit ma..

I am near to the end of the post! Yeah the final rant is about my project.. I feel that this week is terribly long is because I spent 10+ hours daily in the lab! And I don't know why but I could only get 5 hours of sleep daily. I did not set up any alarm clock but I would always wake up 5 hours after I sleep. I am a living zombie now.. And I am terribly emo. With this kind of investment, I still getting remarks like "lazy", "slow", "not thinking". Seriously! How much more am I supposed to give? :( I am not in the mood to go into the details now sigh.. Anyway I spent too much on this post already so maybe I will go into the details when I have the mood.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


There are so many depressing things going on with my life currently. I actually cannot afford the time for blogging. But the thing I am about to write is really infuriating..

Call me jealous, childish, etc and I don't care... But tell me, do I have reasons to feel jealous, angry, being treated unfair and other negative feelings?

You gave permission to my sister to get a $888 handphone (iPhone!). And last time you were screaming for my $1000 airfare ticket to Korea!
Last time you disapproved my ~$600 camera phone and you gave my sister a digital camera and a phone!
You lambasted my $1800 laptop, something that I could not survive with in university. And you bought my sister $1500 laptop (and another $1400 for my other sister) which they did not really need.
Eh but wait, my PSP did not get scolded! Aaah that was because I did not even bother to say. Haha..

And please stop saying about whose money bla bla bla.. My whole money here has been mixed up with yours up to the point I don't know whose money I am spending. And do I give a damn that in terms of absolute amount of money, I need more than my sisters? No! If you wanna dump your son away in other countries, then you better have enough money to support him in the first place. And who taught me to be so anal about money matters? YOU!! So blame yourself! I also would be happy if I were nurtured in a different way and to be able to just spend money as if money rains on earth everyday.

Grr.. But looks like I will buy that stupid iPhone eventually.. And that's not because I am nice or what.. It's just out of goodwill.. To repay my sister for helping me to get that anime book. Well, I REGRET IT! I found out that I have a friend here who has a paypal account to help me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Retail "therapy"

FYP is a life sucker but for this post, lets forget about it first. I had a clique outing on Friday and we ate at Astons Prime. The name sounds expensive, doesn't it? The good news is: they have fantastic food in a nice place with reasonable price. I paid $23.90 for steak + chicken combo. Suprise #1: I expected a half serving of steak and a half serving of chicken. But I got a FULL serving of steak and chicken each. OMG! Wow! Although the steak was too "well-done" aka hard to be eaten ba.. All of us were astounded with the large servings that we received. Surprise #2: I paid what I saw in the menu. $23.90 is inclusive of GST and service charge. That is just WOW! Yea a big WOW! Lol..

Thank to stupid FYP, everyone's day ended late and it was pretty late after our meal. We wanted to go somewhere to chill but alas Singapore night life just sucked. There was nowhere to go and everyone was camping at either Starbucks, Coffee Club, Coffee Beans, etc. Shopping malls closed as usual. Come on! It was Friday night and it's holiday time!! Bleah!! Wanted to have a drink but there was no seat for 7 ppl.. Zzz.. Actually since I was at Marks and Spencer, I was already eyeing the alcoholic beverage. Haiz.. I feel like just getting drunk and forget forget all about this life..

I had the urge to buy a netbook again. I wanted to buy today so yesterday I was looking for price. Anyway in the end I decided not to buy. The MS Office is so expensive! No point getting a netbook if I cannot use it for my work. I still have MS Office 2007 original CD but they *bang* I remember netbook has no CD drive. Meaning I cannot use the CD or I have to fork out money for external CD drive, something I don't wish to have. Oh well, anyway lessons learnt :) Next time really should just go at those huge electronic exhibitions. Although the prices are the same, the additional stuff (eg. RAM upgrade, extended warranty, etc) is better.

Thanks to my window shopping yesterday, I have new gadget in my "WTB" list: XBOX Kinect!! Haha.. Yesterday I saw someone demo-ing the thing. I was just blown away. There is no joystick or controller whatsoever. Just swipe your hands in the air. This reminds me of the high tech stuff which I saw in Science Centre. I thought how long it will take to finally have a computer which only has a screen and the whole navigation system is just by using our hands.. Looks like the technology is not that far. Haha.. Anyway the demo guy is quite cute. He kept smiling to himself. I think he was quite embarassed to demo. Only kids and parents were looking and he was trying to get any kid to try the machine. The kids were too shy so he had no choice but to demo. Haha.. Lol.. It was a dance game and I was like woaaa... This is nothing like Dance Dance Revolution (only need to step at the 4 directional squares) or its variation (the one need to wave your hand to appropriate direction). This is literally dancing!! The movement includes squatting, neck movements, shoulder movements etc. No wonder the guy was paiseh.. Haha.. But oh well, why the hell did he choose a Lady Gaga song? That made it more embarassing..

Now I think the most expensive pieces of electronic gadgets are HANDPHONES. Bleah.. Xbox + Kinect costs $469.. Nowadays, newer phones are like $600+ Woot... That is even more expensive than netbook and low end laptops. But still, I don't understand why people wanna spend like $800+ for iPhone. Come on, no matter what it does, it is still a phone! An overpriced phone! Haha and now I am more than sure not to help my sister to get an iPhone. Lol.. I'm an anti-Apple. Sorry.. I refuse to give my money to Apple.. and I will also not help someone else gives their money for overpriced piece of gadget.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yesterday was the SECOND time I got the hints along the line that "I am lazy", "I am seldom in the lab", "I am not producing enough results", "Slow progress", etc. I had ENOUGH. Haiz.. I am very angry.. I wanted to tell the truth and explain but I was worried that I would sound too angry and too rude. Bleah.. I plan to formulate my argument better and see how on Monday.

I am just very agitated with all the nonsense that progress is equal to how much time spent in the lab. My reactions are all 24 hours and I will not be that insane to sit there do nothing and watch the damn thing stirring. I got 3 main problems: 
1) Nobody has done the freaking thing I am doing now so everything is trial now, so I cannot use a lot of materials, need to repeat a lot bla bla bla 
2) Every part of the stupid experiment needs 24 hours.. and that's a LOT of time!!
3) Too little materials are given to me.. everytime I can only use a bit a bit... I do right or wrong also in the end must repeat
4) I cannot do things in parallel since everything is continuous.. I need to make A and B, then combine A and B together for the next step.. If combining A and B fails, I need to repeat making A and B again.. gaaah... the whole process takes me a total of NINE days!! Gosh.. So NINE days for one result provided that I do everything flawlessly
5) I am not productive. During all the 24hours waiting time, there is simply that I can do..

OH MY GOD! I thought I only have 3 problems.. I have MORE than that.. Sigh.. That shows how hopeless my stuff is la.. Lame shit :'(

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The time that I hate is finally here. I have to be a full-time FYP slave now. Gaaah... Anyway only after 2 days, I fell sick already. Perhaps that was because 11 hours straight on the second day. I had a pretty bad sore throat. The sore throat is not 100% gone and now headache, stomachache, diarrhea, lethargy and insomnia. Ironic eh? I need more sleep but I keep waking up in the middle of the night/early morning. I don't know they are Danzen's adverse effects or FYP adverse effects.. Sigh..

I was looking for sorethroat medicine urgently. Thank God I could ask for a help from my senior at NUH. Lol.. Despite using 'shortcut' it was still too long waiting time for me. Haha.. Too much red tape in hospital la. No way I will work in hospital Lol.. And the medicine is not much cheaper anyways T_T Why are medicines so expensive here while pharmacists are paid so cheaply?

Eits, what is the above random picture? Haha.. today Starbucks is giving free drinks. The "tall" size.. Oh my, I am not a Starbucks fan and when I read "tall", I thought it was the LARGEST size.. Well, too good to be true rite? Anyway "tall" is the smallest size in Starbucks. Haha.. Since it was free, I shall not complain. I tried the nut toffee something (Christmas special drinks) and again, I just can't love Starbucks ba. Haha.. I still prefer Coffee Bean and Spinelli. I queued about 10 mins before the event start. Got my drinks in about 30mins (with about 40 people in front of me). Actually this is meant to be a charity event. But too bad, I don't think people donate. Haha.. I went to West Coast Plaza and most people there were either school kids (on holidays now..) or NUS students. Lol~~ We students are poor creatures k :p

My project is still as depressing and as hopeless as ever so I am not in the mood to rant about it..

I just end the post with the clip below. Found it featured on youtube main page 2 days ago as the "most watched" under music category. I think this is one of only few Chinese songs that I like. Haha.. I think these 2 guys have very nice voices.. And the best part was the trumpet and violin in the end..

Just one thing lacking: the "emo" expression. At some parts I feel that they wanna show off their vocal skills rather than showing the 'emo' feelings of the song. But oh well, who can beat Guang Liang (the original singer), the king of "emo" love songs :D