Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Like a king

Aaah only at home that I can feel like a king: lie down on the sofa to read the manga, open the doors to let the cool breeze and sunlight come in, turn on the fan, turn on the DVD player for some music. Hoho.. Although it feels heavenly, I already feel slightly emo that my time here is running short.. 25 April is just around the corner and all these good stuffs would be over :(

My manga cupboard is already running out of space and I have to be very very choosy in buying new manga. Haiz.. I just bought one titled "88" which is only 4-volume long. And all the 4 volumes are already out. The story is about ice hockey. So yup, that's the first manga I have with this story. Because of the short volume, the character development and the story are rather undeveloped. However, the comedy is crazily enjoyable. I literally LOL-ed, right from the first few pages. In the opening chapter, the mangaka successfully depicts the impossibly funny scenes of 2 school boys fighting across the roof on a string curtains wound across 2 different blocks. Upon stopping the fight, the 2 guys were about to keep the curtains and accidentally knocked the main guy who fell down from the roof. It left me shocked "What the heck? The main guy die right at the start?". Anyway the depiction of falling down the roof and how the guy resigned to fate captured the fear really good. So yup, good thing that the hilarity is maintained throughout the 4 volumes. Ah interestingly, the main guy is actually never depicted on the cover of the 4 volumes. So perhaps the real main character is the guy with green hair XD

There is another sport-themed manga that I am interested in. This time is about soccer although the title is rather unusual for a sports manga: Knight in the Area (Area no Kishi). The picture looks pretty good. But it is still ongoing with 29 volumes so far. My concern is storage space.. Sigh.. Should I get it??

The other manga which I want to buy is Hero Tales by Hiromu Arakawa. Yup, the mangaka of Full Metal Alchemist. I did not know it was only 5 volume long!! Sigh.. If I knew, I would definitely buy from the start. When I went to the bookstore on Saturday, only volume 4 and 5 are available. Sian.. I will only buy if I can find all 5.

Huhuhu.. looks like the supposedly happy post turns sour in the end. How I wish I can really be like a king and have my own personal library. There are still a lot of manga which I want to buy but I forgo because of long volumes as well as I cannot afford the time to hunt the earlier numbers. Some examples are Beck (about band music), Wild Life (about veterinarian), Nodame Cantabile (about classical music). But there are still more which I am interested in. Sigh..

I am pretty emo because the blog which I usually visit for some J-Pop news, PV, as well as clips from TV shows is now defunct. The blogger quits because of some issues with other fans in the fandom. It seems quite bad because even websites such as yesasia and playasia which used to work together with the blogger decided to pull their support. =x I need to find a replacement :( But how?? Sigh.. Even how I bumped into this blog was by accident in the first place..

Another news is that Atsuko Maeda will be graduating from AKB48. To be honest, I don't know what "graduation" means among the various J-Pop female groups. To me, it means "quit". I am not a huge fan of her but she is like the number 1 face of the band so I think it will be quite akward to not seeing her anymore. Oh well..

And lastly, I just knew that Meisa Kuroki is married to Akanishi Jin. Who is Meisa Kuroki? She is the pretty lady who played as the nun is One Pound Gospel. I never like Jin so I am like why she is married to him!! Anyway, it seems that their marriage was a shotgun one and it created a big hoo-haa in Japan. Apparently a few weeks before the marriage, the media released photos of them being together. However, both talent agencies which managed them clarified that they were only friends. Then BAM, came the marriage! It seems that the couple did not even inform their respective agencies about it and caught everyone by surprise. Oh well, I hope they will be happy. And I hope their kids will be more like their mother than the father. At least she seems humble and nice when I watched her in some random variety shows.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The meaning of happiness

I am truly a home boy. It gives me great pleasure and happiness to be able to spend time at home with my family. Although I still spend my free time doing things which I usually do such as reading manga, playing with my toys, watching doramas, playing games, the feeling of doing it at home is just different.

I finally finished re-watching Gundam Wing anime. Now I understand why people think that Gundam Wing is lousy, or perhaps the lousiest among various Gundam series. I can agree. Haha.. I find Gundam Seed to be much much more exciting to watch: be it the character development and relationship, the politics, the story, the fights, and many more. Gundam Wing is way too flat and emotionless. Oh well, I guess, it is not exactly a good comparison, after all Gundam Wing was out in 1995. Things change with time :p Anyway, Gundam Wing still has a special meaning to me since it is the first Gundam series that I come to know with.

I purchased a 1 TB hard disk as both my laptop memory and my 250GB external harddisk are reaching their limits. WIth expanded storage space, it only means one thing: more things to download. Haha.. Thanks to Indowebster, I can save my torrent limit over at asiatorrent.com. I am currently downloading Atashinchi no Danshi. Another show with Horikita Maki. Funny that I somehow grow to like her even though I hated her when I first watched her in Hana Kimi. I come to realise that my Internet Download Manager is no longer linked to Firefox or even IE. Sucks.. Sian.. It is so frustrating to use the save file feature as I have to redownload the whole file if my connection is disrupted. And disruption happens very frequently! Grr.. Plus I cannot "manage" the download to continue during my bedtime. Frustrating!! I should do something about the download manager but I guess I will try to do something about it over the weekend :(

Talking about toys, I am very emo and disappointed that many of my Final Fantasy Play Arts toys are not authentic :( Sigh, it is not that I am being anal about having the real or bootleg ones. The problem is I spend a lot of money for them :( After checking the boxes, I think only FF XII, FF X, and FF VII Crisis Core ones are authentic. These are only 5 out of 10 figurines that I owned. Even so, I am not sure if my Tidus is authentic since it does not have the instruction paper. Cry T_T As a consolation, at least the fake ones look decent! They don't look fake at all. At least not as fake as the Sora figurines that I had. Oh well =x My heart is really broken.

Still regarding my toys, I don't understand why they always fall when I am away. I fixed those which fell down and I always have no fallers when I am at home. I think things fall when my mum helps me to wrap the whole cupboard. But that is quite unlikely because I always check after my mum wraps my cupboard. My other postulation is that some fat asses bump against my cupboard when I am away. Of course, the owner of the butt will not admit! Zzz.. Well, lets see whether the things are dropping this time since I will be here for >1 months. It is ample time to check whether the falls are due to time factor.

Today my dgemu account has been deactivated as it has been inactive for more than 6 months. It has been more than 2 years if I remember correctly since the last time I played emulators (and bought the joystick for laptop) was either in my year 1 or 2 university. Lol.. Oh well =x The lame thing about the deactivation is that I received an email warning me about potential deactivation and asked me to log in a.s.a.p. Ironically 2 minutes later (yes I am not joking!) they sent me an email saying that my account has been deactivated. WTF! Why bother to "warn" me in the first place. Bah so be it! If I need again in the future (which is unlikely) then I will just make a new account lor.

I guess that's all for today. I think I will be emo tomorrow. My friend told me that posting result was out. I have yet to receive anything but that maybe because my yahoo mail is laggy =x Finger crossed

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Give me 5!

AKB48 released their 25th single last month (I knew I am late!) haha.. The music video is more like a mini drama as it lasts for 34 minutes. Lol.. I wonder when I will be able to watch the full one. Anyway below is just the song only, which I think is pretty good. Apparently, the girls really train for few months to play the respective instruments. In the end, whether they play nobody can tell. Although some claimed that they played it live for few occasions.

From the previous videos, I don't particularly like the girl who is playing the drum in this song. But seeing her playing drum, I think she is quite cute :p

Below is another song which happened to play as I was watching random youtube videos. It was pretty old. It came as the C-side of Heavy Rotation single. Click here to know what Heavy Rotation sounds like. Again, this Lucky 7 song is my type of songs with a nice and colourful video clip, without any need for the girls to strip down to their undies. Haha but then again, I think most AKB48 songs sound relatively similar somehow. Perhaps that's why I like most of them.

And as I think that Heavy Rotation was quite "hardcore" enough, SDN48's (a sister group of AKB48) video for the song Yaritagariya san left me really speechless.. The dance and the dresses are provocative enough. The last one minute of the song was just wew.. unbelievable.. Just watch it. I wonder how on Earth this kind of thing can pass as a normal pop song. Lol. I think the song is not that bad. So why resort to this kind of promotional video sia...? Based on wikipedia, SDN48 was created based on "adult idol" concept so I guess that explains everything.

Monday, March 19, 2012

After 9 long months...

I still remember how it all began. Upon knowing my training site, I had mixed feelings, albeit more on the unhappy side. After all, I was hoping for somewhere in the west where the rental fee would be cheaper than the central. I was familiar with Toa Payoh area. I spent my first 2 years in Singapore around that area so I have some fond memories. My worst nightmare is the fact that it is a relatively "old" estate with most people speaking Mandarin or dialects. Certainly, it would be a big barrier to me.

Fast forward 9 months later, I am extremely glad and thankful to God for his blessings. Nothing is perfect. As much as I was frustrated with all the communication barriers, I had more things to be grateful especially when I heard my friends' experiences elsewhere. 

Firstly, I had a fantastic preceptor. Wow! She is just awesome! I am a complain king and a very negative person, yet I have nothing to complain about my preceptor. I think that suffices as a testimony of her qualities. She was very caring and helpful, even for things which were not directly under her such as my projects etc. She helped me with additional reading materials, comments, as well as simple questions like "How are you?" or "How is everything?". She knew I had language issues and I was not tasked to do queue counter at all. I could expect a massive jam if I were stationed there. Haha. She made other pre-regs (who can speak mandarin) to do there. So yup, I really appreciate that. And to be truthful, I almost shed tears on the last day seeing her. Haha.. After my experience with the most terrible preceptor a few years back, I know how I lucky I am to get someone the exact opposite.

Secondly, I never felt lonely. My first day happened to be the first day of other people too: 2 attachment students and 1 senior pharmacists. Thus, there were others whom as blur as me and we could learn together. I think it would be pretty akward if I was the only new staff back then. Yup! The other pharmacists there are extremely helpful too. I am not someone who will do/say things I am unsure of. So I am glad these people are always helpful everytime I need to verify information/things I have found out, instead of going out gungho and saying/doing wrong things. The rest of the staff are relatively youthful so we could connect pretty well and it was another bonus point. Overall, the dynamic of the place was quite good. Generally people helped out one another instead of shouting/screaming at one another.

Saturday was the end of everything. As expected, my group lost the project presentation. From the start, I had no confidence and thought the group doing HDLC stood higher chance. My project had no statistics so it was just like brainless ramblings. I thought it was a hopeless project until at one point my sup told you "You don't get so caught up with the fact that it has no statistics..". Other than that, I don't think drugs were the focus of the project and it could have been difficult to convince people about it. As expected, even the examiners were very very anal with regards to medicines. So yeah it just reinforced my stand that pharmacists are just a bunch of delusional and self-absorbed people who try to link everything to drugs so that they can 'boast' their contribution. I just can't make them see that falls are multi-factorials. Even healthy people (not on medicines) like you and I can fall if the floor is wet, for an example. Similarly, someone who is blind and on tonnes of "medicines which may increase fall risk" may still not fall if they are supervised in everything they do. These just show that drugs factor is not the only thing which may cause someone to fall! Oh well, too bad if you can't (or if you REFUSE) to see that.

Now I am having the last laugh. I think the people selected my topic hoping to win by the virtue of novelty of the project (nursing homes). The winner this time was something about intervention to improve lipid control. HAHA! Imagine if they selected the other group: intervention to improve diabetes, lipid, AND hypertension control. The winner would have been obvious.

So here I am at home now. I am only waiting for my future posting. Going to a new and different place will certainly be scary. But this time, I will place my faith in the Lord. Just like how He had given me the best in the past 9 months, I pray that He will place me somewhere I can grow and have enough support. After all, I am still a green, incompetent, and inexperienced newbie.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I watched Wicked on Saturday. I had always wanted to watch it but I would not do so if my friend did not ask me to. I watched the advertisement for a few times and it looked gorgeous. But my interest was just that far. Haha.. I mean I am not really into music and singing, and I also never read Wizard of Oz. That's why I was very cheapskate and like "Hmm okay I don't mind giving it a try for a Broadway experience". So we bought the cheapest tickets ($58) and we were seated exactly at the last row of the grand circle! Haha..

Firstly, I am extremely disappointed with the place! I had high expectation for Marina Bay Sands after all the hoo-hah about the integrated resorts. The theatre hall was way too warm. It seemed like they only switched on the aircon (yep the airon was at the ceiling above my seat) for few minutes after the start of the show and the intermission. It was very warm. In fact, the toilet was even more cooling. Secondly, I thought the sound system was bad. Even cinemas have surround sound system. Grrah.. Well I used to work in my university's concert hall and as ushers, we had to ensure that the hall temperature to be comfortable. The sound system was also much better. After all, I could hear CNBlue concert even from outside.

Moving on to the show itself, I think I had a great time. Hoho.. Overloaded with green and black which are my favourite colours!! No wonder I am wicked eh? Haha.. Someone bring me to Emerald City please! The souvenirs were pricey but I managed to resist temptations. That green potion water bottle made me salivating.. And the umbrella was just tempting!! Roar!!!

I found the first half entertaining, although relatively quite empty in terms of plot. It just revolved around the school days of the two witches. So yup, just normal things which even happened in normal schools. During the intermission, I asked my friend what the story of Wizard of Oz. I was like -__-" It was about a group of weirdoes (Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow) led by this Dorothy girl who eventually defeated the wicked witch by splashing water. Jeez.. How lame.. It was quite a surprise that Wizard was nothing more than a liar. My expectation was that since the title of the book is Wizard of Oz then the Wizard is something good or great. Lol.

But upon knowing the original plot, I thought the story (the second half) was brilliant. It was nice to know how the Tinman, Lion, and Scarecrow originated and how this Wicked story and the Wizard of Oz story are related.

Overall, while I had fun and good laugh, I thought the story could be improved. And *spoiler alert*, I was quite happy that Elphaba did not actually die. I think she is the only character which can be considered good in the story. The rest is actually wicked in some ways or others. And this brings me to the best quote at the start of the show: 

Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

There is always a first time for everything. With only less than week left of my training, unfortunately I had to raise up my voice towards a few of my colleagues for once. I admitted that I started the whole thing because I did not scan the barcode before giving the queue number. Thus, in the system, that queue number was not tagged to any service chit and the service chit was not tagged to any queue number. The number was flashing red for 25 minutes. And for that, I was extremely angry and agitated that they pushed all the blame to me. From my point of view, I agreed that I did a mistake. However, what did the rest of you do to solve the problem? When the number was blinking red, why did nobody take the initiative to delete or find out what went wrong with that? And for the dispensers, when you saw that there was no queue number to call, why did you not bother to even see the number I wrote on the service chit? Fine if you did not see that but where was the initiative to find out why the heck there was no queue number for that basket. Where was the common sense? Where was the sense of responsibility?

My point is: many of you were also involved in this matter. I hate all the finger pointing and blame pushing game. Sigh.. We are supposed to work as a team. Everyone has own strenghts and weaknesses. There are times when someone will mess up. Instead of all the bitching around, you should think on how to help to prevent the mess from getting messier. Well I guess that explains the difference between our roles, our responsibilities, our pays, and our mindsets. 

Ok rant is over.. Bleah..

I collected my phone back. So far, it seems that the problem has been rectified. I hope it continues that way. Looks like my complaints had some effects. They waived the service charges (apparently almost $40 for a mere software update). I showed my displeasure. I had no update about my phone, no quotation, no notice for collection etc and now you dared to charge me? Lucky the attending person was good enough today. She checked with someone about the thing written on the computer and apparently it was already decided that my charges were waived. I am still waiting for a reply for my 2nd complaint though :p

Friday, March 9, 2012

My experience with fucked up people at Sony Ericsson service centre at Bishan still continues...

Dear Sir/Madam

I am thankful for your quick reply regarding this matter. However, I have to express my disappointment because I feel that your staff is not sincere or even apologetic about this incident.

I received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon from Bishan Junction 8 Sony Ericsson Service Centre. Your staff did not acknowledge my complaints or provide explanation. Up to now, I am still unclear about your opening hours, especially about the time you will close the registration. As a result I came back to the Service Centre at 725pm today and I saw the sign stating no more registration was up. In my previous visit on Monday, the sign was not put even up to 743pm where I could still collect my queue number. Thus I had a wasted trip today.

Your staff also spoke to me in an unacceptable manner (I would say "challenging" tone) regarding my concern that the identity of my phone is not tagged to the form or whatsoever. Of course as a consumer, I am worried that my phone will be misplaced, mixed up, etc. However, I acknowledged that I received the assurance that my phone will not misplaced and the parts will not be changed etc.

On the same call, I was told that the technicians could not find anything wrong. So your staff asked me more explanations and details about my phone problems. I explained that I could not hear any dial tone or even the voice of the person whom I called. This does not happen in tunnel/MRT. This happens in my workplace (a ground level and not surrounded by tall buildings or HDBs which may "block" signals) and my house (2nd level terraced house). Using the same SIM card and other mobile phone, I had no such issue. After receiving my explanation, your staff promised me to investigate the problem and get back to me.

Until today, I received no update about my phone. I called in the same service centre and I was told that my phone is already ready for collection. So was there actually follow-up investigation on my phone? And why was I not told that my phone is ready for collection? In addition, the person who answered the phone was rude. She raised her voice when I could not produce any case number. There was NO case number whatsoever on the form which I filled (Express Service Job Card). Please refer to my previous email about why I was given this form.

To be honest, I am disgusted with Sony Ericsson Service Centre level of service so far. I do not need an apology from you (Sony Ericsson Contact Center) because these bad experiences are not your fault. What I need is a professional resolution of my complaints as well as improvement in costumer service of your staff in Bishan, which unfortunately I have yet to see.

I hope you can handle this matter more appropriately instead of merely forwarding my email to your unprofessional staff in Bishan and expect them to handle this properly.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just sat for the competency exam today. It is ironic that despite 4 years of education and 9 months of training, up to the last minute, I was still on the verge of crying and on futile attempt to cram as much as possible. Now I am praying hard and crossing my fingers (and my toes and my legs too!) so that I can pass the 60% mark. Haiz.. And while I am sure that most of my batchmates will boast of being competent and how the suffering, hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and other exaggerations for the past 4 years and 9 months finally bear fruits, I will be in the negative side again! Come on! Are you sure you are THAT competent? After all, we know that up to the last minute, most of us are just simply too busy with memorising past year papers. It's everybody's secret to pass so please please please, there is no need to boast that you are competent bla bla bla by the virtue of your talent.

I had a bad day today. I decided to send my Vivaz pro handphone for servicing. I met terrible customer service experience and I had no choice but to complain. Too lazy to write the details so I just copy paste what I typed in the email.

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to complain regarding bad service which I received at Sony Ericsson Service Centre Junction 8 Bishan this evening. I took a queue number from the self-registration machine at 7:43pm (according to the time stamp printed on the queue number). After waiting for about 30 minutes, I was not attended. Your staff were busy packing to rush home. When I approached to ask whether they were already closing, I was told that it was LONG after their closing hour but they had not closed yet because of some difficult customers. I was asked to come again tomorrow which I declined.

So in a hurry, the customer service officer asked me to fill in a form, asked me for my identification card, and asked me to pay $10.70 for which I received no receipt whatsoever. My phone and the battery (together with the form which I filled) were put together into one pink transparent bag. On the form, there was no indication written about my phone (IMEI no?) and the battery.

Thus may I clarify:
1) What do you mean by operating hours from 11am-745pm?
If it means that your staff must go back at 745pm, then the self-registration machine should be shut down perhaps at 700pm. If customers are still allowed to take a queue number up to 745pm, then kindly educate your staff that they have to stay back to serve all the customers who have taken a queue number. And make sure that staff checks the queue system before closing to ensure that no customer is on the queue. If I did not approach the counter, I am sure that your staff would be going home and I was left unattended.

I am working in a service industry so I find this behaviour entirely unacceptable. If I put my operating hours until 1000pm and I expect my staff to go home at that time, I will put a notice that last registration is at 900pm, for example. And no matter what, I will serve ALL customers even if it has been past 1000pm if they are already there before the last registration time. Before my staff go home, they have to ensure that there is nobody else waiting in the queue.

2) Since the identity of my phone is not reflected in the form, will Sony Ericsson be responsible if my phone and/or battery are lost, mixed up, or damaged? How can I be sure that upon collection, the phone and the battery which are returned to me will be originally mine?

Lastly, I find it very rude that you staff spoke to me in Mandarin halfway through our conversation. I may look Chinese but it does not mean I understand Mandarin, especially since I initiated to conversation in English. This is racist and offensive.

I hope I will get a very good explanation for this terrible experience.


Ok I hope I don't get a bad karma and receive a complaint tomorrow in return of this XD

Anyway, as I was having lunch at Yoshinoya, the below song was played. Aaah, it made me miss the good old times. I wonder how many years have it been. This was in the early wave when J-Pop, J-Dorama, J-Anime were making huge boom in Indonesia. Ironically, last time the doramas which I followed are romance doramas. Now, when I am older, I am following the high school stories. Lol.. Call it a sad childhood XD

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why this profession stagnates

Conversation with another group of more senior pharmacists makes me realise one thing. They all have more or less the same ideas, thoughts, perceptions, denials, etc which is why this profession is at the dismal state as it is now.

I mentioned about the training programme is not training us to be pharmacist but training us to be a worker in that training site. What we do in retail setting is vastly different from what we do in hospital which is also vastly different from what we do in primary care setting. Once the training is over, add in the industry into a mix and it just shows how fragmented and disunited the profession is. I guess this is why stupid terms like "community pharmacist", "hospital pharmacist" (make that into outpatient and inpatient pharmacists), "industrial pharmacists", etc. So are you proud with this kind of differentiation?

Take a look into other professions. Do doctors say "I am a hospital doctor, you are a GP, they are polyclinic doctor"? No. They are proud to say "I am a DOCTOR." Period. Same thing as nurses and dentists and lawyers. They are proud of their professions and they do not attempt to inflate their ego by inputting prefixes to indicate where they work. And mind you, I am not talking about specialisation here. That is a different matter altogether.

During my sharing, I worded it as "It is not easy for us to jump ship". Which is true! We do vastly different things. Those in hospitals are so used with all the IMRs and lab readings and IV and etc while those in retail know better about self-medications and inventory managements etc. To change job, it is like taking a huge leap of faith. For example, if I am from retail, I know nuts (not that I know nothing) about IMRs, labs, IV etc. Similarly, if I am from hospital to jump into retail, I know nuts about the various documentations, the inventory managements, orderings, bla bla bla.. Again compare with other professions. Regardless of the settings, all doctors know how to do physical examinations, make diagnosis, write prescriptions etc. All nurses know how to wound care and patient care etc. That is what a profession should be. We should be equipped with the same sets of skills so we can do what the profession calls us to do, regardless of the setting. What is the point of the self differentiation and classification just to prove that you are doing something different from your fellow professional in other places? Dumb!

Next is public perception. If my memory does not fail me, right from first year in university, I was taught the definition of profession and it includes the part on how public value us. And this is where our delusional, egoistical, self-inflated ego people fail big time. They "think" we are important. Now we no longer sell drugs. Our sale point is counselling. Frankly, ask the public, how many people think they need our counselling? People go to doctor when they are sick (I am talking about the real sick ones, not those who only want to get MC) because they want to get the diagnosis, get treated, and get well. People go to nurses to have their wound patched up etc. People go to dentists to get their mouth cleaned and fixed. The question is: do people come to pharmacist wanting our expertise i.e our counselling? I think for the huge majority, it is a NO. They want the medicines. Some medicines are recommended by doctors or they have been taking it for a long time so they see pharmacists as a barrier. Isn't it common to hear "I have been taking this for the longest time. Can't you please shut up and just give it to me! I know what it is for bla bla bla"? Of course there is a minority who comes for the advise and I am thankful for them. Unfortunately, only a MINORITY.

As usual, when I throw the issue of public perception to the delusional, self-inflated old birds, they will use the same old weapon: so how are you gonna use your medical expertise? I don't know the answer.. And I hope they can tell me how you want to add value to "Take this 1 tablet 3x times a day. It may cause drowsiness"? Isn't it written on the label? I can read that. Do not waste my time. Wait, we know MORE than that. We can say ALL the side effects. Oops, that will make people scared. Hmm how about showing off that we know about the PK or MOA of the drugs! Oh please, who give a damn about it!

So dear old birds, please come out with your "$1 million-worth of counselling style" if there is indeed any. And it is time to accept and face the truth that there is lack of public perception. It is not a matter of how well you can calm a demanding patient or your exceptional customer service or how well you are in stopping people from lodging a complaint. That does not make people respect what you do. Fine if you think that your role is to provide excellent customer service. You know, nothing actually beats our customer service. Supermarkets do not exchange someone's eggs if that person comes on the following day saying that they dropped their eggs. But we must follow someone's demand of a replacement because that person drops his cough mixture or loses their bags of medicines in the bus stop. Well done. Supermarket do not do refund if prices go down or there are sales. Only in pharmacy that you can throw tantrum that you have been overcharged because now things are cheaper with the new subsidies and you demand for a refund since 4 visits prior to the subsidies. Well done. But the big question is: does all this so-called-customer-service stuff make people respect the profession?

I will end my post here.. I am not gonna go into customer service side because I am sure I have ranted about it many many times before..