Friday, October 26, 2007



Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear God...

Among the 4 modules that I am taking right now, I think anatomy is the best (okay.. CA on next Thursday aside)! It teaches me a lot of things that I never or perhaps, may not be able to experience in real life. Haha... Okay, maybe that applies only to the last 2 weeks. Lol. Though I was a bit sickened of the catheterisation last week, this week's parturition is quite okay. Maybe I could take it because I cannot imagine how it feels as I won't be giving birth anyway. Haha.. Too bad they never showed the whole process and hence I cannot tell whether the giving birth scenes in the movies are real or mere exaggeration. On top of that, now I know the difference between tampon and sanitary pads (I thought they were synonyms) and have seen various contraceptives. Lol.

Today was a black-jeans day. I do not know why but a lot of people were wearing black top and jeans bottom today. Haha... If the weather is not so hot here, I would love to wear black more often. It makes me look slimmer :) Although I cannot cheat myself of being slim, I can trick everyone else to think that I am thin. Haha... I was lazy to exercise today although it was a great opportunity as lesson ended at 330 today. And to make things worse, I finished a pack of sweets while studying. Oh no... Dear God... if You cannot make me thin, at least make my friends fat....

I am very tired today. I guess I had insufficient sleep last night. It is okay because I had a hell of great time yesterday. Hihihi.... Great day.. Today I was a bit moody, especially when I was reading the keto-enol. There are 5 molecules to draw the tautomers and yah... never mind, I will do it some other time. After anatomy CA perhaps. I am doomed for that because even up to now I still haven't touched any single chapter. Oh no... Dear God... if You cannot make me smart, at least make my friends stupid...

And this is a video for Alvin Chua :) Happy Birthday and see the hidden messages :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

7 Deadly Sins

Erm... I am too young to talk about being lustful. And it is not appropriate to talk about this thing publicly. Anyway, I do not normally lust after someone. I like or love that person, not lust after that person. But I do lust for certain things such as good food, anime, manga, toys, etc. Lol. Sometimes it is very difficult to prevent impulse buying for such things so I guess, they are no longer my hobbies. They have become my lust objects. Okay.. Enough... It is starting to sound a bit gross -___-

Oh no.. I will gain weight again. I will be a pig. Yesterday I ate chicken steak and beef steak. I had subway+old chang kee for lunch today and I am planning to have steak again for dinner. My cheetos has been sitting there in my room for 3 weeks, waiting to be opened and eaten soon. Haiz... Actually I am eating steak lately because it is from the new canteen in PGP. I know that soon the serving will be smaller and smaller. Now it is introductory time so they give bigger portion. Haha... I guess so...

Let's talk about the money... Show me the money... I am still studying so money is still not on my mind. But I want money (lots of money) to fulfil my other desires eg: eating nice food, buying toys, etc. This is why I must maintain a C.A.P of 3.50. Otherwise I lose money... Money money... MY MONEY!!!!!

Currently, this is my most sinful sin! I cannot help myself from being lazy. I am lazy to study... And the worst is I am even lazy to pray. Haiz... I have no more power now. I believe it prayer+study+luck to succeed in life. My luck is low and add that up to no study and no pray... I'm dead T_T

I am very angry at myself. I know that I am lazy but I still do nothing about it! Sometimes I feel just like giving up and think of myself as stupid! This world is not a The Sims world anyway. I always believe that God created humans like how we create the people in The Sims. Every person is given the same number of 'bars' and how you distribute it will determine you characters' habits. So if someone is very good at something, he will be bad at other thing. If your stats is mediocre, then you are mediocre in everything. Unfortunately humans are created unequal. Some were born with more luck, more wealth, more talents, etc. I think I am a mediocre one... The Bible says something like: those who are given more, more will be expected of them. I guess little will be expected of me so I shall not pressurise myself also.

Kiasu virus infected me again one more time. I was quite devastated with my physio results. Haiz... I failed to be grateful although I met my target. This had to be because I compared with other people. Shit! I shall not compare already... I shall console myself that I don't normally do well for MCQs. Next time can be better... Ow shoot... this module is forever MCQ. I don't know how already...

In almost every list Pride is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and indeed the ultimate source from which the others arise. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to give compliments to others though they may be deserving of them, and excessive love of self. Pride is the deadliest of all the sins and leads directly to the damnation. -> I took this from somewhere. I don't know what to write because there is nothing I can be proud of right now...

All sections are filled... I am very sinful... I am very dead....

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am really lacking of self control... I cannot believe it that I had so much fun this weekend that I only managed to read lecture 12 of PPDA. I have not even prepared for my physio tutorial tomorrow. Haiz... 4 weeks left until exam starts and I shall really focus on my studies tomorrow onwards. I shall forgive myself for this week and anyway... I had really a lot of fun. Really lots of fun :)

My curse towards Angelina Jolie backfired! I always insult her for her larger-than-life lips and I think now I am in the progress to get that ultra mega sexy lips -_-! My lower lip is still constantly scratched by the wire on the braces and to avoid the same part of being scratched repeatedly, I have been pulling my lips upside or outside. It will be getting longer soon. I just hope the tooth faster move back so that the wire is pulled back also or that part of the lip gets immune to the scratchy sensation as soon as possible.

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone you that you adore

Saturday, October 20, 2007


This week is rather slack and I felt that I had so many fridays. Tuesday felt like a friday, thursday felt like a friday, and the friday is obviously a friday. Lol... Maybe friday means a good day for me.

No more lab on tuesdays so that means I only have 2 hours of Living with Chem on tuesday. Last tuesday was rather slack because the lecture ended early. And it was rather a happy day because someone made sushi. Hohoho... The moment I opened the lid of the food container... Yummy Yummy!!!... It smelled good :) Unfortunately the tuna was already warm, so it was not very nice. See lah... should have put japanese yellow pickles instead. But it was still good. Lol.

Thursday was another joyous occasion. It was Bunny's birthday and we celebrated it together with Bernice's (which was on the 1st October a.k.a PPDA CA). My faith in Bread Talk cake was revived. Last time I bought the vanilla cake dunno what and bleaaah it tasted horrible. But that chocolate cake was damn good! It was very chocolaty... I ate 1/8 of the cake and now I wonder how many calories I added on that day. Lol. But it is okay. I walked a lot on Thursday. After school I walked from central back to pgp and at night... when I returned home, the back gate was already closed. Holy cow! I had to walk back a long way via KR and all... I was a bit scared but I reached back safely and soundly. I was surprised that at 1+ there were 2 girls who were running and KR was still buzzing with life. Haha.. Although it was very tiring, the results of my 'exercises' on Thursday paid off. Today I am 58.5 kg. Then complacency kicked in and I cancelled my exercise this morning... Haiz...

Thursday is a very important day for me! It marks the very first time I ponned lecture in university. Oops... not exactly true because I got pon Living with Chem a lot but I guess I don't count it as a subject. Haha..

My mouth is still very painful. I cannot enjoy my food and I cannot eat fast. Hopefully it helps me to lose weight. Otherwise I am suffering for nothing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I had a bad day!

Change all the YOUs to Is :(

*Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind*
*You can't change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future*
*If you don't like something, change it! If you can't, change the way you think about it*
*Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it*
*Thank God for what you have, trust him for what you need*
*Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gear*
*To get out of a difficulty, you must go through it*
*Happiness is enhanced by others but does not depend on others*
*For every 60sec you are angry, you lose 1min of happiness*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It's been few days since the last time I wrote because I was busy socialising for the past 3 days. Haha... Had great fun though. I still believe that I am never ever able to study with someone else because I will end up talking and doing nothing. It is still true but at least I managed to complete lab reports on Sunday and tutorial yesterday. Although I was very tired, bored, and lazy to do yesterday, it was done. Spent quite some time just lazing around and ended up taking narcist photos. Haha.. It's okay.. I don't look cute everyday so while I look good it's okay to spend time for such purposes. Lol.

Unfortunately happiness must end there. I am feeling very very bored. My life is getting so monotonous. School work always zaps my energy. It is not as if I am so busy with school but I don't know how my time just disappears.... Haiz... I just hope the results of PPDA and Physio will be out asap. I think they will be a wake up call for me to start studying properly. It's 17/10 and only 4 wks remaining before 17/11 which marks the start of reading week aka mugging-till-crazy week. My physical pharm is still untouched. Add the new topics after the CAs and just the thought of it makes me sick.

My mood is very bad because of my mouth. I went to see the dentist yesterday and the visit increased my problems with my mouth. I only had tongue scratching the braces last week but now I have 2 new problems: a wire with scratches the inside of my lower lip and a protruding tooth which makes my eating process very painful as it will hit the other tooth on the lower jaw. Haiz... No matter how good the food is.. My mouth makes it bad. Horrible.. I hope the stratified squamous epithelium cells regenerate faster and form thicker layer so I don't feel very irritable.

Today I had lunch with a friend in Medicine. I am glad that she is happier already. Though she was complaining about anatomy... Again again.. I hear lame complains.. She got 75 and she wants 90. My friend who got 90 wants 100. I think those who got 100 wants no other people not to get 100. And if only 1 person gets 100, that person will wish other people get bad results.. Haiz haiz.... Lucky I have discarded this kind of mindset. No point of comparison.. Yes it is okay to compare and feel disappointed for a while.. But please be grateful once your target is achieved.

Crystallisation reminded me of my horrible chemistry olympiad practical round. Lol. Last time I was too impatient to put so much solvent and I ended up with no crystal. I passed up an empty plastic sachet and was desperately to sweep any powders spilled onto the bench top. Today, the reverse happened. I think there was not enough solvent (the instruction only wants 2mL so be it lor) and the 'crystal' that I obtained was the powder of undissolved reactant. Lame... I guess upon heating the 2mL solution evaporated. The %yield was way beyond 100 and I did not care about any spillage... (erm... I was busy sweeping the powders... to the floor instead of to the plastic sachet... lol).

My stamina is getting worse... Yesterday I just walked fast a bit to catch a bus and I was already running out of breath. Today I walked to library and at the slope near the YIH, I was very tired already. I wonder how I managed to walk all the way to Arts last time. Haiz... if I am in the good mood, I shall walk again tomorrow... But I don't know how far will I walk. Lol. Must exercise must exercise because according to the newspaper today, it reviewed a book which says "Being fat is your choice!". What the heck...!!! I do not choose to be lazy to exercise but I do not have the energy to do so... Not my choice lor...

Mwahaha... I think my friend will slap me for writing this. I do not know but he was saying sad sad from yesterday for dunno what reason. So I said "If you are sad, then I am angry". I think he really thinks I am angry... Lol.. I deliberately ignored his sms... Sorry ah... It is meant to be a joke... Whose fault for saying sad sad sad for no reason? And whose fault for lying to me? Haha... I still find this very hilarious and I hope he thinks that way :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dunno what to write as title

Today's workshop turned out to be better than expected. I was pretty stressed because I found that most of the people were pretty weird. Their enthusiasm was just weird and a bit too much. I am not the shameless one so I felt pretty akward. But hey... although it may take some effort to completely change my mindset into a businessman's mind, I took something back to be rich in the future. Now I know what passive incomes are and how they generate extra income with no need of working. "Don't work for money but make your money work for you" Kinda cool huh?

Meeting an old friend and my JC scholars clique. I was pretty upset that he never told me where he would be eating (thanks but I would not want to go find him with a clue 'Orchard') but in the end I was being nice and asked him. People have not change (I'm glad for that) although I am often disheartened when my smses to them are not replied. Well... Friendship is a weird thing and I get easily irritated about it. As usual, eating at the Village/Marche won't be fulfilling. Rosti is the only edible thing but oh well, good rosti anyway.

143 was full and what the freak... standing for 45mins... In the weekend which is also a public holiday, how can they provide single deck bus? Haiz haiz....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Treating myself

I am back to my normal today. No more confusion or conflict within me and I feel lighter (although my weight says otherwise). My day is great and the rain which wetted my laundry fails to dampen my mood.

Anatomy result is out. Hurray hurray hurray.... It has been more than 2 years since the last time I got 100. Result aside, it just proves that my secret of success has not change: hardwork+prayer+a little bit of luck. I was so lucky on the test day that even though I was falling asleep, I managed to spot the careless mistake I did for the pulmonary circulation and changed it. It was pure luck and God's intervention. What happens today makes me believe that luck is the most important factor for MCQ tests (does not mean to discredit God's help). I did not prepare at all (meaning I did not memorise anything, though I read briefly first 2.5 sets of notes) for Renal test and yet I got more number of correct answers than the CVS tests which I prepared very hard (I even read the text book for that). No hardwork and just pure dumb luck. After I knew my answers were correct, I could not even say why I chose those answers in the first place. I hope I am this lucky for physio CA and ppda CA. O/w it maybe a sign that I should just slack because I do better when I do not prepare :p

I had a dessert today. Haha.. Initially I wanted to have New Zealand to reward myself but after my dinner, the shop closed liao. I wanted to buy cup ice cream from Cheers but they had none. I checked the fridge part and I saw a weird looking nice thing. I bought it for $3 and okay.... It was a good (in fact, better) replacement for my ice cream. Though up to know I do not know what it is. It is like a soft cake.... I do not know how to describe except that it made me feel happy.

For the first time in about 2 months, I exercised!!! Lol. An obvious drop in performance but nevermind, while I'm 'high' I shall try to exercise more often tomorrow and the following days to come :) I had a very good nap after dinner. I was trying to remember the title of one of the harmoc songs. I could only remember it as 'anything will do" as what it was called last time. But now I remember the real title: Any dream will do. And now I shall continue on my Gundam Wing or maybe play game because it is more exciting. Haha...

And finally Alvin Chua Qijia, you smiled at school today! Lol.

~I don't stop fly high and sky high
Saa yume yo kagayake
Mada minai Boku ni deau
Sono kiseki Azayaka ni egakou~

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My 2 selves

I'm tired. I had been sleeping for 4 hours only for the past 3 nights. Maybe exhaustion is the main cause I am feeling very down yesterday. I had a good 30mins crying session but today I still feel pretty bad. It's like I am losing the purpose of my life... What am I studying for? Is what I am doing worth my effort and my time? What is the relevance of everything what I do? Sigh...

One of myselves says that I should not be stressed so much about your studies. Everyone can study but whether you can master and excel in what you are learning is a gift. You may not be gifted so just do your best. Haiz... I wish I imitate the good old times in Indo when I was studying for the sake of studying; when I am trying my best for the sake of the effort, not the results. Coming here has really changed the way I think. I have too admit that I become too kiasu and too result-oriented. ARROGANCE is the very exact word to describe me. I think record of straight As in JC blew up my head. Now I cannot tolerate failures or difficulties I found in my studies. Well... I just need to learn from my experiences. I only need to graduate.. Upon working, all the results don't matter anymore. So I just need to know my limit and accept it. Today's lecture proved it. I could not comprehend anything the teacher was talking about at the second part of her lecture. Maybe that's it for me...

About friendship, I am glad with my current friends. They are great! Although most of the times I feel very sian to go school, I cannot put up my black face because they are just too hilarious and entertaining that my lips will just curve to the opposite direction. Hohoho... After 4 years... Finally I can enjoy people's companions. I'm grateful that these people do not talk about studies so much. Yes we talk about studies when exams are coming but most of the time, we would just talk about anything under the sun (to be exact: anyone under the sun). I feel that the friendship is genuine.

However, my other self really contradicts my former self. It feels that I am too lazy and I have not put enough effort in my studies. I should mug more and keep on mugging and mugging and mugging. Haiz... I am also sick by the monotony of my lives. Everyday goes school and goes along with the same people. I feel quite saturated. I run out of things to say. I do not know why. I also feel that there are many eyesores and though I know I cannot do anything about them, I am just too irritated by them. Sigh... It makes me hate the whole studying environment. I am just sick sick sick sick of everything. And I don't know whether the people I consider friends are real friends of they are just a bunch of 'friends' just because situation forces us to be together. That makes me even lazier to socialise and realise how lonely I am.

Well I don't know which one is correct. I am still finding the answers. The answers are not important! What I want is peace and happiness. I don't care about anything else. So my 2 selves, please stop confusing me and just reconcile. Haiz haiz... A blessing in disguise, in the midst of my confusion at least I realise that I have been neglecting my most loyal friend, who never leaves me alone in my high or low times.. That reminds me to pray more often...

Here are very nice songs and entertaining video clips. The first one is very nice to watch. Nice dresses. Hohoho... The second one is quite funny. Ah... Both make me feel that I am in love.....

(Lol... I like the 'gotta let you know.. I'm irresistable')


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I don't know whether I am too cute, or too adorable, or too friendly, or too smiley, or too bulliable. It is not an exclusive events for the past few days that strangers approach me. It's not that I like the attention and I hate it more when people con me. Hmm... I guess I am destined to go for the cashflow workshop this Saturday. Last Sunday a person approached me at PGP (like nothing better to do leh him) and today a person approached me at Central Library. Both were doing survey and in the end offering that workshop. Haiz... I feel cheated but because these 2 people are very nice to talk to so I forgive them. I hope I can get something useful out of the workshop.

Last Saturday as I was smsing and looking at the incoming bus, I was also smiling. So there was this girl who thought I was smiling at her. I smiled back because I thought I might know her or something. Haiz haiz... And yesterday as I was walking in campus, there was a guy who was running but when he saw me, his eyes followed me (this one is rather ambigous whether he likes me or he hates me). Well, whatever it is I don't want people to stare at me lah.

Today's practical was great. I am pretty sure that I got the functional groups correct. At least I checked for phenol 2x (or 3x) and it was negative. If last week colour trend was brown (from the failed azodye test), this week colour is yellow. I cannot scrub away the yellow orangy color of Brady's Reagent. Haiz.... And I hate yellow. I just ironed my laundry and I realised that my shirts have so many yellow stains. Actually most of them comes from my anti-pimple masks. Other than that, erm... there is ikea meetball stain and some other stains lor. Haiz haiz... Yellow sucks.

Mwahaha... today I was in a very shameless narcistic mood. I spent 30 mins this morning to take some photos of myself. Haha... At last, only 5 passed my cute boy censorship. There are some nice photos when I laugh while putting my head on the pillow. But I delete because I think people will think wrongly as if I am so 'high' because something is happening at the lower parts of my body. Maybe because I think my laughing face is a bit perverted. I don't know. Haha...

Oh ya, do you ever heard: "Nobody's perfect. I am nobody. Therefore, I am perfect"? My friend creates something which I think is very appropriate for my lazy self. She says: "Practice makes perfect. But nobody's perfect. So why must practice?". Hmm Hmm...

Ok... I am not feeling well. So I shall share some videos which lifted up my mood today :)

1:15-1:40 is funny but 1:20 is the ultimate funny part. Poor boy always get saboed through the series. Erm... minus away the time from 5:16 because upon embedding, the time is from behind, not from 0:00.

Very good song. The song makes me like this character. Hohoho....

The Ultra Mega Narcist Guy! Maybe I should imitate him. The pictures with him holding ABCD are just very funny. Hahaha...

I put this song before. But this one has nicer pictures. It makes me want to watch the whole series again.

Pimples Breakout!

Pimples... Pimples... Pimples... I HATE THE DAMN BLOODY PIMPLES. This is ridiculous. 3 new protruding pimples appeared in my pathetic short and disturbed sleep last night. I seriously cannot think of a reason why suddenly I have so many pimples. I eat what I eat normally and I am stressed for exam just as I am stressed for school. I even stop eating junk food! So there is nothing that can make me suddenly having so many pimples. I just finished my bath today and what the freaking hell, a fresh pimple appeared below my lips :( This sucks...

It is a tiring day today because my sleep was disrupted by the rain last night. I deliberately woke up late and came for practical late today. I was late by half an hour but still.... the practical had not started. Wasted... Should come at 10. It was a very boring practical anyway. Sigh... But we managed to break nothing and finished in two hours (unlike some other groups). One comment about the liquefied phenol water mixture is that the more water you add, the mixture emits weirder smell. It smells like formalin we usually smell in anatomy lab. When I threw away the final mixture of 6mL phenol+12mL water, I have to say it looks like a sample of semen. Should let the girls clean up. Lol.

In addition, we used the time to fake results for practical 6. Haha... It is the most difficult practical to fake results lor. But we managed to do it anyway. All the way for faking! Yeah! I think my bad influence starts to spread. Hahaha.. Physical Pharmacy Lab is over. I just hope I won't have any change for practical groupings for next semester module. It would be great if the people I am not really compatible with are out but then I may get worse people. So I should be contented with my current condition.

I write so long today (actually I still consider now as Tuesday) because my friend just came. And dunno I talked for so long... For hours. Surprisingly, my throat is so dry now. I have lost the ability to talk cock for few hours. I guess it is because I took 9 months rest of talking nonsense. Haiz... but now I got pimple beneath my lips... I guess I touched his legs and accidentally touched my mouth without washing my hand. Ew ew dirt sweat disgusting siah... But cannot do anything la. It was my fault also lah. Hmm hmm... Hygiene should be number 1. Lucky I remember to wipe the seat before I sat down. Otherwise... ew ew ew.. I shall not go into details. Sorry my friend, I am not condemning you or something here. If there is no pimple then I will not complain. Haha...

Erm... I don't know what else to write. I am tired already. I have not really prepared for practical test tomorrow so I shall do that tomorrow morning. I think right now I am already in Mugging Mode Level 1. I managed to finish exercise 5 today although I did not hit my target to memorise chapter 8 and 9. Sigh... I shall try that tomorrow. I have to increase to Max Level as soon as possible.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fresh start

Finally, Physio was over this morning and that marked the end of the CAs. It had been 2 gross days to prepare for physio. I ran out of so many chemicals in my body and now it is the time to re-stock everything back to normal value. Negative feedback... Homeostasis... Sigh... I did not finish reading the textbook last night. As a result, I was so anxious in my sleep that I woke up several times. Haiz... And today's paper was really bad. First question I already did not know. In total, out of 30, I am sure only about 14. The rest had some degree of guessing. And as usual, my guessing is not very good so.... I shall not say.

Today I am very much disgusted and I finally know that mugging has reached a new high. I always think that a long-winded (add fullscap some more) for practical answer is already too much but today I saw worse. Haiz... an FYP report! I shall not say more. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit out my char siew and liver dinner. Lol. Faster faster.. Give back results. Haha... I want to see how these people fare. This is very depressing. I wish that I am not a bloody kaypoh guy but I really want to 'humble' this people. Ow well... seeing my current studying style, I guess there's no way I can do that. Never mind... I shall enjoy my life as long as my cap 3.50 is achieved and just bear with daily irritance seeing these people.

I shall not repeat the same mistakes and shall preparing for end-semester exam. Haiz... My head is spinning everytime I try to absorb Physical Pharm.... But like it or not... IT HAS TO BE DONE! :( The same with other modules. Although it pretty useless for the 2 bio modules (I read and I will forget) but I will do it anyway. Coming tomorrow is PPDA Acid and Bases... Haiz.. There is exercise 5 waiting to be done. Good luck, myself!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I regret that I did not study on Thursday because of preparation for blood donation as an excuse

I regret that I did not study yesterday because strenous exercise was forbidden after blood donation and I assume that mugging is a strenous exercise for my brain but I ended up with watching Gundam Wing

I regret that I did not study for blood during the tutorials

I regret that I slept too much and studied neuromuscular too slowly today

I regret that I am blogging now instead of studying though I know that there is no way I can finish physio

I regret that I have no idea what to crap for my practical 5 report

I regret that I don't like bio

I regret that I am not smart

I regret that I just realise that regrets always come late.

But my biggest regret will be when I do not get A for physio T_T

Friday, October 5, 2007

Blood Donation :)

Whew... I do not know but I was tripped 3 times today. First time was at PGP bus stop (lucky I did not twist my ankle thought it was a pretty bad trip), second time was when I walked from LT 33 to Subway, and the third time was when I walked to PGP canteen (tripped as I climbed up a stair step). Besides I am lucky that I did not twist my ankle, I am glad that I did not fall. Hoho...

Today is the long awaited day. Haha... I have proven that I DO NOT FAINT FOR A BLOOD DONATION! Yihaaaa.. Last year the fainting was due to dehydration and not because of nervousness or scared. Because today I was nervous also (my pulse rate went to 89 bpm, better than my friend who reached 97 bpm) but I did not faint. Haha.. Yeah.. I hope the next one will come and I can donate again. I think it was pretty obvious who donated blood for the first time and the repeat ones. Lol.. I was seriously amused to look the big jumbo macho guys looked a bit scared. I'm small and weak looking so even if I faint it is normal mah... It is so ironic that those who are so interested to donate may not be able because of various reasons but those who may be able to donate are not interested. Sigh... And I have found a worse reason (worse than to lose weight) to donate blood: to get an award! Lol.... Btw my weight increased after I donated. Haha. And this reminded me to take my Fe tablet. It says before food but oh well. Too late already. It's better late than never.

Erm that is a picture of my arm. The blood stain is much better than my first time (when I fainted) but too bad I already don't have that photo anymore. You will be grossed out because I was grossed out that time. Hmm... my grip is still too weak. Hopefully next time, I will be more experienced and no more leakage.

Today my friend came to my place because he was avoiding a blackout at his place. I let him try how sucky my connection is. Too bad that in the morning, people are at school, so it is not as bad as in the night (come at the evening next time, boy!). I am seriously worried that there is a problem with my laptop. He could easily connect to the wireless but I failed to connect. Then his msn replies were sent faster than mine thought our laptops were side by side. Sheeeesh....

Today's lecture was disappointing. It was not as interesting as I expected. But at least he got answer the few 'how?' questions lah...

I shall sleep early today and prepare to 2 days physio mugging marathon. I don't think I have time to read the questions worth 4 hours of waiting on the Monday during the mid-semester break. Darn....

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Anatomy is over! It's over so I shall not try to talk about it anymore. It was my worst exam/test experience. I did not why but I felt very lethargic today. I fell asleep during the test. Haha.. The moment the teacher said "Those who are done, please raise up your hand", I immediately raised up my hand. Still I want to thank God that in the midst of my extreme sleepiness, I managed to spot a careless mistake (I am still hoping that it was indeed wrong and I changed it to the correct one and NOT THE CONVERSE!). I had been very tired since last night (although I slept early yesterday) and even reading digestive system plus listening to renal lecture failed to keep me awake during physio lecture. Madness... And I realise that I am really irritable when I feel sleepy. Lucky I did not follow my friend who stubbornly asked me to go donate blood today. O/w I confirm fainted lor.

I made an improvement today. If a few weeks ago, I walked from Science to Central Library, today I walked until Business. Haha... Next time I shall consider go all the way to PGP. Lol. My PGP friends did not believe it when I told them as I met them at Arts Canteen. Haha.. It is a bit unexpected for a lazy boy like me lah. So their reaction is not surprising.

This afternoon my friends came to PGP (I think they took the wrong bus although they said they came especially to see me) but too bad (for them, but lucky for me) that they called me 5 minutes after I left my room for lunch. I did not have my phone with me so I did not receive the call. Haha... I shall put the photos of my room here so that they won't be so curious anymore. My room is REAL okay! It's tidy for a boy's standard. I did not clean especially to take photos but I did deliberately the pretty messy portions of my room (such as beneath the bed).

I hope that kills their curiosity instead of making them more curious to 'roomwarm' my room. My room is already too hot! And I am already too hot! Haha...

October is here and that means autumn. Haha.. today as I walked, every time the wind blew, leaves were falling. So romantic... If only I had someone walking together with me and nicer kinds of leaves that fell. Haha... So the soundtrack of this month is October by Suwabe Junichi.

I am taking a break from mugging today as I am preparing for blood donation tomorrow. I hope I pass the test (Last time I did leh!) and I hope that I won't faint. People are wondering why I am so enthu about donating. Hello... I am not so noble that I want to donate because I want to help people. My reasons are: 1) losing weight 2) I want to see whether I faint again or not. If I don't, that proves that last time I fainted because it was my first time. So I was inexperienced. If I faint again.... erm.... it is not fainting. Actually it is just falling asleep for awhile because lack of blood makes you feel tired and sleepy and you cannot open your eyes or lift up your body. So yup.. It is sleeping.

And this marks my 100th post of the year! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hormonal Rage

Last night was a bit crazy for me. I took a bathe at 8 and by 2 A.M., I had washed my face for another 2 times plus using oil clear sheet 3 times to remove the sebum. Sigh... Is it because of the weather going warm again (only after a day of cool breezy day) or suddenly my body endocrine system is faulty? On top of that, I had several pimples appearing for no apparent reason. I stopped snacking so I seriously do not expect to get any pimples. On top of that, I felt very 'hot' last night. Starting from the moment I tried to sleep until I woke up, I was feeling very very 'hot'. Sigh... what happens to my body?

I just finished lab today and it was a hell day. Right from before going to the lab, my whole body is already drenched in sweat. Sigh.... I am terrible shocked because I always say that I don't sweat so much. But now my sudoriferous glands are very active :( After I reached my room, I just felt that I just took a sweat bath! Disgusting. Lucky it is from the eccrine glands, not the apocrine (I don't stink, you know!). I hope the weather would cool down again.

Ah PPDA... I just realised that I can die from this lesson. To many 'die' from the lesson itself. 'di-' for a double substituent, 'DIElectric constant', 'DIEpole moment', and the latest one is 'azo DIE test'. Sigh... I really died doing the azodye test. I always got brown (which is for negative result) even though there was primary amine group. Die die die de....

Anatomy test tomorrow and I still have musculoskeletal and digestive systems to mug. I think I can finish them (I MUST finish them anyway) by 9 or 10. I hope. It will be another self-touching session tonight and I shall draw down my window blinds. Haha... This morning CVS was worse than last night respiratory. Because CVS has the part to memorise the blood vessels (including the common iliac artery and vein near the lower abdomen, great saphenous vein in the inner thigh, brachial artery at the arm) and because I am very lazy to spell/think "Legs have saphenous vein.", I prefer touching the parts of the body and say "saphenous". I think nobody saw because in the morning those people from the opposite block should be at school.

Ok I shall have my dinner now. Musculoskeletal surely needs lots of lots of lots of touching :p

Boxing tennis, tornado smash, bear drop, tango to destruction, samurai return.... Hmm Hmm Hmm... Nice song anway :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Failed Makeover

Haiz... I tried to change my blog's template and everything went ugly. The template that I wanted is pretty good actually. More colourful, instead of white, so it is more soothing for the eyes. Unfortunately, it is centred so my dark rose picture at the bottom is not at the centre of the blog. Aiyah... I am also confused how to say it. But the worst part is that I cannot remove some bars which I don't need (so it leaves a small empty column) and I cannot change the colour of the background and the bottom most bars. I cannnot make the whole thing black. So it is a bit ugly if the top and bottom are green but the rest is black. I reverted back to my original one and I forgot my original setting. I suppose I just have to get used to this 'new' display.

Anatomy !!!!

Uuuh... Mugging mode is on again. Today I spent 3 hours to re-mug cells and tissues. What the... To see it positively, I should be grateful because last week I took 3 days to finish that. Haiseh... I wanted to finish up to CVS before going online but I am feeling to tired right now (TIRED! not LAZY!) so I shall check my e-mail now and go sleep early tonight. Then can continue again tomorrow.

This is pretty funny. I think my neighbours from the opposite block would be amused (or disgusted?) upon seeing me touching my chests as I was trying to see which direction the fissures on the lungs and the lobes. After that they pulled down their window blinds. Lol. Not my fault. I never ask them to look into my room. Haha...

Hmm... I am very tired so I shall go sleep soon. Luckily the weather has been pretty cool for the past 2 days. No more wet nights :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not a bad start

School started again today. It was not so bad. I could wake up this morning without much nagging. Haha.. Though the first 2 lectures were kind of horrible (I never printed the extra notes for Renal and the teacher forgot to upload notes for Anatomy) because I learnt nothing and that means I will need to waste some time to read at home. The good thing was it was funny. During the first lecture, my friend and I did not print the notes but another friends brought. Then when the teacher went to the second set of notes, they did not bring the second set buy my friend and I brought. Then during anatomy, a friend forgot to print the endocrine notes. We were kind of consoling her "It is okay... You can write down in fullscap". The lecture turned out to be blood and not endocrine. So we were all laughing and she distributed fullscap papers "Nah... you can always write down here". Lol.

I did surprisingly well for living with chemistry. Haha... I thought it was a complete goner but thank God I still did well :)

PPDA test was not as scary as I expected. A part of me felt a bit sad because when I recalled my JC experience, I remembered that I was quite shocked upon leaving 20-25 marks blank during the mid-year. Then when losing about 30 marks during final year, I was not too shocked because I was quite immune already. By the time prelims, 30 marks was like no kick. Haha... Now I am really scared that I will die when the end-semester exam is very very very much harder than today's CA. But the good thing is to collect as many points as possible (I only hope that I did not do so many careless mistakes).

Talking about end-semester, I am really scared. I THOUGHT there would be 2 weeks of reading weeks to prepare for final exam. I am HORRIBLY MISTAKEN! Only 1 week! I only finished 2 modules in the last week break. So I have no idea how the hell I can finish 4 modules (with doubles of workload as compared to last week) during the reading week.

1 word only: DIE :(