Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hobby contradictions

I just spent 7+ hours cleaning my toy display cabinets, dusting my figures, and changing some of the figurines to be displayed. This hobby really makes me confused. When I see the amount I spent and when I see the amount of boxes I have in my room, it makes me very frustrated. When I see the amount of dust (which is a signal that I should be cleaning), I get upset. But when I start cleaning, I kinda enjoy it. Some figures make me think why I bought them in the first place, especially those I choose to keep in their boxes. But when it is time to display them, I am glad I bought them in the first place. Some figures really make me happy and I am glad that I own them.

Despite all that, it is fact that the amount I have spent is astronomical and I am running out of space. I try very hard to cut down this year and it is very hard. I have sort of completed getting old merchandises from the 90s but I still have new pre-orders trickling. This month has been a record as I only spent $50 so far to pre-order 1 figurine. I am so tempted to get the new Clow Card sets but I keep telling myself to wait until next month. At least let October be an accomplishment for me to spend that little. Hopefully in November, the Clow Cards are sold out or my interest will dissipate.

Food is something that I am struggling with recently. Is it because of the stress? Sigh.. I don't know. I know I am supposed to avoid chili, butter, and egg and I have been eating food containing them like noone's business. I looked at one of my photos from last year when my acne was uncontrolled and it serves as a wake up call. I definitely do not want to go back to those days :( Sigh.. but the new McDonald's ebi burger and fish dipper look so appetising. I still have not tried their bacon cheese 'átas' one. And KFC's chicken strips are so addicting just like Kettle's potato chips. My goodness :(

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