Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Game over

1 week is up.. my gut feeling is right.. and it is game over for me. It is time for me to wake up from my dream of changing job, accept that I will be stuck here, and prepare for plan B: choose a Masters programme and think of a project to do. Life goes on..

Surprisingly I was not too upset about it. Perhaps because for the last 2 days, I am not in office. Hehe.. I am attending an international forum but it is not overseas :( I am arrowed to do a poster presentation since the doctor in charge had presented the project last year. Anyway the so called 'presentation' session was so disorganised and not like what I expected. But whatever it is, I got to skip work for 2 days and I got 8 CE points so I have nothing to complain. Lol.

I took a picture next to the poster and surprisingly it got liked by almost 10% of my facebook friends. Wow.. I am honestly shocked that people appreciate this kind of thing better than my holiday or my studio photos. Lol. I have to be honest and actually I kinda happy with all the likes. Lol.. Lai lai lai give me more projects so that I can 'shine' this way more.

Haiz.. back to normal work tomorrow.. sianz..

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