Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another step closer to exit..

I want my old laptop back :( I am still not used to my new laptop and I cannot adjust the screen to a comfortable level: either it is too glaring or it is too dark. Sigh.. Even when I copy the same display settings, the outcome remains different. On the bright side, it forces me to waste less time surfing the net as my eyes get tired very easily.

I am feeling so tired this week, despite away for course for 2 days, and I don't know if it is because of the computer or it is because of my blood donation. Not to mention that it has been a busy week too. I am pleased to go through to the second round of my interview. That also comes with additional stress such as inconveniencing people to write testimonials for me. I am also lucky that the date assigned to me also allows me to take time off from work rather easily. I don't need to lie and fake some reasons to take urgent leave or something. I hope that is a good sign and I am sincerely hoping that they willing to increase my pay so that I can easily make a decision to jump ship. Yeah I am a sadly a slave of money.

I was asked to play some apps/games that will determine my profiles from the way I play the game. It is indeed an interesting concept but the result is quite far from the reality of what I am feeling towards myself. Don't know if this is not so accurate or these are really something that I don't realise that I have. My highest stats is for extraversion o_0 I am actually very shy in real life leh! I also thought I am pretty good with critical thinking, data, and intellectual curiosity but it is not the case from this. Oh and just forget about the Superknacks: those jobs are not even under my radar of abilities or interest. Lol.
I went to Postgrad fair today so at least I am a step closer to take charge of my future. In the event that I don't get a higher pay or I don't get to change my job, it is time to think about Masters seriously. I sort of have an idea of what I want to do and I only need to find a project to do.

I went for my regular dental check-up cum cleaning this morning and bad news again. Sigh.. One problematic tooth (that gave me a problem in the past) is giving a problem again and the filling needs to be re-done. Haiz.. I sort of guess it since it is not smooth over the part when I am flossing. The other bad news is that the surface of my teeth shows more wear and tear which is caused by my grinding/clenching of teeth. I know I grind my teeth as my mum used to tell me that when I was young. I am supposed to wear my retainers at bedtime so that should prevent any damage even if I grind. I am not sure if I spent more nights without retainers for the past 6 months or it is according to what the dental hygienist said: I may be grinding/clenching unconsciously when I am stressed at work. At my current mindset, I am more inclined to believe the later as another reason to change job. Haha..

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