Saturday, September 3, 2016

AAA Asia Tour 2016 Concert (Singapore)

Dang! I should have snapped a picture of the banner that was flashed on the screen just now. I thought I could find the AAA Asia Tour 2016 banner online but it was not the case. So no picture to accompany this post.

I can finally cross another item from my bucket list: to attend a J-Pop live concert. I like watching J-Pop concerts via youtube or VCD/DVD but the thought of watching a live concert is always not something promising: I hate the heat, I hate the crowd, I hate the noise, etc. I first came to know AAA after they came for a concert in Singapore last year. I started to enjoy their songs and kinda regret that I did not know them earlier or else I would have watched their concert. So when I heard the news of another concert: YOLO! Let's just give it a try.

The concert was at *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre and I am so glad that all the horrors I was expecting from a live concert did not materialise. The concert was planned to begin at 6pm and door opened at 5pm. I reached there at 445 and the queue was already long. I am not familiar with the place so I did not know how long it was but the hall was not filled to the brim. There was still plenty of space and I was standing somewhat at the 'back'. I could still feel the aircon so I did not feel hot. The beginning was a bit turbulent for myself trying to adapt to the bright stage lights and the loud loudspeakers.

I thought the concert itself was pretty good. AAA sang live and they were good. Too bad that the sound system was absolutely horrible. The solo parts were great but when everyone was singing together, the sound system simply could not take it: the sound that came out was horrible. The order of playlist could somehow better because the string of ballads came too early when the audience's energy level was still not hyped up yet.

For the first song, the members were still rather cool but subsequently they warmed up, had plenty of smiles, and seemed genuine when they tried to engage with the audience. I find Hidaka to be the best one in terms of trying to engage with the audience. I think the audience (myself included) was a rather 'dead' audience. Haha.. So it had to be a tough job for AAA members to engage us. To illustrate how 'dead' we were as an audience, we did not even shout for encore. A group of people were singing Happy Birthday and most of us were wondering whose birthday it was. Then only we realised they were saying ''Happy Birthday Triple A" since their anniversary is on 14 September (I may be wrong). Then people started to clap and chanted something that sounded like "Ma-Ri-E" and evolved to "Not the end". I actually had no idea what they were saying and the people around me were equally confused and also asking one another what the people were saying.

The concert itself was rather short: 1 hour (including 5-10 mins talk) followed with a 30 minutes encore. The audience was too diverse (from China, Taiwan, Japan) and the Singaporean might not even make up 50% of the attendees so it was difficult to engage, not to mention with the limited English that the members can speak. What could be done better is that they should have some topics to prepare during the talk parts. There were plenty of awkward silence but again given the profile of the audience, it was really a tough job. One thing that I found missing was the interaction among the members while singing / dancing. There were few occasions but in general it was rather non-existent.

For $130, I honestly feel that it is quite pricey. But hey, at least I can strike off one item from my bucket list. Will I go again if there is another concert next year? Hmm.. I shall think about it. Lol.. If only I got one of their balls earlier, the answer would be a resounding yes.

I am feeling as if I just had a 3 hour detention to stand all the way. So tiring for my legs :( But I am still looking forward to the so called limited fan club event tomorrow. I read that it would not be a concert but it would be more like a talk show and given how bad the parts of interaction with audience today, things can potentially quite disappointing.

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