Sunday, September 4, 2016

AAA Asia Tour 2016 Fan Club Event (Singapore)

After yesterday, I was so happy to see that today's event had the audience seated!! Oooh tears of joy.. Haha.. The ticket said free standing so I came later than yesterday and I arrived at about 515pm. I realised I was the second last audience to enter. Lol.. It was almost full house except for the last row on both aisles so I sat at in the middle of the last row.

Shinjiro and  Misako were the MCs which I sort of expected since their English was the best among AAA. The first section was for the audience to ask questions to AAA members. I think it was quite demoralising that only few hands were raised when they asked who wanted to ask questions. The allocated time was 15 minutes and it took too much time to answer the first question (it was about how do the members behave when they are drunk). I feel that they should not tease Nissy's english so much as it was quite a waste of precious time. The second question was a quick one since it only required 1 word answer regarding the sports that members would want to try.

The second section was game. The mystery box was not as exciting as those mystery boxes in the TV shows where they put living creatures etc. The boxes were so big but the items were so small and from my seat at the last row, I could hardly see. The second game, Scissors Paper Stone and Hey Look That Way, was much more entertaining and enjoyable.

They prepared a nice surprise too and played the Scissors Paper Stone with the audience until the last 3 winners would get a concert T-shirt with members' autograph. As usual, I sucked and already lost since the first round. I feel quite bad for the 3 winners when they were on stage as both themselves and AAA were rather awkward. It would be nicer if the members were warmer towards them (shake hands? hugs?) instead of just saying congratulations and had an invisible wall.

Before the end, AAA took a picture with the audience from the stage and obviously I would not be visible. Lol. AAA closed the evening with singing Yell and the same problem with the sound system as last night: they sounded great during their individual parts but the sound system could not accommodate when there were more people singing at the same time.

Is that all? The biggest surprise came at the end: the audience was given a chance to high five with all the members on our way out!!! Kyaaaa.... That was totally unexpected and really nice of them. Since I was at the last row, I was the first few to exit which I think was great because it was not crowded yet and the members were still 'fresh' lol. Why do I say that? Because their high 5 (and I grabbed some of their fingers like a handshake) was still energetic. They also maintained eye contact as I said "Please come again." lol and I appreciated that.

So if yesterday I said I would think again to attend their next concert, after tonight, my answer is a yes! Haha... Considering the seats were almost full (my guess is above 90%), I think I am quite lucky to get this ticket as it was given by a lucky draw.  It was indeed an experience and I enjoyed the members' interaction among themselves which was lacking during concert last night.

Lets talk about the merchandise now. I only bought the muffler ($30) and the postcard set with a book cover ($32) yesterday. I did not get the rest since the AAA panda is rather ugly. Lol. I 'sayang' the muffler and I did not take it out to wave it during the Hurricane Riri Boston Mari song last night. The postcard set was quite disappointing as I don't think the poses of the members are great and they all look rather pissed. Bleah.. The postcard at the bottom is what given to everyone after the Fan Club Event tonight. I don't mind paying more for some exclusive merchandises for their Fan Club Event instead of just getting 1 piece of postcard :( Oh well, I guess the high five memory is all that matters.

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