Sunday, April 13, 2014

Worst birthday

I just turned 27 years old and I just had the worst birthday every. I always fly back home to celebrate my birthday because I don't want to have my birthday ruined by stupid people I meet at work almost daily. However, everything turned out quite bad this time.

It all began with even the taxi journey to the airport. My houseowner helped me to get her relative who is a taxi driver. Due to the rain, he was stuck in traffic jam and arrived 20 minutes later than my request. It was still before 6pm so I would not be late. Guess what? In the middle of the expressway, we had a flat tire!! Gosh.. He just recently got the taxi so he did not know how to change his tire. Jeez.. There was no way for me to flag or call for taxi in the middle of the expressway.. I have to say that I was quite calm throughout considering how "relaxed" the driver was in handling the whole thing. My heart was thumping like mad and my brain wanted to explode thinking of what happened if I missed my flight. As expected, there was no way I could get a replacement taxi on the expressway and honestly I could imagine myself having the same face as those Amazing Race participants who got lost in the middle of foreign land not knowing what they should do. I was so glad when the driver called the office to get a replacement taxi which was coming in 7-9 minutes. Wew.. that was the most intense wait in my life!! I arrived at the airport 15 minutes before the check-in closed. Fiuuuh... Lessons learnt: get to airport early and the last time to check in 45 minutes before departure.

Upon arrival, I was so angry and upset to find my Indonesian SIM card unusable. Haiz.. That was very childish of me to immediately get angry at my sister. Yesterday I realised that I was the one who asked for just 1 month top-up and to get another 1 month of grace period before the card is dead. Currently it is still within the grace period and although it is not officially dead yet, it is still unusable.

The worst surprise came inside the car. My mum told me that I would have no aircon. Fuck! My sister complained that my aircon was not cold and my dad just changed it. It was not the first time that my sister did not know how to set my aircon. Previously, everytime I came home for holiday, I just changed the setting of my aircon and it would be back to normal. It is not a matter of nostalgia for an old item but my aircon is really cold and for the past 10 years, it has never broken down. The only issues it had were empty coolant and dirty filters. No leakage, no burst pipes, etc. But honestly what really upset me was the fact that nobody in the bloody house informed me about it. It was my room and I was coming back. I just expected a courtesy when something is done to my things.. or even my rooms. Looks like my family does not care about me anymore. This is no longer a home as I no longer have a say.. It just becomes a hotel.. a holiday chalet..

I am tired of being a good boy.. By nature I am an impatient and an inconsiderate now. Looks like I have been taken for granted. Why should I care about courtesy and care about other people's feelings when nobody cares about my feelings? Haiz..

But the ultimate thing that really makes me emo on my birthday is how I broke something that cost me $250 :( The perfectionist devil came to me when I opened up my display cupboard. Seeing Seifer's broken sword made my hand really itch to straighten it. As I was trying to straighten it, it made me realised how bad his broken leg is. I had always thought that the broken leg was glued on by the seller but apparently the white line has always been the CRACK line and not the glue line. To cut the thing short, my attempt to glue back that crack turned into a complete shit and I ended up damaging the whole thing to the point of no fixing. Fuck me.. Seriously.. Had to throw him in the end. Sigh..

As I was going to throw everything, something came up: the thought of possibly selling just the Odin. Not sure how much it will worth but perhaps I can still get something to earn back the $250. This is the figure that I am talking about. Looking back, it is quite ironic to see that I was so excited when I got it for the first time. Now, I felt only disdain and regret. Why the fuck was I so stupid to spend so much on an item this beat-up. Sigh..

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