Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Geez.. I had an awful today. The locum was a naggy old man. I cannot believe it.. He nagged nagged and nagged.. Firstly he nagged about the fact that the preceptorship is during the holiday. Then he nagged about the delivery man when goods came. Then he kept on nagging and nagging about costumers who treated pharmacists as one of salespersons. He was particularly damn irritated with people asking "where is the mask?" when the bloody masks were just in front of the pharmacy counter. How the hell they could not see that lol.. He also nagged about the fact that pharmacist is the ONLY professional working in retail.. (How true!!). He also nagged about sticking labels etc etc.. Sigh.. I was so bloody pissed that I was really tempted to just being rude.. So tiring to put on fake smile and pretended as if I was interested to whatever he had to nag. I hope I won't be like him when I grow old.. And to the nearer future, I hope my father will not be like him.

Though most of his nagging is true, I am simply impressed and agreeable with his despise towards this stupid programme. Funnily, he seems to be more irritated than me (who is directly in this shit). He mentioned about students' life and holidays only happen when you are a student.. and after finishing school you can work your ass of until the day you sleep in your coffin (obviously this is not his phrasing). He was also bloody shocked when he knew I only got $5 per DAY and I still had to pay hostel fee. His biggest irritation, though, was the fact that they send half-baked students which is as good as useless.. Don't know the law, don't know the mechanism, don't know everything.. Well, it's damn bloody true.. I guess my prescence there is a shame.. People ask anything I also don't know.. Even if I know, I have to say "Sorry.. I am only a student.. Please wait while I call the pharmacist".. Seriously if I am a member of public, I will think "Then why the hell are you behind the counter?".

An experience today: a guy (roughly my age) had a problem with this lips and the locum suggested a medicated lipbalm. Tadaa.. he could not find it.. and he asked me to help him... What a great choice because I also dunno where the lipbalms are wakaka.. I asked a saleswoman and she showed me.. I nearly died when I saw so many lipbalms so which is the medicated one.. I never know there is such lipbalm. After I browsed through, I gave him Sebamed lipbalm (the one sound most medicated lol) and told him to check with the pharmacist because I am only a student. He said: Wah I thought you are the pharmacist (OMG!! At least I look like a pharmacist wakakaka).. And as expected, I took the wrong thing.. Guess what? The correct lipbalm the just EXACTLY NEXT to the one I took. ALamaks.. Damn paiseh.. But I said sorry and the guys said it was okay. I think he was amused also haha.. Nice guy.. Because he is an indonesian mah hahaha... (I can tell from his accent).

Grr.. I really hate this stupid preceptorshi*. I cannot do anything.. just simply tag along my preceptor.. So what the hell must I be there? Is it useful? Yes to a very certain extent. But unfortunately, I don't see myself doing retail or (worse) hospital in my future.. So learning something which I won't use in the future is as good as useless.. What do I get? Knowledge that I will forget in the near future? Negative balance in my bank account? Calluses on my feet? Wow.. this programme is so damn beneficial.. I dunno who came out with this indigenious ideas.. Rot in hell you bloody shit..

Haiz.. lighter matter now.. I am into WaT songs lately. Haha.. It all started with the video below.

Cute right? Haha...

I cannot find this version anywhere :( Listening to the voice only is good.. but eye pain seeing the act cute girls aiyer...

Monday, May 18, 2009

First week of my "job" is over :) Now my weekend becomes Sunday Monday haha.. And everytime I meet any friends, I find it difficult to say what the hell I am currently doing.. Working? No because I am not paid. Attachment? No because there is no MC or whatever. So I totally don't know what I am doing.

Thanks to my cake shop experience last time, I was not very worried or what for this. In fact, I am glad that my preceptor is nice and that there is another student working (she is working.. and getting proper payment). At least when there is no business and during lunch time, I have someone to talk to and to eat together with.

I am amazed with my preceptor. She is really acting as a pharmacist and not as a retailer. When some people do not really need medication, she will tell them that whatever discomfort they are experiencing will go away and there is no need to waste money to buy medicine. Wow.. Such a good example.

Learning wise, she is very enthu.. On top of the very thick stack I got from Watsons on the first day, she still gives her own additional exercises.. Can do until die T_T She also knows when to spoonfeed and when to give answer so I find it quite enjoyable and makes me not hesitant when I want to ask anything.

My memory fails me again and again. I cannot remember the brands and what the contents are. That's the only stumbling block from me to fully handle costumers. I just find it totally not funny if after I ask the symptoms etc etc and when I turn back to see the cabinet (and all the drugs), I spend minutes to think (or worse, I start taking out and find which one I will recommend) before giving the medicine. If I do like that, I think the costumer will be scared also haha..

I guess that's all my thoughts so far.. I hope I can remember things better.. My progress so far: 1 prescription. But I haven't really written down the report on that prescription. Haiz sianz.. Still have exercises.. and dunno what H1N1 action plan thingy.. Haiz.. so waste time..

Really spoil my momentum to play game T_T and worse.. when I had an off day yesterday, the internet was shit T_T sadness...

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Haiz.. the trigger was a game..
Holy crap..
I guess I am tired..
I need a break..
Why the hell my parent didn't want to bloody pay for my education in Australia?
Life sucks here.. School is shit.. and they think it's not shit enough that they want to make the holidays shit too..
Facilities suck like crap..
Stupid washing machine..
The dryer was also fucked up..
Wasted so much of my time..
The internet is also like bloody fuck..
Made my destress session become distress session..
I haven't prepared stuff for the holiday spoiler..

Jeez.. how much worse can things go from this..
This life is shit..
The world is full of shit..
The people are also shit..
But the worst of all shit is MYSELF.. I can rattle on and on blaming others.. but the root of the problem is: I should have rebelled against my parents. It was such a bloody fucktard decision to come here.. and what are they doing after turning my life into shit? Making my life even shittier

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PR 3104: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; SSS 1207: Natural Heritage of Singapore; PP 2106: Pharmacology I

PR 3104 - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
The MCQ was not bad. And I was glad that there was almost no question from biosensor (the chapter I read 1.5 hours before the paper). When I saw the section B, initially I was like: Oh cool!! Application question.. This will be interesting.. Unfortunately, I am too naive.. The application part is only 1/3 of the question. The other 2/3? Gone case.. It was direct regurgitation from the chapter I hate most. Even crapping would not help as what I crapped about was totally crap. Darn!! The second question was more doable.. unfortunately, i didn't know which parts of the notes the teacher wanted. Another hopeless module.. should be something practical and applicable but in the end.. still have regurgitate.. so useless

SSS 1207: Natural Heritage of Singapore
Wasted my time reading the bloody book! Few things I knew are in the book. But I could not know where exactly! Damn la !! I just hope I still can S it

PP 2106: Pharmacology I
Such an anti-climax.. oh okay wrong.. it should be the climax.. the pinacle of my failure this sem..
I simply could not recall many important things.. I wasted 1 page of writing to realise that I could not proceed further and tried another question instead.. Careless reading made me waste another 1 page.. Not only I have lost marked for failing to do the easier questions.. I could not even finish the question which I crapped..

Aargh.. Fuck la!! I should not be in this country in the first place to be in the fucking education system