Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 牛 Year!

Wuih... I was so busy for the past week so I shall summarise my CNY week in one entry. Lol..

As usual, the eve of the Chinese New Year was spent at my aunt's house. I had exactly the same steamboat as last year, minus the red wine :( But it was not boring considering there was a nice Jackie Chan movie (don't know the title) and my cousin sent me back to hostel. We passed by the new KPE tunnel which supposedly is the longest tunnel in southeast Asia (??). It was quite interesting.

My first day of CNY is wasted by CCA meeting from 9-12. I am not joking. It was the truth. Other than that, I only played Cabal. I went to Vivocity on the second day. It was damn ridiculously crowded. From the CNY holiday, I seriously think there are way too many foreigners in Singapore. Vivo was damn crowded and almost everyone who was out on that day were either foreign construction worker, or the citizens of the most populous country in this world, or foreign tourists. Gosh.. I really will never ever go out during the CNY anymore. The road was quiet but the moment I reached Harbour Front.. Oh la la...

I was rather moody for CNY because one damned guy from the country with most number of dirty disgusting and problematic people brought his friends to really go on rampage to my cluster kitchen and toilet. The smell and sight were just to gory to be described. I was literally almost puked.

I went for my CNY shopping on Wednesday as there was Kino discount. Yay!! I bought 2 very nice GRAPHIC Code Geass books. Hee hee... I spent >2x of my angpau this year. Crazy..

On Thursday, I went to Jurong Point to celebrate a senior's birthday in advance. The Crystal Jade was kind of irritating la.. How could they not provide normal meal just because it was CNY time? Really cheat people sia...

Days of insufficient rest and stress over my cca really take its toll on me. My head was spinning as I read the material for my school project. Haiz haiz... I only finished paraphrasing half and have not typed anything at all. Sigh... I have set up the deadline on Wednesday and I really have to chiong!!

Today was a CNY celebration with my year 1 friends. Whee.. My friend's house is very near to the house where I used to rent a room before university began. It kinda reminded me of the ugly memories with 2 bitches there. I had a great time playing cards with the noobs (I am one of them) and mahjong (played once only and I won!! Lol... with 3 of the blank square blocks somemore..). I never really fancy steamboat but I enjoyed preparing the food (washing and preparing the cabbage). And the yu sheng is the very first one that I really enjoyed eating. The vegetables were not hard and thus didn't taste that raw. Hoho.. Great time..

Too bad all good things have to end :( Tomorrow will be a sucky day for me. I have 3 cca meetings from 12pm. I estimate to end by 8pm the earliest. Sigh.. I need to wake up early as I missed (I was late) today's mass. So I have no choice but to attend the 830am tomorrow o_0

I will really need to take paracetamol....

Have a good 牛 year ahead full of success and good times:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another bad new year

Sigh... Not only my new year was quite sad, my chinese new year will also be quite sad. There are so many things that I need to do before the CNY comes. I have not done spring cleaning, have not done my laundry, (of course) have not done anything about 2wks worth of school work, have not done my shopping for CNY giveaways, have not done this and that... Add some financial difficulties and a series of mishaps and that's why I'm in misery now. My stuffs are deteriorating: my school bag is already about 4 years old and really... it has done its service well enough, my silver colour pair of shoes is about 2 years old and it needs a replacement, my blue cloth shoes have rubber decorations on the shoes peeling off... even though I rarely wear it. To replace all of these, I need to fork out at least $100. Sigh... I hate buying necessities... but I have no guilt in spending for indulgence. Haha.. Unfortunately, from the start of the year, my investment in my indulgences has been a failure. The nice green mouse I bought for $8.90 has a life span of about 1 week plus. The new handphone sticker that I bought yesterday for $3 'died' in less than 1 DAY. Haiz... That is like throwing $13 down the drain.

Surprisingly, all the things I mentioned above cause more suffering than school work. Perhaps it was because I was still relieved and happy for my success in microbio lab this morning. Though I was slow and I repeated one slide 3x and another slide 2x, I managed to see all the things I was supposed to see. Yay!! There are some projects but I guess those can wait until CNY is over haha... Dean's list is already out and although I already expected it, I am still sad that I cannot get extra cca points. Stupid but... I guess I am desperate already la... for hoping my lousy results last semester earned me the 8 cca points. Hmm hmm.. now come to the topic I dreaded most: CCA. I am left with about 3 weeks for the community service project I spearheaded. Sigh.. I can only give a comment: IT REALLY SUCKS TO WORK WITH PEOPLE I CANNOT/DON'T LIKE TO WORK WITH. It's really trying my patience but oh well, I need their goddamn asses to come down that day for the event.

AAARGH... I am stressed... I think it's obvious from the disorganisation of my thoughts..

The year of Ox is not even here yet... But I can see the big pile of dung rocketing towards me.. It's a year of hardwork indeed...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prince of Tennis character test

You are the bubbly type!
Some traits you have are:
-sometimes annoying
People love to be around you, because your happyness tranfers to them! Just don't be so enthusiastic at the wrong times, or they might get annoyed at you.

A bit of fun in the midst of my stressed life... Oh well.. It's time to visit the library and mug!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random thoughts in January..

Wheee... I never expect that first week of school could be this hectic until I have no time to blog. Sigh... Yah, it is a crazy week and I think it is a preview on what to come this semester. While I am glad that finally I will be learning things that matter for my profession (and my personal medication), the thought that everything is memory work is very depressing. I really hate memorising. And 3 projects announced in the first week were just very shocking. Haiz... I am halfway through my monograph. I received a big favour from a senior who lent me MIMS and monographs. Lucky that my drug was in last year's monograph. Haha... So if I am really desperate and cannot find things myself, I will just refer to that. Other projects shall wait until CNY comes closer. Lol...

CCA also starts to wear me out again. I was very agitated for the Welcome Back celebration on Tuesday. Well, it was over already. At least I learnt how to make sandwich. Hoho... And I found a living caterpillar on the vegie... yux yux...

Enough of the bad things. Let's move on to the happier things. Oh wait, 1 more bad thing. Stupid internet connection remains. I have bought (and wasted) a new LAN cable.. The problem is not with the cable. That day the people checked the LAN point and said it was okay. What the hell! Wasted my time waiting for them but no improvement whatsoever. Go eat xxxx la!!

Ok now really happy things hahaha...

Yesterday I went to Sentosa. Hoho... That would be my last time Luge-ing and Skyriding... The first time I had them, I felt that they took quite long time. But yesterday.. it was super short. Lol.. Maybe the excitement (and fear) was no longer there for the second time. Haha.. But luge really brings out the kid in you. Lol... Never expect that uni students would be so entertained with it. I played a bit of frisbee and I hope that keeps my weight in check. Haha.. People say new year resolutions only last for 3 weeks at most. Let's see how. Haha.. But surprisingly I exercise a bit for the past few days. On the first day of school, I walked all the way from Business to LT20. Haha.. Don't ask me why.. Today I walked back from school to PGP. Hehe..

I finished Code Geass R2 in 4 days!! Tiring but WOW!! Haha.. The show got me excited ever since the first episode. And though the ending was kind of sad, it was fantastic :) Kudos to clamp.. They are always very good in concocting heartwrenching tales. Why must the nice people be killed? Sianz.. And yeah.. I found a new animeself for me: Lelouch. Haha.. I think that was why I was so engrossed with the show for the last few episodes. So many similarities with me: life full of lies + hidden intention + acting as the 'bad guy' + .... That left me with my final step on death. Yahz... Well, there is one difference though: I don't think I have someone that I can really trust and confide in. I am very tired in acting for my social life.. Sometimes I just wish that I am alone...

I bought a new mouse today! Yay... It cost me $8.90 but it is green!! And the light is green too!! Lol... And since the shopkeeper was nice, I bought it. Anyway.. I have been wanting to buy a wired mouse.. I will prove whether what my friend said about my wireless mouse interfered with my wireless reception is true. But hurray... green thing. Hohoho...

Lastly I just wanna right something interesting I read on my reflection book today:
A salty Christian makes others thirsty for Jesus, the Water of Life

The reading was on 'salt of the earth' but I never think or hear the sentence above. Haha.. Kinda scientific..

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Lol... I am still experiencing jet lag after my Cambodia trip. Yeah... 5 days jet lag. Lol... That is why only today that I feel re-energised and NEW yeah!! Haha...

My body has been slow to adapt back to Singapore lifestyle. Usually I will automatically wake up in the morning after 8hours of night sleep. But somehow, the time has been reduced to 5 hours only nowadays. Similarly with my afternoon nap. I usually wake up past 7 pm but for the past few days, I always woke up before 6pm. I woke up not because of feeling hot and not because I needed to visit the restroom, I just woke up. Sigh.. I guess I am playing Cabal too intensely. Lol. Yeah, that is why I still feel very lethargic and my sleep debt is not paid yet.

After close to 1 month of missing the Church, I was honestly very lazy to go today. Haiz... But thank God, I dragged myself there today (almost fell asleep few metres away from the bus stop) and yeah the Church was the reason why I feel recharged and renewed today. Happy new year!! Hoho... It was the feast of Ephiphany today. What is Ephiphany? I also don't know. Haha... That reminds me of my secondary school days as the first term was called the Ephiphany term. I believe (from the readings) that ephiphany refers to the Three Kings of Orient who paid homage to Baby Jesus. Lol... I shall do my research tonight.

Yeah... I feel better and lighter.. Hopefully I have completely shed all the 2008 stuff... and empty myself for the exciting 2009!! (Actually I had a bad start of a new year... especially in my game... and also due to my exhaustion... that's why I insist that my new year only starts today!!! Hahaha...)