Friday, November 3, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

If it is not because of the movie voucher that I pre-paid for, I will not watch this movie, just like how I did not watch the first 2 Thor movies in the cinema. The addition of Hulk makes this a semi-Avenger movie which increases the pull factor. However ultimately the strongest pull factor for me is Hela.

Let's not talk much about the plot as honestly how interesting can superhero movie's plot be? Lol. This is another formulaic the hero gets banished from his native birthland because it has been overtaken by the villain. The hero ends up in another place and gathers a team to fight the villain back.

It is refreshing to see Thor with short hair and without his helmet. It is like a girl with long hair who cuts her hair after a break up, Thor short hair also brings about the level of comedy in the movie to a higher level and that is a good thing. The banter and comedy feels natural and does not feel forced even when they are delivered in straight face to increase the realism.

It is always amazing to see an actress doing physical fights and Hela embodies that. As Goddess of Death, I was expecting her to just raise an army of CGI zombies to do the fighting while she sits at her throne. Yes she raises an army of CGI zombies but she also does not hesitate to get her hands dirty in the fights which fits her backstory before she was banished by Odin. It is also refreshing to see her undefeated by the heroes until the end. Again that fits into her background story as a powerful Goddess. She is dead eventually and that is because of the Ragnarok that burns and destroys the whole Asgard.

The fights that don't involve Hela are boring obviously as who cares about those CGI zombies. There is a flash back of the previous war in which all, except one, valkyries were defeated by Hela and that is awesome. Sadly the repeat fight now is so boring. Hulk vs Fenrir happens mostly off screen and underwater and that should be a better fight to be featured instead of the CGI zombies fight.

The movie ending brings us closer to the Avengers: Infinity War and even Doctor Strange has an unexpected appearance in this movie. I really can't wait for the Infinity War and it is better be good.
I promise not to collect movie collectibles from cinemas as usually they are just a waste of money making use of customers' hype to buy a low quality merchandise. But the cup in the shape of a hammer is just too interesting to resist :p

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