Sunday, May 14, 2017


For the past 2 weeks, I am slowly trying to get into my usual life prior to going to gym. With limited time after work, gym basically takes priority over whatever free time I am left with. Movie time is the one worsely affected and I am worried that I can't use finish the free movie tickets I have for this year.

Last Saturday I went for Kingdom Hearts concert. There was no Japanese class on Sunday because sensei was overseas and I forced myself to watch Beauty and the Beast on Sunday morning. I then went to gym before going to Kinokuniya to buy Injustice Year 5 Volume 2. I was waiting for the 20% off during the free comic book day (which is on first Saturday in May every year). Then I went to Doujin Market at Suntec.

It was my first time attending Doujin Market. Doujinshi is a part of anime/manga sub-culture but I am not really a fan. In fact, I decided to take a look at it this year simply because it was a long the way and I am planning to spend the whole day out. So it was just for the experience and bragging rights that I ever attended such event.

Doujin Market is free since it is not held at exhibition halls but on the area outside the halls. In comparison to the number of people attending, the area is too small and it is human traffic jam. Almost all the exhibitors are selling things so once someone stops at a booth to look-see, s/he will block the narrow passageway. It was so frustrating for me just want to go 1 round to see what interesting things available. I left empty handed and I think this will be the one and only time I will be interested in doujinshi or fanart stuff. Most of the stuff are either the kawaii/chibi style or the BL/yaoi stuff. I am more interested in the CG kind of artwork.

Yesterday was another day outside with my doctors' appointment, followed by gym, and then Conan 21st movie advance screening. Today I was so tempted to skip my Japanese class because I wanted to check M1 shop to make sure of the phone that I would get on Tuesday and I wanted to gym and I wanted to sleep. I managed to beat the lazy bug and in the end, sleep is the one sacrificed.

When Teppei Syokudo at Plaza Sing was about to open, I was so excited and then I forgot about it. Once I remembered about it last week, this is going to be my new addiction as I already ate their Kaisendon 3x in the past 2 weekends. If the trend continues, it is going to hurt my wallet since it is $16 per bowl. Iroha Mart is also smart to bring in a potato chip brand with tie in with Conan movie. I bought one pack of each different Conan picture.
Okonomiyaki is famous in Osaka so all the pictures for the Okonomiyaki flavour are Heiji and Kazuha

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