Monday, May 29, 2017

Retail therapy.. failed

I was so lazy to attend my Nihongo class yesterday but since it was the last lesson, I decided to show face and attend. Well I was wrong. Next week is the last lesson. Lol. It is ironic that only at this time that I started to grow a little bit closer to my classmates. After lesson, I decided to check out for Uniqlo GSS deals before buying some Japanese snack at Iroha Mart. I found some Disney t-shirt on sale for $7.90. There were 2 designs of Aladdin t-shirt that I was interested. 1 design has both M & L sizes while another one only has M size. After I tried and was deliberating which size I should get, one classmate called me to ask if I wanted to join them to eat kani ramen.

I was intrigued as I never tried that before and hence I said yes. Lol. Anyway the kani ramen does not come with crab but the soup stock is made of crab stuff. I could not really taste any crab flavour that much but the after taste definitely was crabby. Oh ya, before going over to Cineleisure for the kani ramen, we visited Apple Store which was newly opened on Saturday. I am not an Apple fan but I was curious to see also. I think there were more staff than visitors. Lol.

After ramen, I went to Uniqlo at Ion and found no Aladdin t-shirts. Thus I tried Uniqlo at Orchard Central. They had the same stock as the one in Plaza Sing so I decided to get 1 design with L size and the other design with the only available M size. It is unusual to find Aladdin t-shirts and it is on sale for <$10 so buy now and think later.

I also saw a light weight jacket which was on sale for $39.90 from an original price of $129.90! Woaaa!! There were olive and beige colors which were unusual and unique. Again I was contemplating between M or L but since I was in t-shirt when I tried, I could not make my mind. I decided to go home, check my old sky blue Uniqlo casual jacket for the size and come back today in office wear. That would be easier to decide if M or L is better.

Today I saw that Uniqlo's sale for the week is another type of jacket for $39.90. It is a newer design that looked interesting but I did not bother to check yesterday because the original price is $59.90. Only Suntec has both M and L for this jacket so I went there after gym. The material was disappointing and I did not even bother to try. I guess price never lie. The one I tried yesterday has original price more than double than this one so no wonder the quality was better.

Red line is having problem today and I thought the problem was resolved in the late evening. Although there was no human jam, the train spent about 5 minutes at each station. I decided to alight at Somerset and take bus or something. I went to Uniqlo Orchard Central and I decided to just get M size for the light weight jacket. I wanted to get it over and done with so I bought both colors.

Does that make me happy? No :( Now I am think when or what occasion I will be wearing this jacket.. Haiz.. It is very unusual for me to buy clothes, not to mention 4 pieces in 2 nights. All the emo-ness is because of the CPIP haiz.. I am still praying for blessings from clinic to proceed.

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