Friday, May 12, 2017

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game

Kuroko no Basuke season 3 ends with a high note for me so I am hoping for even more exciting things for this movie. After all, we will get to see Generation of Miracles to play as a team! There is not much introduction to the series so clearly the movie is targeted at fans who are already familiar with the series. While nothing much to be expected from the plot ~which is quite typical of extra stories in sports anime/manga genre~, I am expecting the same great things from the anime. Sadly none of it happens and this movie is basically just a fan service and an attempt to cash in from the hype.

The match lacks the build up and tension to make it interesting or emotional to watch. The team is a mess. Instead of getting a nice strategy and team ups, we are just getting a mess of: do whatever best and special skills that each of you can do. It is as if the person writing the story is too lazy to even think through how the match should progress or think of scoring or defence scenes that will wow the audience. With so many characters fighting for screen time, everyone ends up miserably forgettable. Not because everyone is fighting for attention but because the set ups for them to show their special abilities are bad. Even Kuroko does not really show his phantom passes. Bleah.. So yeah, don't even think there is even a nice thing to see how fantastic Generation of Miracles will be as a team. I don't even see the points of having substitutes for team Vorpal Swords when they are not being played at all -_-".

Spoiler alert: the title 'Last Game' is apt since at the end of the movie, Kagami is leaving to the USA to achieve is his dream to play in NBA some day. So I guess there won't be anymore Kuroko story since Kuroko will no longer have any 'light' to support in Seirin. Sigh.. As a farewell gift, Generation of Miracles plays against Seirin but this is left to our imagination altogether. Another disappointment.

I always thought that Kuroko no Basuke is popular with girls. So it was really an eye opener that majority of the audience yesterday was guys. It was even more surprising that towards the end during the scene when Kagami realises how important Kuroko to him and he wants to properly say goodbye and thank you before boarding his flight, everyone was fangirling in expectation that it was going to be a BL moment. Lol. Anyway, nope, it was not. Not even a hug.. not even a fist bump.. it was just a mid-air fist bump.

I honestly feel quite sad that this is basically like a closure and end of Kuroko no Basuke. While the movie is a disappointment, I still like the characters, stories (in the main series), the humours, etc. 

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