Sunday, May 21, 2017

Another hectic week

Earlier this week was a gruelling decision making process for me to decide what phone I would get. If I took the phone I wanted for personal use (Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime), I would save $250 from the original price.Getting any iPhone is a saving of $500+ from the original price so iPhone is definitely overpriced. I swear I would no longer spend crazy amount of money on phones as no matter what, they are obsolete in 2 years time. So I am glad that at the last minute my sister agreed to 'buy' the iPhone 7+ from me. Initially she insisted on buying it from me at the price I paid M1 -_-" Crazy.. if that is the case I did not even get any $250 to get my new phone.  So in the end I still have my $250 while my sister benefited $300 to pay me as compared as getting the iPhone 7+ from apple shop.

I kept refusing this and that add-on until the guy serving me said to help him as he needed to offer this and that for his commissions. Sorry mate, I really can't help you. Lol. So in the end, when he asked for a favor to send him a good feedback, that was the only thing I could do for him.

I went for blood donation on Wednesday and before that, I had another dinner at Teppei Syokudo. Lol.. This time I tried a new limited menu instead of having the Kaisendon again. It was not a seamless experience as I waited for more than half an hour just to get past the medical screening. I heard both were new so they were slow. The nurse was very pro as I did not feel anything when the needle went in and was removed. Curiously, my arm was sore until yesterday. That was 4 days! There was no bruising whatsoever as well. Not sure if it was something to do with my veins. For the first time, the nurse commented that my veins were 'soft' although I had always been using my left arm for my donation all this time.

Because of that gym took a back seat this week as I did not want to aggravate my arm further. On Thursday, I went for a positive leadership course. I am not sure if it is going to make me more positive but one thing for sure I realise that I am not alone. There are people who hate their job even more than me. Perhaps this is a revelation that everyone and every job is the same. Perhaps it is me who have to learn to shut my mouth and just suck up all the shit at work like what everyone else is doing.

My 11-month suffering finally came to an end on Friday. Yay! It was the last day of my pre-reg. My colleagues decided to give her a farewell gift -_-" and asked if I would want to join. Hell no! It is not my style to give anything to students as I do not want to be seen as 'bribing' since eventually they must grade me. I don't want that gift to distort the perception as I want to know the honest and real feedback. Anyway if I am pleased with the students, usually I will bring them out for lunch on the last day. But for this one bleah, I don't even bother to hide my displeasure. So yeah, I am quite proud of myself to be able to resist the temptation to save my face. Lol. In fact, I told her straight in the face that sorry I did not participate in the farewell gift (I did not even write in her farewell card) with the reason mentioned above. I am more upset with my colleagues actually. What is the point of trying to be nice on the last day when all these while behind her, they also talk bad.

The first time is usually the most difficult so I am glad that I overcame my first volunteering session yesterday. It was embarrassing as my nose kept dripping. It was supposed to be from 3-5pm but it overran until 6pm. I know it is bad to be complaining about this since I choose to be volunteering after all. Haha..

Since my nose has been dripping and I had difficulties in finishing my Nihongo homework, I decide to skip class today. Lol.. Tomorrow is appraisal and then I am away for the rest of the week for a course that requires 100% attendance. So I don't even have any chance to rest and take MC anyway. And a Sunday staying at home means another Deliveroo T_T

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