Tuesday, May 2, 2017

After 4+ years...

It has been a long time.. really really long since I managed to sell any of my unwanted toys. So I am very happy to be able to say bye bye to Yuna today. I have been trying to sell this since 2013. That is 4+ years already T_T I bought her for $80+ and sold her for $120 which is pretty good. I am happy that the buyer is satisfied with her condition. I thought the box condition is not that optimum but he said it was still pretty good.
This is a reminder of my early collecting days when I still had a lot of space and bought anything that I could afford lol. As space became scarce, I realised that my love for FF X is not as big as for FF VIII. Initially I wanted to collect all but I only managed to get Tidus and Yuna. Not sure if I gave up this series because of oily Tidus or really because of space issue. Surprisingly, Tidus was sold way long ago and I thought Yuna would be the more popular one.

I get a bit of extra space although it is nothing compared to a few more preorders that will be coming. Well, better one than none :) I hope business will be picking up soon for the other items as well. Lol.

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