Saturday, March 12, 2016

Australia Trip Day 9: Melbourne

We went to Victoria Market in the morning as my mum wanted to get hams to bring back. It was an eye opener to see such a high class 'wet' market. I put apostrophe because the floor was not wet at all. Haha.. I almost bought $4 souvenir shirt but unfortunately the design I like had the pictures printed, rather than sewn, on the shirt. It won't last so I did not buy.

We spent the day with my cousin -from my dad's side- who is living in Melbourne. The only objective I have for the day is to get macadamia nuts which are packaged in a bottled container. My cousin who used to stay in Australia always gave that to my dad but I never found such packaging be it in Darwin, Sydney, and Melbourne thus far. I don't know why they are only available in the Chinatown. I got what I wanted so I am happy. Lol.
Melbourne's Southbank
We overate at a Japanese restaurant and then we walked to St Paul's Cathedral, Flinders Station and the river quay before taking the tram to the parliament house. From there, we walked all the way to her apartment. It was near to the pizza place where we had dinner 2 days ago and we went to a famous ice cream place. My uncle mentioned about the same place too but we were too full after the pizza to even think about the ice cream. Well, I have tried Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream in Singapore so I was not too impressed with the famous durian ice cream from that shop.

My cousin's apartment is making me jealous :( For the same price ($550k), I can only get a studio apartment in Singapore and the location will be far from city as well. My cousin's apartment is near the city and has 2 rooms :( My negativity and ungratefulness returned as I wanted to study in Australia for university but my parents did not want pay for me. I know that there is no point thinking about 'what ifs' but I just can't help it. We waited there until my uncle picked us up and we had one last trip around Melbourne. The various dormitories for Melbourne University look very Harry Potter-ish. It must be quite an experience living there as compared to dingy NUS dormitories. Haiz..

We had dinner at my uncle's place and we called it early day today. Gotta pack up now and officially my holiday is over. Sob sob...

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