Thursday, March 10, 2016

Australia Trip Day 7: Melbourne

Our flight was at 11am but my mum and sister wanted to go shopping at Sydney Airport first. We went with the 830am shuttle bus and I felt honoured when the driver asked me to take the front seat. Lol. I would like to recommend Hiro Sushi at Sydney Airport which is reasonably priced, has wide range of fusion sushi, and most importantly tastes excellent. No comment for the flight except that I felt quite embarrassed to fall asleep and lean over to the guy next to me.

After the heat in Darwin and Sydney, the cool weather at Melbourne felt amazing. My uncle is very rich so his house is also super amazing. Haha.. I felt bad to my cousins as one of their rooms was given to us so they had to share rooms during our stay. Paiseh.. It was also embarrassing that my aunt prepared lunch for us. I don't know if normally she cooks or she specially cooks to welcome us. So I had to give face to eat more than what I usually eat.

The weather changed to drizzle when we went out to South Melbourne Market. We also drove past the beach but because of the rain, we did not stop to take photos. We went to the city to eat at DOC pizza which is an authentic Italian pizza place. I have been aiming to eat pizza right from the first day in Darwin and I finally get the chance. Each pizza comes in a big plate and sliced into 6. My uncle shared that usually the locals order 1 for 1 person. No way we would be able to eat like the locals and I ended up eating 7 slices. Hahaha...

That's all for today :) Melbourne has very similar feel to Europe with a lot of shop houses at the road side instead of shopping malls. I saw more locals too so it definitely feels more Australia than Sydney and because of that, I prefer Sydney. Lol...

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