Sunday, March 13, 2016

Australia Trip Day 10: Airports

My Australia trip is officially over and I am typing this from Singapore :( Today I spent the whole day travelling from one airport to the next. I am glad that the flight from Melbourne to Darwin had in-flight entertainment. It allowed me to catch Star Wars: The Force Awakens which I missed. The movie is amazing and I kinda regret did not watch it in cinema. I am not into Star Wars franchise and yet I am still able to follow the movie. That's why I think it is very good and enjoyable. I continued with 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory which were available. My initial impression was that it was rather lame but after 10 minutes or so, I was giggling like crazy in the plane. I watched Adele's concert but after 2 songs, I fell asleep. Sorry, Adele! Haha...

There was a 4+ hours of layover at Darwin which was rather miserable but I survived. Lol. I got the chance to try Hungry Jack for lunch which was disappointing. I was expecting it to be similar to Burger King (since the menu also has Whopper which I believe to be Burger King's trademark) but it was quite rubbish. I had a bit of scare at the immigration as my passport was not scan-able. I was asked to wait at a corner while my passport was being photocopied inside the office. When it was returned to me, I was asked if there was any issue with the passport when I entered Australia. 

The flight back to Singapore was only half full and after take off, the stewardess went around to inform people to freely move around. I went to empty rows at the back to sleep although I was only sleeping on a seat and not lying on a row. I still want to take care of my image lol. That's why I still have the energy to type this now but I am so tired to unpack my things. I am also feeling down because the black shadows on my laptop screen is wider now as compared to last week before I left. I am going to run some dead pixel fix software tonight and see how it goes tomorrow morning.

I realised that I hardly took pictures without myself being in the picture. I think this is an indirect effect of doing photobooks. Because of the limited number of pages, I only choose the pictures with myself for printing. Thus I think that there is no need for me to take picture of objects or sceneries as I can google them online if I want. However, I did not foresee the other impact of not having pictures to post for my blog.

It is time to lose the 3kg gained in the past 10 days. No more holiday until I lose these 3kg .

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