Saturday, February 21, 2015

WDCC Aladdin: A Whole New World

WDCC Aladdin A Whole New World was released in 2002 as Gold Circle Dealer Exclusive (which means that it was only available from retailers with Gold Circle Dealer status) to commemorate 10th Anniversary of Disney's Aladdin. As a numbered limited edition, it is kinda expected that the edition size is 1992 which is the year of Disney's Aladdin release. The original retail price is USD 395 which makes it one of the more expensive WDCC figure. As a 2002 release, it bears Sombrero mark.

The figurine comes in a box measuring 37.5cm (L) x 37.5cm (W) x 37.5 cm (H). The figurine itself stands 23.2cm tall and its largest dimension (which is the carpet) is about 23.5cm x 16cm. That is considered a big piece. In addition, semi precious stones are used for Aladdin and Jasmine's headband decoration and the flower that Jasmine is holding is made of metal. This is rather unique as usual WDCC figurines are just made of porcelain. Do these gimmicks justify the high price tag? Hmm.. I honestly don't think so.
The box, the figurine, and the certificate of authenticity
The box is not exactly in mint condition

The price tag condition is driving me mad!

Ample room for the packaging to minimise possible damage
I can show you the world...
The texture of carpet, Jasmine's hair, Aladdin's cape and feather on the headgear  give a very realistic feel of wind blowing against them as they fly
I love the cape. It makes Aladdin look like a super hero.
Aladdin's face looks a bit too thin here.. I like the golden linings on his attire but the semi precious stone on his hat is disappointing
Pretty Jasmine.. nice golden earrings but another disappointing semi precious stone on her bandanna
The voluminous hair
A bit of imperfection on the stem of the flower and Jasmine's fingers
I am glad that they do not neglect the Magic Carpet.
I am not a fan of the finger-shaped tassels
Great details for Magic Carpet too
The bottom side of the carpet is also painted in full! Splendid
Shading creates great effect for the cloud but I feel that lighter blue will be better
Can you see the Sombrero mark?
Should be able to see now?
A card for Disney's membership, the certificate of authenticity, and an advertisement booklet
The limited edition number is also written in the CoA
The advertisement booklet to tempt you to buy other WDCC pieces
After looking at the details, I think USD 395 is justified. This is truly a masterpiece with the amount of details and craftmanship put into every aspect of the figurine: Aladdin, Jasmine, Magic Carpet, and the cloud base. I am glad that Aladdin and Jasmine have a dark skin colour here which is true to the cartoon. I mentioned the wind effect above already and they are not lazy with the effect for Jasmine's hair. After 10+ years, the gold effects do not flake off and I hope they will never flake off. I still don't understand why the advertisement puts emphasis on metal flower stem and semi-precious stones on the headgears when these things do not actually stand out on the figures. Lol...

Now comes the heart-breaking part. How much does this cost from secondary market? It is typically between USD 700-1000. I was impatient and I bought it from a seller for USD 925 but he only shipped in USA. Thus I had to use comgateway which incurred me an additional 5% service fee. With the subsequent tax and international shipping, everything cost me USD 1143.52 in total. It broke my heart when a week later, there was another seller selling for 700+ bucks and he also shipped internationally. Haiz.. that is what happens when you have been looking for an item which is rare and most of the time you see a damaged one on sale. The moment you see an undamaged one, you just lose control. Oh well.. it was more than 6 months ago. At least I have to be grateful that I can get this safely in one piece and I don't need to camp on eBay looking for this item anymore. But still, remembering those USD 300+ still makes my heart and wallet hurt.

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