Friday, February 20, 2015

Swarovski Disney's Christmas Tinker Bell Limited Edition 2012

It has been almost 6 months since the last time I wrote anything about my toy collections. I already took pictures but I was too lazy to re-size the pictures and write the post. Haha.. Before I go to my Aladdin collection, I shall finish my Peter Pan collection first with Swarovski Disney's Christmast Tinker Bell Limited Edition 2012. In reality, this was bought after these loots.
The box, the certificate, and the figurine
I mentioned here that I was not sure that I would ever purchase this because of the price. But surprise, not too long after that, I purchased this piece for USD 303.03 inclusive shipping which is considered cheap as the usual price from secondary market is somewhere near USD 400 and above. At the price that I bought, it was even cheaper than the retail price. Hehe.. It is still a bit more expensive than the normal green version but I gladly paid the extra 50 bucks for a limited Christmas edition because who does not love Christmas?
Retail price USD 315
Although Tinker Bell is irritating and not a character that I like, I have to admit that this figurine is gorgeous and more beautiful than Peter Pan who has a boring pose of just sitting down on a rock. Tinker Bell is posed with beauty and grace in the pose which also boasts the intricate details put into the figurine. Christmas limited edition thingy is not only a gimmick of just changing the colour of her costume from red to green. Her dress is Santa's dress, Santa's hat, the pompoms at the shoes, and the stars decorations on the base. Everything just 'shouts' Christmas!! Without further ado, let's enjoy the pictures.

Starting with 360-degree views:

Zooming in to the details
Her wings look brownish because of my table top. It is actually as clear as the main body
Love the sculpt of the hair
Could have been better if she grips the wand..
Another great details for the hand and fingers
Want to show how the wings are attached to the body but I guess cannot really see anything :p
The pompoms on the shoes
I can only think of 2 negative things about this: it will be better if the wand is gripped on her hand instead of just being glued to her palm and the base should be wider/bigger. As you can see, the wingspan makes her weight distributed rather 'widely' to the sides. Although the figure is stable, it feels and seems 'unstable' with the wing's centre of gravity falling outside the base. Yes, I prefer a wider base for a peace of mind. In addition, a wider base can potentially utilise more snowy Christmassy elements.

If you notice, I did not put any size and dimensions. I forgot to measure and all my Swarovski pieces are already in Jakarta. Haha.. I am giving them to my mother and I want to put them in her display cabinet together with her other Swarovski collection. Putting these in my action figures cabinet will not be wise as sometimes some action figures will just fall. Haha..

To end this, I will consolidate all my Peter Pan collection thus far with the photos below. Enjoy!
Swarovski Disney's Peter Pan set
Showing off the wings results in dissymmetry
With their boxes
With other Peter Pan figurines
With other Peter Pan figurines
Swarovski should have used a lighter green for Peter Pan's clothes...

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