Friday, February 13, 2015 (review)

The first time I came across was from the advertisement on facebook. For a vain pot like me, personalising everyday items with my name and my photos is always tantalising. The reviews I find from googling actually deters me from purchasing from them. But I decided to give it a try when my feng shui book recommends stationary as my "lucky" pattern. I told myself that those online reviews I came across were from India. But this website has the .sg so perhaps the Singapore branch will not be that bad. 

I was wrong -very wrong- this time. My parcel was literally sent from India so I presume it is indeed from the same company that gets all the negative reviews online. The website mentions that delivery will be via DHL so I was so angry that the item was sent by a courier company that I never heard before: XPS. They fucked up and although it is not's fault, I am still irritated the fact that they lied on the website. I will write how the courier fucked up later. Back to itself, they did not update me when the item was sent and the tracking number. I had to request them for the tracking number. The pens (I ordered 2) are quite disappointing. I am not a user of branded pens but I honestly don't expect Parker pens to look this shabby. The name engraving is disproportionally small and not outstanding. "Parker" is written everywhere but I can't help but worry if I am getting the real Parker pens instead of some fake cheap pens from India.

Moving on to XPS which apparently is a courier service originated from India. Nobody was home when they attempted to deliver my item and they called me to inform that I had a parcel from India. I did not ordered anything from India so I did not expect that this would be this parcel. The sender's name is some dubious name that the delivery man could only say "from India" when I asked who sent me the parcel. For the failed delivery, I expected a note left behind for me to re-arrange delivery but that was not the case.

To cut the story short, 1 week later I discovered that XPS tried to steal my item. Until 5 Feb, there was no update on the status of the item. On 6 Feb, XPS informed me that the item had been delivered on 2 Feb. After that.. tada... the status on the website showed an update. The woman even scanned me the delivery form showing that it had been signed. From the delivery time recorded, there was nobody at my home.

A few days later, the delivery man tried to "investigate" and dared to say that he found the item was still under my door. See the fucked up attempt on lying: if the item had been received and the form had been signed, how could the item be at the door? And if the item was under my door, how could I be missing it for 1 bloody week? I am thankful that in the end I got my item and upon delivery, I was asked to sign on the carbon copy of the consignment note which was still empty!!

Gosh... My suspicion is true: they really attempted to steal my item. After e-mailing the woman back about this, she did not even reply or apologise. What a rubbish service. In fact, most of the time I got help from their main office in India. As much as the main office wants to help, I am appalled with their English.

So basically think twice and take risk when you want to buy something from and AVOID using XPS courier service! No offence to India and Indians. It just happens that both these screwed up companies originate from India -_-"

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