Friday, February 27, 2015


I finally decided to sign up for Passion Card sometime last week. Part of the pulling factor is the SG50 special design although the main pulling factor is the free Skechers bag worth $59. My current Converse bag was near its end with the velcro no longer sticky and the broken zipper. I brought the redemption slip to work today but I felt lazy to go to redeem. But on the bus, I realised that my current bag was torn and had a hole. Win liao lo... Die die must change the bag already.

The free bag is available in 3 colours: blue, green, and orange. From the start I have been thinking of getting blue. As much as green is my favourite colour, I have too many green things so a variation will be good. Hmm... I guess I am destined with green after all. Blue is no longer available. Haha... Obviously I did not choose orange. At the very least, I am happy to be able to get the bag. Since the day I registered, I was always worried about the 'while stocks last' terms and condition.

Upon reaching home, I received 2 surprise letters. The first is about me winning a Sodastream Genesis Titan soda maker (worth $155) from my credit card. Waaaa.... The second one is about me winning a $50 Robinsons shopping voucher from my insurance. Wooohooo ^^ I have never felt this lucky.

As a homeless person, I am not too excited in getting a household appliance as I have nowhere to put. In addition, my stomach is weak so soda drinks are not something that I like. But since my family is visiting me in 2 weeks time, I guess I can redeem the gift and ask them to bring them home. I could not remember what this promotion was all about. After searching for it, instead of being lucky, I think it is ironic that this soda maker is the result of my surgery. The first 1700 persons spending $10000 - $15999 during the promotion period will definitely get this soda maker. If only my insurance did not reverse the hospital bill (and just did the refund via cheque), my total spending would exceed $15999 and I would get the next tier gift: a digital camera instead! Damn it! That one then I want..

I keep telling myself not to be such an ungrateful jerk. So I decide to be happy and thankful about this instead. Similarly with the $50 voucher. I don't usually shop so I don't know how I can make use of this. I hope I can find someone willing to exchange it with cash. Hehe... This $50 is even more mysterious. The letter mentioned about an insurance plan that I purchased but I did not purchase any insurance plan in the past 6 months leh...

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