Sunday, February 15, 2015

Loving myself

For a single like me, Valentine's Day is a day to treat, pamper, and love myself. Surprisingly, I only ate at hawker centre yesterday. Haha.. For the past few months in 2014, I almost ate extravagantly every weekend. What I mean by extravagant is a meal which cost $20++. I guess it was an overkill because so far in 2015, every weekend I only eat from hawker centre. Not sure if my willpower to lose weight by not overeat is that powerful or I become more stingy with money.

My intention to treat myself was also not very fruitful. I only purchased Kuroko Master Stars Piece Limited Edition. I honestly want this simply for Ni-gou (the dog). Kuroko himself looks better in the original version which comes with the jacket. Can't expect much from a prize figure but with a lot of black on this version, the paint imperfections become more outstanding. I am happy with Ni-gou but Kuroko's right leg does not fit in snugly. Jeez.. The good thing is he is stable enough to stand without the plastic piece to support. The original version of Kuroko that I have feels unstable even with the plastic piece but his legs fit snugly. Oh well, I just need to tell myself that they are just prize figurines.
The most expensive dog figurine I ever buy. Lol.
After a long deliberation at the shop, I decided against buying Sailor Moon Girls Memories figures. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars are already available. The main pulling factor is the pose at the end of their transformation. I kept telling myself that I am already collecting S.H Figuarts and the Figuarts Zero versions so I should not have so many figurines of the same characters. Sigh.. I am also running out of storage and display space. Okay, not running out but I alreadyrun out of them. Haiz.. In the evening, after my disappointment with Kuroko's paint work, I feel quite relieved that I did not buy the Sailor Moon figures earlier. Bleah.. But honestly, if space is not an issue, I will still buy them.
Jupiter and Venus are out in a few months time
Kinokuniya is still not having its members sale and the list of anime books that I want to purchase is getting longer. Now there are 5 books that I want to buy: Free! Eternal Summer TV animation book, 2 Black Butler art books, Kuroko no Basket TV animation book, and Natsume Yuujinchou PASH magazine. If there is still no sale the week after CNY, I don't know how long more I must wait T_T As my impatience grows, the rational side of me still holds the upper hand. With the amount I will spend for 5 books, even the additional 10% discount means a lot. Haha...

To end this in a low tone, I am very emo because I forgot to top up my Indonesian mobile phone number. Dammit!! When I returned to Singapore in January, I did not have 2015 calendar yet. Usually I will indicate on my calendar when it is time for me to top up. It just slipped my mind by the time I have a 2015 calendar. Sigh... I know I should learn to let go and not to be upset over trivial matters as it does not do any good to my health...

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