Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CNY is over and life is back to its monotonous cycle of rinse and repeat. I was hoping to use the holiday period to catch up with my studies but obviously that did happen. Other than blogging about my toys, I continued with watching Natsume Yuujinchou and currently I am at season 2. I also decided to watch the 3 concert DVDs that I had in my laptop since 2012. Ooops. Haha...

The first one is Sexy Zone Arena Concert 2012 which I find to be very boring. Haha... Well can't really blame them because it was not long after their debut so they had limited song choices. The second one is Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013 which is slightly better because by that time they had released their first album and thus they had more songs. I follow Sexy Zone since their debut but as much as I want to like them, ultimately they are just not my cup of tea. From their concert interaction, I think they are trying too hard to be "cool and sexy" which is not too appropriate considering their age. In the attempt to be cool and sexy, they end up being too generic and similar with other Johnny's groups. I don't know why but they really remind me of KATTUN lately, in terms of music and personality. It does not help that none of the members really have a unique/recognisable voice.

The third concert DVD that I watched is Hey! Say! JUMP - JUMP World 2012. Perhaps I am biased but I really enjoyed watching it. It is my first time watching HSJ concert and it reinforces my liking towards them. They strike a good balance between "cute genki" songs and "cool dance" songs. Most of their songs have the unique JUMP feel while those few that don't have are usually those I don't really like. Lol. And it definitely helps that HSJ has so many members with strong and unique vocal.

After Come On A My House, I don't really like subsequent HSJ singles. I did not realise that their latest single is actually double A-side with 2 songs: Weekender and Asu e no YELL. Not long after the release, I was only aware of Weekender which is not my cup of tea. Yesterday I tried to listen to Asu e no YELL and wow, this is the typical JUMPy song that I like. I don't like PV which only involves dancing in the studio but Asu e no YELL is an exeption as it seems to be a fun video. The feel that I get is that they are dancing for fun, and not dancing seriously to impress others and to act cool.  And I guess blond or bleached hair does not suit Asians that well. Yuto and Ryosuke look ridiculous with their new hair colors.

Just enjoy the PV

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