Sunday, September 14, 2014

Return to the east

I went to Expo on Friday for Popular Bookstore sale. I went to a similar event only once and that was perhaps 8-9 years ago when I was still in JC. The only thing I could remember was that it was very hot inside. I spent $5 for an illustrated Da Vinci Code book (yes, that popular book by Dan Brown). I still keep the book until today as it has hard cover and numerous photos of the locations mentioned in the book.

I was expecting something similar. Of course I did not get what I expected. Singapore Expo is fully air conditioned now. In fact, I was surprised that Changi City Point shopping mall is located opposite the MRT. With a shopping mall in the vicinity, I guess Expo is no longer as quiet as it used to be. Sadly, I went home empty handed. None of the book caught my interest. I was interested to get Vision of Escaflowne TV series DVD for a mere $3 but after seeing the payment queue, I just could not be bothered. Haha...

Yesterday I went to ECP for cycling. Boy.. it is almost 7 years since the last time I went there during RCIY camp. I did not enjoy my JC days but surprisingly there are a lot of memories with the school, ECP, and Siglap areas. Yea.. there were good times at these places too which I think count more than my dislike towards my ex-classmates.

Anyway ECP is no longer a fun place to cycle. Now they have these family bikes which are damn slow and obstructing the road. Haiz.. Near the food centre, people were walking without regards to the road. Bleah.. A friend teased me why on earth someone would be cycling with a black face. Haha..

Although it was a nostalgia trip, it made me rather emo. Bedok Jetty would definitely be a camwhoring place and there is a reason why I don't take selfies. My face looks terribly round, fat, and ugly from close T_T Perhaps not only my face but all of me in general :(

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