Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lucky day

I consider myself to have a bad luck when it comes to lucky draw, lucky dip, random prizes, and things like that. Therefore, I am very happy with my luck today. Today was the first time that I won "big" for a lucky draw. I won the 3rd prize!! Yay!! The prize is just $100 of Resorts World Sentosa vouchers. I don't know whether they can be used for the shops outside the Universal Studios. However, they are expiring in late March 2015 and my family would be coming here in March next year. So at least I can utilise the voucher for a family dinner.

I am very pleased although this was only the 3rd prize because I prefer cash or voucher over goods. The 2nd prize was a coffee maker and the 1st prize was an air purifier. For a homeless person like me, these things will just pile up in my room. So the voucher prize is simply the best one for me. Hehe..

30 September is the feast day of my patron Saint: Saint Jerome. I am sure that my good luck today is also due to his prayers and intercessions. I am very thankful for that but of course the greatest glory still goes to God for this gift.

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