Friday, September 12, 2014


After so many months, a few attempts and requests, several transfers, and many people come and go, the day has finally come for my turn to leave :) Yay!!

I deliberately wrote something that ambiguous to trick my friends that I am changing job. Haha.. Actually I am just changing workgroup at work. Basically it is just a change of portfolio, or change of admin duties, or change of things that I need to nag on.

I can't hide my joy for finally able to get out of the customer service workgroup. Despite the perks of relatively much slacker workload and a very motherly chairperson, I just cannot champion something I don't believe in. It is not that I don't believe in good customer service. I just don't agree to the idea of customer service that the rest has. In my opinion, customer service is something very human and thus it is very natural that nice people beget good customer service while nasty assholes get black face. After all, how do you expect people to put on smile while the customers are being rude and abusive?

However, the thing that I hate most is the people. It seems that since we are in something called "customer service", everyone becomes a hypocrite during the meetings. Ideas are thrown without much thinking how staff at the ground will feel when these are implemented. Myself, being someone more negative and more vocal, consistently becomes the irritating voice of dissent. Some examples: 

1) Who seriously gives a damn about proper telephone greeting when most organisations use automated answering machines at this time and age sia? Although I am obedient enough to enforce the so-called telephone etiquette, I just don't believe on the idea behind it. Phone calls are such a distraction at work. People who are working also feel the same and thus it is difficult to enforce this as this does not come naturally.

2) Expecting staff to SMILE and to use salutation to every single customer. Imagine doing that for 8 hours every day. Smiling, being friendly, saying Mr/Miss/etc should be something natural and it is a joke trying to enforce that for every single person! Jeez..

There are still so many examples which I am just lazy to write. But in summary, I just don't subscribe in where we are heading to. We do things for the sake of customers but not thinking at all about the staff who have to do all the additional bullshit at work.

It feels so good to finally leave this sia.. I can't imagine how sweet it will feel if I am finally able to find a new job. Someone please offer me a better job leh T_T I am still very very sore about my appraisal as I think my negativity is shown the most on these customer service meetings when a lot of ideas that I disagree upon are thrown. Despite my negativity, they should at least realise and give credit that my branch is one of the 2 or 3 that passed both customer service audits last year hor!

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