Thursday, September 18, 2014

Final Fantasy VII Cold Cast Model: Cloud vs Sephiroth

I am not a fan of Final Fantasy VII but ironically the most expensive toy that I ever spent on is an FF VII item. Final Fantasy VII Cold Cast Model: Cloud vs Sephiroth is notoriously expensive with eBay listing ranging from USD 5000-10000 . Of course nobody actually purchased at that price. The usual end price of successful auctions/sales range from USD 1800 - 2000. The figure was released in 1999 and as the name suggest, it is a resin cold cast statue. I suppose the main reason for the crazy price is that it is a limited edition statue and only 1000 pieces are ever produced. There is actually no proof of this production size as there is no serial number or serial card that comes with the statue. I think shirtless Sephiroth is a second reason for the crazy price. Lol.

The statue comes in a box measuring approximately 29cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 24cm (H). All sides of the box are sealed and there is no flap to open the box "nicely" bleah.. That sucks as there is no best way to open but yet retain the box in top condition. Inside the box, there is another box containing the styrofoam which holds the statue parts.
Front side of the packaging box
Back side of the packaging box
Top and bottom sides of the packaging box bear the same image
One side of the openings has Sephiroth picture while Cloud picture is at the other side
Quite simple to assemble: 2 parts of the base, Cloud and Sephiroth bodies, their swords, and an FF VII signage
The base dimension is 35cm x 14.5cm. Unfortunately, there is nothing that actually hold the 2 parts of the base. You can put them close together but each part is still a separate piece that you can move apart. It does not give a very secure feeling when having the statue on display.
A very nice and realistic base to show damaged ground after intense fight
The bottom of the base is very smooth. There isn't even Square Enix or Made in China engravings
Cloud and Sephiroth are about 13-14cm tall. Each of them is only connected by 1 peg to the base which basically makes me very worried to display the whole piece which depicts their final battle in the game.

Quality-wise. this piece is very impressive. Despite being made in 1999, it is still impressive by today's standard: shadowing for the muscles, dirt effects on Cloud's shoes, the evidence of battle damage on the Buster Sword, and the details of Cloud's clothes. The faces and the expressions are not 'derpy' like Squall, Rinoa, Quistis, and Selphie from FF VIII Transcendent Artist's Collection. The only imperfection is the paint used for Sephiroth's hair which feels cheap. Instead of giving a silvery colour, it is a blue-ish.
Can't see Sephiroth's Masamune
It should be called Sephiroth vs Cloud instead. The view is nicer from this side.
Metal plate bearing name of the statue
Don't know why Cloud is so grumpy. It is as if he is the enemy!
Cloud from the back
Look at the shading of the Buster Sword
Turn on the flash and look at the details of the battle damaged sword! Wow..
The iconic hair
Front and back view of Sephiroth
The realism of all the shoulder and arm muscles in motion
And that is his nipple! Impressive considering male nipples are something taboo in Japanese anime/manga/game lol
He is smiling! It is as if he is the protagonist.
If he can be this good looking, why do they need to make him look like a zombie in the game sia?
I actually bought this piece in March and what took me so long to post this is the insurance outcome. This item arrived DAMAGED!! Gosh!! I paid USD 1666 (including shipping) and I was really upset when it arrived with Sephiroth's hair broken to few pieces. Unfortunately, I bought this from this bastard eBay seller: pecel. The whole insurance process was so distressing and it took almost 4 months. After the claim was granted, he wanted me to send the statue back which means he wanted to get the money + the statue. What an asshole scammer. In his listing, he wrote no return. If he is genuine with the whole thing, he would ask me to send the item back right from the start, refund me, and settle his insurance claim on his own. But no.. he held my money hostage for 4 months and only after the insurance claim was granted, he demanded me to return the item. I am pretty sure if the insurance claim was rejected, he would not even bother to refund me or anything. I did not want to prolong the distress settling with this asshole so I just got it over and done with with USD 400 refund.
The part that I glued back :(


Lotrig said...

Great post!

Lotrig said...

Hi there,

I really appreciate everything you have done either the pictures and comments. I actually tracked this purchase from Pecel when you bought it off eBay. I've been on the hunt for this statue for years. If you are willing to sell it is be happy to see if we could agree on a price. Please let me know either way so I can continue my search if I need too. My email is:


darkrose said...

Thanks for your comment, Joe!

I am so sorry that you have to continue with your hunt as I don't intend to sell this.

rawr balelo said...

Beautiful statue that you have, I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer as you own one.

What is a fair price to pay for one of these? There are a couple for sale but I feel like they are asking too much.

Also how fragile are they? I wouldn't want to put one in a cabinet, and the slightest of vibrations causing it to break a piece off.

darkrose said...

I don't think there is a "fair price" to pay. It will depend on how much you really love FFVII to justify buying this. But anything beyond 2000 bucks (those eBay prices) are ridiculous. I had seen a few being sold in Yahoo! Auction Japan and they were usually always below 200,000 JPY. That is just a rough gauge.

Don't worry. Slightest vibrations will not cause any damage. They are not that fragile. It will only be damaged if it falls from a height.. or from rough handling during shipping (if the box is being thrown around etc).