Sunday, March 23, 2014


I survived working on 4 consecutive Saturdays (inclusive 1 Saturday with stock take too!) and to end it, I had to "work" today too! I had to open the door for the cleaners to scrub the floor and do a thorough cleaning to prepare for the upcoming JCI audit. It took 6 hours and even though today is a Sunday, I am not entitled for 1.5x time off. Sigh.. Still.. 6 hours just waiting for people to clean and do my admin work is better than 6 hours working to clear the crowd when I claim my time off.

My body finally got sick of my improper dinner for the past few months. I am trying to lose weight by cutting on diet, especially dinner. Nowadays my dinner only consists of a few pieces of bread at most and so far I had no problem. Not until having only cookies (which was baked by a friend) for dinner on Friday. On Saturday, suddenly my whole stomach was in pain when I shit! Shit.. it was damn weird. I did not feel anything when I was having breakfast. It was only when the first shit came out that the whole stomach seemed to "collapse". Not sure it was gastric, cramps, or more serious things like hernia or appendicitis. After whacking 20mg of buscopan, 20mg of Omeprazole, 20mg of Famotidine, hot dog, and egg sandwich that everything seemed to calm down. As a joke, I really thought I could possibly be pregnant. After cravings for certain food for the past weeks and then suddenly stomach pain/cramps now.. Haha..

Today I went for afternoon mass at Church of Sts Peter and Paul again. Last week I went there too. I had been there a few years back during the church visiting before Easter and I disliked it. Haha.. However, the timing for the afternoon mass is quite convenient at 420pm. Just nice in between shopping time and dinner time. Unfortunately it also coincides with afternoon nap. Boring priests, hot and humid weather with no aircon, and the soft breeze and the turning of the wall fans make a perfect sleep-inducing condition. Last week I slept through the readings and the homily and today I fared much better with sleeping only during the 2nd reading. Lol. Yes.. still dozed off despite pinching myself at many parts of my body. Anyway, I did not feel so bad as the person next to me was also having difficulty keeping awake. Bleah.. I should try to wake up for 7am mass subsequently!

Wanted to get 1-for-1 Share Tea but I heard that one of the promotional items was already sold out so I left the queue. Thanks to the gastric yesterday, I decided to have a proper dinner. My cravings for Western food are still not satisfied. And although I am quite bored of Japanese food, I am still thinking that Japanese food will still be okay. In the end, I made up my mind to try one of the "restaurants" at Takashimaya basement 2. I had sausage platter with 100mg of rosti from Ambush. The 3 sausages were not really satisfactory. I was quite surprised that I still wanted sausage considering that last Sunday I just bought 2 jumbo sausages for dinner from Raffles City's Market Place and the craving repeated itself on Wednesday for another 2 jumbo sausages form Takashimaya Cold Storage. Haha.. Quite ironic that these supermarket-made sausages taste better than the restaurant's quality. Anyway.. 7 sausages in a week?? Lol.. I have to say that sausages are my 3rd favourite food after Indomie Goreng (number 1 as I don't get sick of eating this every day) and Shumay. Haha...

Kinokuniya is also having a member sale and after much deliberation, I spent like mad again!! Haiz.. My spending for March really exceeds my salary :(
$197.97 ($158.38 after discount) loot from Kinokuniya
I was quite sure about Kuroko no Basuke TV Anime Characters Anibus books as there are plenty of illustrations. But I spent a looot of time thinking about getting the New Prince of Tennis Pair Puri books. Firstly I was not sure if they are manga or they are illustration books. Secondly the 7th volume was missing. I hate having incomplete set :( In the end I just whacked and bought them. They are not exactly manga but they are still not up to my expectations. Haiz.. Most pages are still writing bla bla bla.. Did I regret? Surprisingly not really.. I also wonder why.. Anyway, there are a lot of translations online so I guess I would be able to understand the content. Why is the number 7 missing? Haiz...
Fairy Tail Box 2 was an impulse buy. I enjoy Fairy Tail but I am not a fan. But oh well, only the last copy left so might as well grab it.
By the way, who is the shirtless guy at the corner?? Aha!! He is actually my loot from last week. Haha.. I saw him on display at a shop in Funan IT mall. I noticed that it is actually the shop which used to be located at Wheelock Place. He was $40 and I was hesitant because he came with no box :(  But as you see, I decided to get him even though I am not a fan of Evangelion haha.. Well, Kaworu is not bad looking and the pulling factor is that he is shirtless!! Lol!! It is quite seldom to have a shirtless male figurine wor.. Sadly he is not anatomically correct with the absence of nipples. Haha.. Anyway, let him stand there to remind me of how I looked like many years ago when I still weigh 53 kg and let him be an inspiration for me to lose weight.

Anyway, more pictures of him below.
 View from the 4 sides
The base
Close up of the face and upper torso
Lower torso
I seriously think he needs to eat more.. Come I share with you some of my sausages. Lol..

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