Sunday, March 16, 2014

Salt for sugar

This week has been very tiring. Not only because of the course and the house moving, it is also because I went out for several times this week. I actually proposed to have a dinner on a day after our ACC course. Honestly, I felt quite shy because I don't usually initiate a social gathering. Thank goodness that my colleagues were receptive and off we go. It seems that we all have boring lives that none of us have any idea on where to go and what to eat. We decided to go to VivoCity which has more choices of food. We ended up eating at Sushi Tei for lame reason: usually Sushi Tei has a long queue during dinner time, if this time there is no queue, let's just eat there. After that, we had dessert at Ben & Jerry's. I always have a second stomach for dessert. I was contemplating whether to get their Sundaes. A bit pricey at $16+ each but after seeing that there will be about 3 scoops for 1 serving, I decided on just a scoop of ice cream. It was not because of the money, it was not because of my fear of getting fat, I just did not think I have enough space to stomach 3 scoops of ice cream. Haha...

Yesterday after work I went out with another friend. He wanted to have Japanese food and I chose his recommendation that I had not tried before: Akashi at VivoCity (again!). I have to admit that the food is quite good. I am glad that my friend is rather adventurous and was willing to try things we had not tried before like Tai (seabream snapper.. no idea what fish that is), Mackerel, and Swordfish. I, of course, prefer exotic (read: uncommon things) like sushi with century egg topping or foei gras sushi ($4 per piece.. lol). Overall, I am satisfied. I am quite surprised that I had not heard Akashi before. I tried Itacho for the first time (and the last time) about 2 weeks ago and I was not impressed with the range, price, and taste despite it being very popular. Hmm...

After lunch, we went to Starbucks. Obviously I was only accompanying my friend because I did not want to give up on my Lenten resolution in less than 2 weeks. Lol. But then.. I had Cold Stone after that!! Siao..

Basically 2 sushi and 2 ice creams in a period of 1 week. Kinda sick of Japanese food but I still love ice cream. The craving continued today. After almost 3 months of drought and no rain, finally it was raining today. And the rain just screwed up my plan for morning mass. I missed the 1130 mass so I continued on my bus journey to town instead. I wanted to check out anime figurines shop at Plaza Singapura and Funan IT.

On the bus, I received a message from another friend. By luck, she was loitering around aimlessly at Orchard too!! Lol.. So 2 lonely friends decide to have lunch together and hurray that she was kinda sick of Japanese food too. I had cravings for beef and Western food and after comparing a few atas places in ION, we decided to have lunch at Jones the Grocer because of the atmosphere. I ordered the Wagyu burger :) The food and atmosphere were great but the service was crappy. The food took more than 30 minutes (or almost 45 minutes) and we were not even served with plain water, not until I requested for the second time, throughout. For that, I don't think I will want to return. It was quite a good surprise when I saw the bill. The prices listed on the menu already include GST and service charges! So just $28 for my burger. Not cheap but I was expecting something closer to $40 after the taxes.

Is the price justified? I will say yes! It kept me full until dinner time ^^ I did not really want to eat dinner but I was just tempted with some sausages at the supermarket. I bought 2 and that was my dinner. After big contemplation whether to eat dessert again, I gave in to temptation when I passed by a stall in Raffles City selling Durian Milkshake!! Mamma mia!! Unfortunately, it sucked. Hahaha...

There is no way that I can resolve my acne and my fat problems at this rate. I managed to avoid fast food and junk food for the past 3 months in exchange for sweet food. Aaaargh!! I can recognise the similarities in the craving and the urge! Last time it was always salty food after salty food. Now it is sweet+cold food after sweet+cold food.

Just all the talk about food alone is already this long so I will leave the toy hunting part for tomorrow... provided work did not kill me haha..

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