Sunday, March 9, 2014

A taste of Singaporean wedding

I just came back from a wedding dinner. It was the first wedding dinner that I attended in the 11 years of life in Singapore. The last few times I attended wedding, they were always the wedding mass only. Honestly, I am not that close to my friend who invited me. I was invited rather late too so I suppose I was invited just to fill the spot of those higher priority guests which could not make it. I decided that I should not be anti social and my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go.

Obviously there are quite a lot of differences in the culture here. I am quite surprised that the bride and groom were already on standby at the entrance to greet the guests. In Indonesia, we usually see the bride and groom when they march into the hall. The other difference is the rituals. Here, we only have the symbolic cake cutting, pouring of champagne, and the 3 toasts. In Indonesia, after the cake cutting, we have the couple giving the cakes to their parents, the wedding kiss, and the champagne. The stage is empty for most of the time except for the rituals and the couple with their parents will go around to every table to take photos. In Indonesia, the couples and parents will be seated on the stage and the guests will take turn to congratulate them on stage. The photo taking is usually at the end where each group (groom's family, bride's family.. friends.. colleague.. and so on) is called to the stage.

Attending the wedding of a very sweet and happy couple is always inspiring. It must be good to get married too. However, seeing how antisocial I am, I don't want to imagine how sad my own wedding will be. I will have only few friends to invite.. and I have no close guy friends to be my khakis. Sad life indeed..

Earlier this morning, my cousin helped me to move my fragile toys. I am praying hard that nothing breaks while we were moving :( Haiz.. Will be quite scary to open them on the 14th. My new room has been repainted and it is sickly PINK! From the wall, the door, the bed, up to the curtains, they are all PINK! Sigh.. With 90% of my items transported, I realise that the new room is definitely smaller than my current one. Haiz.. It is expected but I am still in denial :( The only consolation for me is that the cupboards are wide enough for my plastic container to go in!! Yay... However, inside the cupboard, there is this irritating metal bar to hang clothes hanger that makes me unable to stack all my plastic containers inside.

This moving also makes me realise that 70-80% of the things I have are the non-essential ones for my life. It basically means I have too many toys. Sigh.. Not buying also sian.. Buying also gives me so much problem. It is a vicious circle with no end. Anyway, I realised that whenever I am extremely emo, I will buy new soft toys to accompany me. Toys are only good enough when I am in "normal" emo. Haha.. With the most recent of extreme emo episode, I bought Kuroko and Tetsuya 2 plushie!! Hehe.. I went back to Seimon-cho Plaza Singapura and Tetsuya2 was still not sold. When I made the payment at the cashier, the person offered me whether I also wanted Kurokocchi which was lying around somewhere on the cashier. This time I could not be bothered with the prices or with the fact that they are not wrapped, I just bought them ^o^
So Hamtaro gets new playmates while I get new sleepmates. Hehe :)

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