Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blame it all on stress

Uuurgh!! I hate my face! The acne is really going beyond control despite my effort to avoid junk food and fast food for the past 2 months. I am sure it is because of stress either directly or indirectly. I am so tired that for the past week, I had been falling asleep without bathing or brushing my teeth. Yucks!! Perhaps one day worth of oil clogged my pores and thus caused the pimples. Sigh.. On the flip side, it basically means that I had enough sleep. But the whole week, I feel very irritated, edgy, and angry at work. It is all symptoms of my inability to cope with stress :(

I finally knew the address of my new place. After passing by the place, my mood just plunged even further. I know that HDB flat will not be better than my current landed house but I am still in denial mode. There is some sort of construction work near the flat and the unit is rather low. I don't know if it will be dusty, noisy, and full of pests. Sigh.. To make things worse, the block number is 441 and the unit number is 411. According to my friends, the numbers don't mean something very good in Chinese. Something about I want to die or I confirm will die. 'Lucky' that it is not the 4th floor. I will be seeing the room this coming weekend and I don't know if it will make me happier or even more emo. I gotta start thinking about packing my toys for moving too. Sian..

It is not good to have all this stress pent up inside me. I tried to escape with toys but it just provided temporary relieve as when I realised the amount of money I spent, I will get even more emo. Anyway, my spending for February again shot up the roof as I purchased Final Fantasy Chrome for Cloud, Aerith, Squall, and Rinoa. The happy news is that I got them cheaper than the prices I previously saw here. On eBay, I saw Final Fantasy IV and VIII Cold Cast which I had not owned yet. I failed to get FF VIII which was sold for USD 717.07. Sigh.. I was crazy enough to bid up to USD 707.07 just for a toy. I managed to win FF IV one. I will keep the price as a secret :) Will take pictures and write a review about it after it arrived. Likely I have to pay further for the customs.

I happened to pass by Seimon-Cho in Junction 8 when I saw Kuroko no Basuke plushie! I always find Tetsuya 2 to be very cute. I decided not to buy when I found out that only the display piece was left. The following day I went to the branch at Plaza Singapura and again there was only one which was the display piece. Due to the overwhelming stress, I decided to just buy it nonetheless yesterday. I even decided to get Kuroko as well although I was not interested in buying him in the first place. Guess what: Tetsuya2 was already bought!! Sianz!! Kuroko was still there though but no point for me in buying him because the one I really want is the dog. Emo.. Thinking about checking their IMM branch tomorrow. Haiz... Why am I so fickle minded sia!!
I want them :(
By the way, it is kinda late to mention that I had watched the LEGO movie about 2 weeks ago. I am not a fan of LEGO but the trailers look interesting enough as there are plenty of comedic and witty dialogues. Of course it is a bonus to see popular characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Gandalf too. The movie is corny and funny at the same time. The trailers don't like as really the script is hilarious. The movie is distributed by Warner Bros and since DC comics is under them, no wonder that a lot of DC comics characters are featured. Initially, I thought that the movie is rather nice as a family and comedy movie. The plot is not too bad for a typical adventure story targeted for children. Unfortunately, the end just ruins everything for me. Everything that happens in the movie is just a figment of imagination of a real boy playing with his father's LEGO sets. W.H.A.T T.H.E F.U.C.K! Yes.. just because of the ending, it really spoils everything for me. I will love it better if they would just do away with the human's imagination part. Bleah..
Anyway, my opinion matters not because the movie is a huge success in box office worldwide. They will even make sequels! Will I watch the sequel?? I don't think I will. I hate it when after going through the emotional roller coaster, everything ends with "It's all a dream" or "It's all only in imagination". Pui!

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