Monday, January 20, 2014

Wew.. today I finally managed to sell away my Gundam SeeD Destiny Emotive Figure. It took almost 1.5 years to sell them all after the first two. That shows how bad my business is. Lol. Anyway, out of desperation, I actually bundled all of them together and threw in a bonus of Saint Seiya Chess Figures from Megahouse for $25 and then $20 and then $15. Things were only sold when it reached $10. There was one buyer who did not mind paying $10 but only wanted to get Lacus, Cagalli and Auel. Not sure if I felt happy or sad at that time as my main aim was to have more storage space. That was in October last year. Today, I managed to sell the rest for $10. Well in total I spent close to $80 to get them all and I only forked back $25. Jeez..
I actually still love Athrun and Shinn because their discoloration is not so bad. The rest has pretty bad discoloration. I guess that's my main reason of selling them, not that because I hate Gundam SeeD Destiny

In November, I managed to sell Dissidia Duodecim Game Guide for $30. I was so excited to purchase it many years back but after that I don't think there are enough pictures for me to keep it. Haha.. Anyway I don't the guide is that useful anyway. Lol.. I still keep the guide for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep as I think it is useful if I want to replay the game. The buyer asked if I wanted to sell the game also. Well I bought the Limited Edition because I want to keep them as collection. But since there is a potential buyer, I just quoted a sky high price which was of course rejected. Haha..

And just before my holiday last year, my Fear Itself was also sold for $25. So sad that the buyer did not want to add on Fear Itself: The Fearless too!!

Anyway, the rate of me buying things is simply much higher than the rate of my unwanted things being sold so I doubt this really helps in giving me more storage space :( My Gundams and Final Fantasy VIII stuff please be sold quickly T_T

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