Monday, January 27, 2014

Harmony Kingdom Disney: Celebrating 75 Years of Mickey

Celebrating 75 Years of Mickey was released in 2003 to commemorate 75th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse (like duh! Lol). Only 1500 pieces were produced and sold with a retail price USD 125. The box is rather squarish with 7.1" (L) x 6.75" (W) x 7" (H) while the figure itself measures 6.25" x 4.7" x 4.5". Robert King is the artist and being released only in 2003, it was already made in China.

The figure depicts Mickey Mouse (in his most well-known appearance of red shorts and yellow shoes) sitting down like a boss of Walt Disney company. He is holding a book titled "75 Years" and reminiscing his 75 years of history. He is surrounded by miniature Mickeys in various appearances throughout his 75 years. As I am nowhere near 75 years old, I can't recognise most of his appearances, except for his Sorcerer's robe as well as his first appearance in Steamboat Willie.

The figure that I have is personally signed by Robert King although there is no way for me to authenticate his signature. This is the main thing which tempted me to get this. My patience paid off as the selling price was eventually dropped to USD 65 before I decided to buy it. It arrived broken and I got a full refund from DHL for this so basically I got this for free. Yay! In the pictures below, the broken and glued part is not noticeable too. And as you realise by now, I got this since October last year but I only had the time to take pictures and write this 3 months later. Haha.. Let's enjoy the pictures, shall we?
Logo on the top side of the box
Unlike Aladdin, this piece is not numbered :(
The original price tag is at the bottom of the box. I missed it so I did not take picture of it. Too lazy to take and then transfer just one picture again. Heh..
No Certificate of Authenticity! Aaargh!
Front view
Back view
 Let's zoom to the faces now.
'Boss' Mickey. Unfortunately, the book pages are EMPTY! It will be great if they add just a bit more details a.k.a scribblings on to it!
Disney logo
Let's open up to reveal the secret...
Which is the steering wheel from Steamboat Willie
Harmony Kingdom logo on the top part
The base with Robert King's signature
Anyway, this will be the final Harmony Kingdom piece that I buy. I don't think I will buy anymore. After much consideration, I gave over Pooh and Snow White to my elder sister as she loves these series more than I do. Of course a part of me wish to keep them all as a collection. But due to space constraint, I have to bring those "less loved" items back to Jakarta and there I had the idea to just give it to her.

Lastly, as I made measurement of the box of this piece, I realised that I have been reading my inch ruler wrongly! Instead of 0.1" per marking, it should be 0.125" o_0 Thus, for all the box measurements that I made, they are definitely somewhat inaccurate!! Haha.. I am too lazy to remeasure and edit my posts. Not to mention that most of the figurines, except for Aladdin, Lion King, and this Mickey, are in Jakarta now. Hahaha..

To end it off with a bang, here are pictures to show all Harmony Kingdom Disney figures that I have :)
When I see these, it makes it difficult for me to part with Pooh and Snow White :(
Aladdin is at the center because it is the longest in dimension, not that I am biased. Haha..

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