Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Schadenfreude is a German word which means taking delight in other's misfortune. Nope, I am not in the midst of learning a new foreign language. Haha.. I came across the word from a Facebook post about foreign words which have no direct translation to English.

No matter how I try "act" and "put on a show" for my external appearance and action, when things go wrong and I am not in a good mood, my true bad self always arises. Take for an example, my poor landlady has a health 'problem'. Under inverted comma because it is still pending for further assessment from neurologist. I am not delighted that she is sick but I can't help but feeling happy that because of her 'problem', her grandson is no longer coming to the house. I enjoy my quiet time so I hate small kids who throw tantrum, cry, and make noise during my precious resting and sleeping times.

Why do I suddenly have this feeling? I have one huge rainbow-coloured umbrella as a door gift for one of the event earlier this year. As it is a large umbrella, I put it on the umbrella stand outside the house. There are so many other large umbrella so why on earth she has to use my new umbrella!! Zz.. It is MY umbrella and the least that she can do is to ask permission.. or perhaps to inform me that she used my umbrella. Sigh.. I could tolerate it so far but today was the last straw when I saw that a few of umbrella's spines had broken! Wow.. Fuck you seriously.. Using without permission is one thing and now you break my thing without saying anything.. I am not even expecting an apology since an apology won't replace that umbrella. It sounds petty but the umbrella is not the real issue here. It is human nature to be selfish and to protect own property or territory.

My condition is slightly getting better but I still feel sickly. Sigh.. perhaps I really should consider taking the flu vaccine :( With so many episodes of flu in a year, I have to admit that I am THAT weak :( Sigh.. My only concern is only I will fall sick immediately after the vaccination leh! Haiz.. Damn flu (and rain) that I have not started my holiday shopping or packing my luggage for my year-end trip home. Gosh!! It is already a Thursday tomorrow!! Yaiks..

I bought iPhone 5S today!! Yay!! Haha.. As an Apple big big hater, it is quite a surprise that I will ever buy an iPhone.. Wait.. it is actually not for me but for my uncle. Lol.. He let me open and try to see whether everything is okay. However, without a SIM card, I cannot even 'activate' the bloody phone.. I only need to check the camera okay!! iPhone sucks big time la!! Haiz.. My SIM card is still the big one while iPhone wants the micro or nano one.. Si beh ma fan..

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