Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 closure

Here is the last post in 2013 and I am just writing for the sake of writing one final post to close 2013. Haha.. There are still things left over from 2013 for me to do as I have been procrastinating in calculating the amount of money I spent for anime related items in December. Bleah..

Anyway over the weekend I went for a short trip to Pontianak to see my grandma. I flew there with Garuda Indonesia and seriously, once you take a domestic flight with Garuda, you would not even want to use other airlines. Don't even bother about low cost carriers. Garuda specially reserves Terminal 2F which is as good as international terminal: fully air-conditioned and no cigarrette smoke. Soekarno-Hatta airport is way too overcrowded now that almost all flight will have delays. I took 830am flight so the delay was not too bad. The boarding was on time but we had to spent about 10 minutes queueing at the runway to take off.

I always dislike my trip to Pontianak so I really had nothing much to write. The only thing I was looking forward was to check on Gramedia bookstore to find old mangas that I missed. Sadly, I returned empty handed. Bleah!

On the way back, I took Sriwijaya which is a low-cost carrier. My flight was supposed to be at 1210pm but the incoming plane only landed at 1210pm. Lol.. Definitely there was a delay. I could not complain as the delay would even be longer if I took Garuda. Before landing back to Soekarno-Hatta, we had a 15 minutes detour while waiting for our turn to land. Crazy shit: traffic jam both on the land and on the air -_-" 15 minutes is 1/4 of the actual journey from Pontianak to Jakarta. No wonder the air tickets for domestic flights are getting crazy day by day.

I am very tired now and I still have like 30 more comic books to read.. Faints.. That's it for 2013 and I need to get back to do my money calculation before 2014 comes. I shall do 2013 reflection and the typical new year resolution for 2014 tomorrow.

May 2014 be better than 2013 ^o^

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