Monday, December 23, 2013

A holiday like no other

I always have a good time when I have a trip home. After living alone and doing everything on my own like a slave, I want to wind down and live like a prince -with maid preparing my food whenever I want, washing my clothes, cleaning the house. Unfortunately, this time I have no maid which ironically makes my life even more pathetic with me having to HANDWASH my own clothes, preparing my own food and washing the dishes, throwing away rubbish, and so on. Sigh.. Housework really sucks :(

My room is also in a terrible condition. When I see the amount of things which I have, I know that I have got to stop buying toys for my collections :( I am really running out of space to store my things and I am unable to keep track of what I have. In addition, all the things make my room very messy that I no longer "enjoy" my collections. Haiz.. As much as I feel like this, whenever I step away from home to the little red dot, I will immediately lose control when I see pretty toys.

Whenever I am feeling down, the ungrateful side of me will surface and I will forever be complaining. What's the point of working so hard if I don't enjoy my hard earned money and just to keep them in the bank?? In addition, if I don't buy things, I will keep thinking about getting them. But when I buy them, I will be stressed over storage space. Ultimately, what I want is my own home.. my own space.. something unattainable with what I have right now. Bleah.. Christmas is coming so I should be in a thanksgiving and joyful mood but I am feeling meh -_-"

Another "must-do" when I am at home is to read my comic books. In 2012, I thought my comic collection is nearing an end because Indonesian manga translators were releasing so few good titles and the releases were to slow. Come 2013, it was crazy. I have 8 months worth of comic books to read and the number is 67 books o_0 That is not counting the 8 I just bought today and another few which I am still hunting. Wow!! Seriously did not expect that the industry will be moving at such a lightning speed again! Not to mention that there are so many new titles which are currently the latest in things from Japan like Magi, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, Saint Seiya Episode G, Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basuke, and many more. I gotta read at least 7 books a day if I were going to finish them all before I fly off again. But ultimately, the big questions is WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO STORE THEM!!!

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