Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is exactly a year since I joined the workforce as a full-time employee and it does not mean a good thing. The first few people in morning already made my blood boil. It was a blessing for me to collect my passport yesterday which allowed me to take time off at the end of the day. I heard that my colleagues ended work at 7pm. Everyday is just getting more and more ridiculous. Anyway now that the passport is done, I can focus on visa.

I also did my blood donation and I was gladly surprised when I received a birthday present. Lol. That was totally unexpected. It is just a normal handheld fan but what makes it special is the LED light which says Happy Birthday. A bit childish of me but I don't know how it is done so I am impressed about it. Haha..

And I am still feeling sore about Starbucks guy who did not offer me to redeem my birthday cake. Zz.. I don't know whether it did not appear on their screen or the people were just deliberately not asking gullible members. Today I bought another drink and I had to request from the guy about the cake. He did not seem surprised by my request and he did not seem to be clicking things to find out whether I had a free cake so it seemed that the "free cake" was somehow showing on the screen. When I receive a reply to my email, I will just complain. Ridiculous since today was the last day of April already and by tomorrow, the free cake will expire.
My mini emo belated birthday celebration

Interestingly, the happy birthday fan will rotate 360 degree when it is placed on a flat surface. And the red lights are also blinking. Hehe.. The molten chocolate cake is also nice even though it was not heated up. I am sure it will taste even better if heated up. After Asian Dolce Latte on Sunday and this Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino, I think I should take a break from Starbucks for awhile. Haha I just dislike coffee and these 2 drinks just happen to be very overpowering in terms of the coffee flavour. Oh well.. Did not buy the Green Tea Red Bean today because I had it last year during the promo with Earl Grey Tea.

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