Sunday, April 7, 2013

Frequent flyer

During my school days, it was my principle not to go home when holidays did not last for at least 2 weeks. After working, everything has changed. Even going home for 3 days would do. I went home last week during Easter weekend. Initially I had no plan to do so as I was scheduled to work on the Saturday. My colleague requested for a switch and thus I was off on that Saturday and I decided to go home. Honestly, I still hate to go back only for a few days.

Good Friday happened to be my sister's birthday too! And as usual, everytime I go home during big Catholic holiday, God's words that He comes not to bring peace but to bring division within family is true. My father wanted to treat my sister for good food but I was fasting. Again, no big deal for me to just eat the vegetable or to watch them it. However, my dad was quite anal for such thing.. Bleah.. Anyway, I did not want to argue when he said things about religion ba..

It was quite an infuriating trip home. I wanted to look for Young Avengers books which were not available in Singapore and thus I requested to go to Plaza Senayan where Kinokuniya's biggest store in Jakarta is located. Thanks to my stupid sister, the whole plan was cancelled. She told me that her slimming session would only take 1 hour so I thought there would be enough time to go there after her session. The session turned out to be 2 hours. If I insisted on going to Plaza Senayan, it would be too late for her birthday dinner and she would sulk again. Zz.. Seriously, is it that hard to tell the truth? If she said 2 hours from the start, I would request to go to Plaza Senayan on the day before instead of planning to go after her session!! Grr..

Anyway, I ordered Young Avengers collection from Book Depository which had a 15% discount. I suppose it was a good luck because that night was the last day of sale. Unfortunately, Young Avengers Presents was already out of stock. There was stock before I went for the trip home leh!! Now I would just be hoping that someday the book would be reprinted.

I realised that I had an expiring points from I saw Prince of Tennis book at Kinokuniya right after the 20% sale ended! Sianz.. So I thought I would get it from With the reward points, it will cost me more or less the same as Kinokuniya price when there was sale. That was a nightmare because it introduced me to recent Prince of Tennis goodies which I did not know before. Finally there are decent Prince of Tennis figurines which I bought! More details would be on a dedicated post. 

I also realised another interesting goodie: Prince of Tennis Relaxation Sticker collection. I still have no idea what it is. Based on the description, it is like a sticker which can be stuck somewhere and then removed while retaining the stickiness. Some say that it can also be used as mousepad. I still have no idea what it means but I guess that explains the crazy price. I decided to get that and Hakuoki graphic collection to hit 10000 Yen purchase from to get a 1000 reward points. 2 days later, I was informed that Hakuouki graphic collection was out of stock. Seriously, I think just sucks ba.. With that, I decided to cancel the order for the sticker too and until 2 days later, I still received no reply regarding the cancellation. -__-"

I had to fly back last Sunday because I had presentation on Thursday. I was quite worried as during my practices, I could not finish in the allocated 15 minutes. Luckily on that day, another group was presenting something similar to my project so I could skip a bit on the explanation of the workflow process. I thanked God for the gift of motormouth that enabled me to finish in 15 minutes! Phew.. Anyway, I thought my project was pretty good. The data collection was solid so I think I deserved to win. Shameless I know.. Haha.. It has been quite sometime since I feel this kiasu leh!!

And now I am home again :) Hohoho.. Just arrived again this morning to start my 1-week holiday in celebration of my coming birthday. Lol.. Finally went to Plaza Senayan but the stock was nothing comparable to Takashimaya's Kinokuniya. I did not get what I wanted and comparing some of the prices, the prices here are more expensive compared to Singapore's Kinokuniya prices. Take in to account my member sale, it is a no brainer to always buy from Singapore's Kinokuniya. Haha..

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