Thursday, April 25, 2013

Black and white cat meow meow

I had been having bad days but unexpectedly, I am feeling good right now due to random encounter with a stray cat. This is a different cat from the one I wrote previously. Today I saw this cat at the large field behind my house. I was half asleep on the bus and alighted 1 stop too early. Thus I decided to walk around the large field.

Halfway there, I saw this cat and I just made random "meow" sounds. Unexpectedly, it responded to me!! Nya!! Haha.. The cat even crossed the road to follow me. After exchanging a few rounds of "meows", I decided to stop to see whether it would come closer. It did come closer but it did not come to rub its body to my legs as expected. But it did something equally cute: it just threw itself leisurely near my feet. Hehe.. I wanted to pat but I was a bit scared leh.. First encounter mah.. Never know if it would scratch me.

Since I "ignored" it after lying down, it also ignored me when I walked away :'( I then decided to walk back and take a picture. Unlike the shy black cat, this one could not be bothered with me taking and remained in its relaxed position. The sun was setting so it was becoming pretty dark. I did not turn on the flash because cats' eyes look ugly due to flash. On my phone I can still see the cat but on my laptop screen, the picture above is just plain black! Haha..

I still find it very strange. 2 stray cats responded to my random cat calls while I hate those cats at home which my parents managed to tame. Haha..

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