Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm lovin it!!

I am not talking about McDonalds. Nor am I talking about the day before a public holiday which is always very very busy. It was raining heavily this morning. In fact it woke me up at about 6am. Usually I love morning rain. But this morning, my first thought was "How on earth I am gonna reach my workplace without getting all wet??!". Kinda ironic eh? Lol.. Usually I love rain because it deters people from going out to get their medical treatment. While the rain did its magic in the early morning, it started to rain patients at 10am onwards.

Instead of the usual irritating "I-know-it-all" ya-ya-papaya patients, today I got more of the nicer ones, the ones who really need explanation about their condition and advise about their medications. The first one was a 85 years old uncle. For his age, I would say that he is still very sharp and healthy. He knew his medication well and he spoke English! He could even be able to walk unaided! Anyway, his main query was about TCM vs Western medicine. Apparently he went to TCM practitioner and was told that he had a weak heart which resulted in swellings on the legs, stomach, around the eyes, and difficulty breathing. Ginseng was recommended for his "weak heart". Thus he wanted to know whether there is a similar "magic pill" for his "weak heart" from the Western medicine. Upon checking his history, from Western medicine side, we call it "heart failure". So I spent a lot of time to explain his conditions and how the medicines he currently taking for hypertension are also helping his heart. In addition, his shortness of breath might also be due to COPD and hence he was given salbutamol.

After a good 30 over minutes, he seemed satisfied and after that I discussed things with my preceptor. I learnt a few important things: I am still lousy in terms of getting patient history right and it is actually alright to stop/discourage people from taking TCM. I thought patient was already taking ginseng (but after confirming with him again, I found out that he hasn't started, he was only thinking of starting it). And I thought the approach to people taking traditional medicine is similar to those taking supplements: if you feel it works (even by placebo effects), then go ahead! It seems like for people on long term medications, it is best to avoid and discourage traditional medicine since nobody knows how the things will result when used together.

I am glad for these learning points because at the next second, I had another patient who asked about combining his medication with Indian herbs! So I immediately used my new knowledge: 1) Are you already taking or thinking to start taking? 2) No! Better don't use in combination. If you really insist on that, must let your doctor know first. Lol. Anyway good for this patient to ask about his herbs because from that I discovered that he was not aware that there is an increased dose in his medication.

These 2 patients actually shook hands to thank me after our conversation. Wow! Very rare occasion. In fact, the Indian man insisted on filling a feedback form to thank me. That really touched me! Lol.. although it would be better if he could write it himself instead of asking me to write down what he wanted to say. It felt as if I was complimenting myself. Haha..

In the afternoon, for P-item, there was someone who previously bought something from me. I vaguely remembered her but she remembered me! Wow that was really touching.  She even remembers that I don't understand mandarin. Haha.. Too bad after her there were 2 other people so I was a bit in a hurry and irritated cause she talked a bit too much :p If nobody else behind her, I would be happy to talk longer. After her, I managed to intervene a father from giving a nasal drop for his son's runny nose.

On Tuesday, I gave information about supplements. I felt a bit bad because at that point of time, I was not sure normal sodium intake. The person was going to take Brands' Essence of Chicken which contains 80mg of sodium. In light of her Na+ value, hypertension, and kidneys, I told her not too. After that I found out that recommended sodium for normal people is 1000-3000mg. For people like her, something less than 2.4g would be good. That means 80mg actually does nothing and she should be fine with that. Haiz.. A bit sad for not being 100% accurate. And what makes me more ashamed is that the person actually trusted me to the point that on Wednesday, she tried to look for me on the phone. But on Wednesday, I was somewhere else for attachment =x Of course my first thought was: oh shit, what if she realised about the salt intake thingy!

So yeah, overall it has been a great week. Too bad these kind of people form only the minority. If only the majority of the patients are like these, things would be much more encouraging for everyone :)

For now, I should enjoy the break and no matter what FINISH THAT ASSIGNMENT THIS WEEKEND!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I want you! I need you! I love you!

My sunday plan was totally unrealised. I did not run in the morning. I did not do ANYTHING regarding my assignment. I ended up playing my PSP haiz. Anyway my laptop is giving me a headache. It is crashing everyday and I cannot update my Internet Explorer. I am thinking of re-installing but the problem is I cannot even uninstall it now. Sigh.. Now it is trying to update and even though it is running for >6 hours, the update still failed. Now is my 4th try already. Haiz..

On the prospect of boring attachment in coming days, I am tempted to buy iPod. Not the first time actually. Haha.. I always get this impulse whenever I need to have a long journey on the bus. I am falling asleep playing my PSP on the bus! Lol so it does not help. But the price is a huge deterrence. Haha.. 160 GB iPod classic is $388. That is as good as a new phone. Or it almost gives me a netbook (to replace my laptop!). So yeah I should think again haha..

And while talking about music, I want to share some interesting ones. First is Hey!Say!JUMP's Arigatou Sekai no Domo ni Itemo. Not really my type of song but what makes it kinda cool is that it is filled with the word "Thank You" in many languages including Indonesian/Malay :D

Next is a song called LaLaLiLa by B.I. Shadow. It is a group under Johnny's Junior. They have not (or perhaps will not) debut so usually they recycle the songs. The first time I heard the song was from a video in 2009. And well, boys grow up. And when they do, their voice changes too. So it is quite interesting to hear them singing the same song again 1 year later with more mature voice. Haha.. I kinda like the song so maybe it will be my new alarm song in the morning lol.

And as I was reading news about, I found out about AKB48 selling millions of singles in their first week. They have been around for quite sometime but I just thought they were a girlband (with tonnes of members) trying to copy or compete with SNSD from South Korea. But after I know that other people are struggling to even sell 100k singles in their first week, AKB48 close to millions sales made me interested in knowing. The first song I clicked on youtube had them singing and dancing in bikini as their music video -__-" Now I really know why they are so popular. Haha.. When you have lots of girls dancing sexily, not even naked boybands or naked solo singers can beat them :p But I actually like their songs (cutesy cutesy type). Lol..

Nah I am not gonna share their bikini music video. One song may not be a good explanation for their success so I randomly clicked another song and in this, the girls are singing in their night gown. Seriously this is a soft-core porn to me. I was quite stunned in the middle of the song when one girl kissed her reflection in the mirror. My first thought was: OMG 2 girls kissing!! Then: Chey!! Only mirror! Lol.. But wait..  a few seconds later, there are indeed girl-girl kiss!! Not to mention they are mouth-to-mouth kisses! Aaaw~~~ And there are a FEW of them!! Gosh.. Haha...

The song title is Heavy Rotation. I googled for the meaning I think it is quite meaningless and certainly has no link to the video clip. But then again, I think the song is cute/nice to hear, and the video is actually quite nice in the detailings. If just listening to the song but never see the video, I think I will still like them ba. Haha..

And below is a clip from their concert. Same song but minus the soft-core porn. Haha.. Quite nice choreo and nice to watch as the stage is filled but everything does not look messy. And it is certainly refreshing to hear masculine cheers among the audience. Lol.. Kinda tired of fangirls scream (since lately I only hear boybands :p). Perhaps I should re-watch my Ayumi Hamasaki concert videos to check whether her fans are mostly males too. Lol.

Aaah and they actually came to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia X last year. But I could not be bothered back then. Baaah wasted sia hahaha...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lag lag lag.. I think I am way too slack and am always procrastinating last minute to do my assignments etc. Bleah.. I cleared my prescription assigment last week. Not bad to get 2 mistakes only haha.. 1 was stupid mistake because my maths failed. The other one I purely did not realise. Now I shall remember that in severe heart failure, spironolactone + furesemide is okay as spironolactone is considered as aldosterone blocker in this case rather than a diuretic.

I am getting stressed as I promise to submit my outpatient assigment next week. Zz.. I feel very lazy and I still wanna play game!! Not to mention that my ACC and HDL-C case write-ups are already waiting. To make things worse, I really need to prepare for my HDL-C for wednesday. The reason is: it will be my ex-lecturer running the clinic!!

Lol.. I am slow but I am happy with my training right now. I would not say the pace is slow or slack. The pace actually follows my pace (which is slow) haha.. This week at HDL-C, I was reminded that I need to review my insulin injection conversion. So I am quite happy that it is slow, a few things each time, rather than throwing me one huge mountain of information at one go. And I was encouraged by the pharmacist. She said that of course we (pre-reggers) won't be able to remember things if just from reading/memorising books. To her, it all comes with practice. So after dispensing etc, slowly will remember things. And I 100% agree with that.

I had a bad gastric on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I decided to see doctor. I was given omeprazole. ZOMG. No matter how bad my pain is, I don't even dare to touch famotidine previously and now straight away given omeprazole. Lol.. And it cost me $30.10. Sigh.. so expensive.. I am so jealous with the locals. They are heavily subsidised. And this makes me think how ungrateful the locals are. They hate the foreigners so much but do you think without the foreigners then the locals can enjoy cheap medical stuff? I am sure foreigners are milked dry to "subsidise" to locals lor.. Similarly with the transport etc. Only increase 1% already made noise.. Imagine no foreigners, less people taking bus and MRT, then you expect there will be frequent half-empty buses and MRT with cheap prices?? DREAM ON! You don't wanna pay, you don't wanna squeze in, you don't wanna wait oso.. Wait long long.. I don't think any government or any president can satisfy you if this is what you want.

Yesterday I went to IMH to help out as they were down with  8 people. A bit sian -__-" I did the de-blistering and doing that for the whole day really hurt my fingertips. Grr.. I don't really look forward for my attachment there already. But at least the 50% off Secret Recipe made my day :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Auction results!!

Grrraaaah!! My effort to sleep late was not paid off. As expected, Ys 7 and Lunar Silver Star Harmony would cost me a bomb. Due to their rarity, I actually increased my budget to $50 each. But alas, the winning bids were $100+ and $60+ respectively, way beyond my budget. So in the end, I just got the Dissidia set for about $33 which was a fine price. I decided not to get Final Fantasy IV from eBay as it is actually available from Qisahn for $32 so I got it today. Hehe.. I don't even dare to open the art cards because they are wrapped. The screen-cleaning cloth has 1 black line across it.. Very very sad :'( But oh wells, I still want to collect it. I don't even bother to try whether the UMD is working. Haha.. Perhaps later..

I also bought Nodame Illustration book. I consider this an impulse buying lah. Although the impulse came since like many weeks ago. I said impulse because I am actually not a fan of Nodame manga. I do not even read or collect the manga. But I love the dorama and the movies. Maybe because the actors are so good that I think the manga may be less funny and more importantly, this is about music, it is weird to enjoy music through reading. After I bought, Kinokuniya only had 2 left. Lol.. So I guess it is pretty popular too since when it first came out, the stack was quite thick :p

I am also not "wow"ed after seeing the 100 pages. The good thing is that its content is all PICTURES :D But I find the style too girly lah. Haha CLAMP drawings are also girly but I like their artwork. Maybe it is because I am not a fan of the Nodame manga in the first place, and as usual, visual is the first thing I see. However, I like the "hand-drawn" kind of feeling :) which is kinda rare in shounen-style artwork which I mostly like. Maybe it is because of the colouring. In the shounen titles, while I still can see the "hand-drawn" feeling, the colours are often done with computer and that makes the whole feel is computer generated. Okay la okay la, since I bought it already I better learn to love it. Haha..
So now I am just waiting for my eBay items to arrive. Meanwhile, I should not spend anything and must survive with a mere $50 until my next paycheck. My bank account still does not show increase!! Aaargh...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Funny.. A few weeks ago, there was an offer of Lay's, Doritos, and Ruffles selling at only $3.05 each! The promotion went for a good 2 weeks and I was not tempted to get one. On the first day after the promotion was over, I suddenly craved for them! And not only to the unhealthy potato chips. I also craved for bubble tea, subway, durian puff, fanciful bread from bakeries, and many more. I managed to fulfill ALL except for the bubble tea! Now now.. talk about getting fat.

To celebrate Singapore's National Day, Subway offered a limited time new flavour: Chilli Crab! Woot! Lucky it happened just when I craved for Subway so I tried the new flavour. I find the taste to be quite authentic. However, it feels a bit funny to have an Asian flavour mixed with Western dressing and salad. But still a good idea from the one who came up with the flavour.

On Friday, I received my Sirius Black's wand. Wow! Never expected something from eBay with free shipping fee to arrive within 2 weeks. The wand is made of resin/plastic. So I still prefer the ones made of wood from Cinemags magazine bonus. Got one part with peeling paint so I got 30% refund for that. Lol.. And this sparked my 3rd shopping crazy on eBay! Lol.. I decided to buy all the wands haha.. Initially I thought I should just buy the ones I was missing from Cinemags i.e Hermione's, Ron's, Sirius', and Fleur's. Only these few are available. But after that, I just heck and nevermind to buy Harry's, Dumbledore's, and Voldermort's even though I had them from Cinemags. Haha.. I regret that I did not buy the magazines last time just to get the wand. Many years ago, the Harry Potter editions were like Rp 50000,- each. I take it as Rp 50000,- per wand since I don't really want the magazine :p Now if I wanna look for the wands I am missing from forum, it would trade for at least Rp 100000 to Rp 150000 each. That's why I don't mind buying from eBay now since it cost me almost the same (though I still prefer wooden ones).

Today I am hunting for some limited editions of PSP games :) I just want the bonuses actually haha.. But anyway as long as I can get half of the price as compared to buying the game here, I don't mind. I purchase Dissidia 012 Duodecim Legacy edition yesterday for about $30.

Next on my list are the following limited editions: Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Ys 7, and the first Dissidia game. 

The FF IV limited edition has Artcards too. But the main pull factor for FF IV is the screen-cleening cloth with the character design.

Hehe.. Lunar Silver Star Harmony limited edition includes OST CD and 13 art cards featuring the in-game bromides. I honestly am not very fond of the set. However, since I am a Lunar fan and my mum never bought me the set for Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (PS1 game), I should just buy this. Anyway the songs are a bit different with new arrangements etc so I guess it is okay lah. I saw this set selling at $70+ in Funan IT mall. I hope I can get at about half price from eBay leh.

Next is Ys 7. This temptation is really a devil's work. Lol. I have not even play the game but I already wanna collect lol. Well Ys is a series. Although I have all the games, I have not played any of them. But I am sure that in the future I will play them! Lol.. This set has 60-page artbook to summarise all the Ys games. If it is only for Ys 7, perhaps I would not be this tempted. Haha.. On top of that, there is OST CD and here comes the biggest deal: 12.5" x 34" Cloth Map of Ys world! Actually there is no big deal about getting a map but just like FF IV screen-cleaning cloth, this is something unique and I never own one before. Haha.. As of now, this is the most expensive item at the auction I follow. I wonder whether I should just give it up :(

Lastly, it is the first Dissidia game. Last year I actually purchased this from U.S which came with only a pre-order calendar =x Sad.. Really really sad. This one is Europe limited edition which came with an OST CD, artbook, strategy guide, and postcards. It is definitely a better deal than the U.S. one :( Haiz.. So Now I will end up with 2 of the same game which I don't even play T_T

So yeah, thanks to Square Enix and XSEED for keep making games into limited edition set and making me spend money on this.. Oh well, these are my first shopping ever since I started working so I will use that as a justification for my spending.. Now now.. no wonder my bank account does not show any increase even after 1.5 months salary :'(

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Customer service?

Today I had a brief talk with my preceptor and it really made me wonder whether I am in the correct job. I understand that I cannot run away from customer service but in my most honest opinion, as a pharmacist (to-be), my role as a healthcare professional (and yeah, that's a PROFESSIONAL in CAPS!) should come first. I have seen how other healthcare professionals (i.e doctors and nurses) do their jobs and I have to admit that they admire them. I believe they are also expected to put up a good customer service but they do not neglect their main responsibilities. I guess that's why people respect them as professionals.. Unlike how they regard us just like some customer service officers, which is dumb to me!

I worked as an usher before and I would regard that as the lowest kind of customer service work. However, I feel that the ushers had more dignity with regards to our responsibility. Just like in pharmacy, we have our own rules and regulations to adhere too. Just like how we cannot dispense medicines without prescription, we also cannot let people enter the halls without tickets. We have to look out for forbidden items just like how we have to look out for drug-related-problems. But as an usher, I feel more dignified. The superiors empower us to do necessary things to do what I am supposed to do. Worrying about getting complaints from nasty customer comes last. The most important things are to do the things right, the event runs smoothly, and safety is ensured. Unfortunately, I do not have such "priviledges" as a pharmacist. It seems that even the people "up there" in the organisation believe that patients come first bullshit kind of mentality.

There are some things I do not agree. For example, I do not see the necessity of "help" people request for medicines to the doctors to be included in the prescription. I mean they just saw the doctors a few minutes ago so they should remember about asking! For those who requested but the doctors forgot to include, I will be more than happy to help them. But for those who "conveniently forget", why should I help? But that's my ego. Based on the professional judgement, I do not understand why I am expected to be so anal when it comes to my own P-medicines but then when people request for these same medicines through prescription I am expected to open the floodgates and just "give them away" through the doctors? This is absurd!! And lastly it is from the public point of view. What will they regard us as? I don't think they regard us as part of healthcare team in the first place! With these "helpful" things we do, they just regard us as no more than customer service people. And the great reward is when they come to buy P-medicines, they will scold us for being naggy "Why is it so difficult to buy from you! I might as well ask YOU to call the doctor for me to prescribe and that is so much simpler and cheaper to get medicine. Bonus no need to hear your nags and questions too".

At the present state of things, I do not believe this profession will move forward. I believe that "being proud"  alone, as what some people believe, will not help to make people appreciate our role. That's why all the professional image a.k.a tie+lab coats are extremely bullshit. Those things don't make us regarded as professionals. Doctors don't wear such things and people still respect them! Nurses where uniform and people respect them! But well, things won't change when even people in profession do not believe that in the first place we need to do our job in a DIGNIFIED way. If we do not even respect ourselves and expect us just to be customer service, then don't complain when people treat us just like some shopkeepers or telcos worker.

For me personally, I will stick to my own ideals. If you are nice to me, I will flash you with my killer smile and my best customer service. But if you give me shit, I will throw it back at you and I will also add in my shit to you :D Oh and when you speak to me in mandarin, that straight away puts you in the "give me shit" category

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interesting quotes

Lately, there are interesting quotes going around as facebook statuses. I'll just share some here :)

When I was a kid, I didn't have a laptop, iPod, Blackberry, PS3 or iPad. I played outside with friends, bruised my knees, made up adventurous fantasies and played hide and seek. I ate what my mom made and KFC was a treat. I would think twice before I said "no" to my parents. Life wasn't hard, it was great and I survived. 

God doesn't have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but He is my favorite contact. He doesn't have Facebook, but He is my best friend. He doesn't have Twitter, but I follow Him, and He doesn't have internet, but I am connected to Him. And even if He has great communication service, his customer service never puts me on hold.

How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty keeps sleeping, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn't be surprised when kids misbehave - they get it from their story books. 

The last one is the funniest!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Public holiday feels much more shiok after entering working life.. Yeah.. today is my first public holiday after starting work. Perhaps last time I did not appreciate holiday that much because I was a slack student. So everyday felt like a holiday too! Lol.. However, the day before the holiday became a horror day. The number of people who were taking MC was staggering yesterday. 400+ people before lunch break. In normal days, there are only about 500+ people. I am expecting something worse tomorrow when all the appointment/chronic cases will flood in. But oh well, save tomorrow for tomorrow :D

I went to Strictly Pancakes with people from my workplace last night. A bit pricey and not worth it. The innovation and creativity were good, the taste (of the toppings) was good too. The irony is that the pancakes are the most disappointing ones. They were too soft and it was very difficult to cut and to eat them. It was impossible for me to fork the pancake and bring the fork to my mouth before the pancake "disintegrated". That really spoilt the eating mood as I had to eat unglam-ly. Their supposed specialty (the chocolate-flavoured pancake) was also only so-so as it still tasted like normal pancake.. No chocolate taste at all..

After dinner, we went to play pool for awhile. I forgot how to play already lol. Initially I thought I was still remember.. I put the stance and pushed hard enough only to have the stick "fly" upwards instead of hitting the white ball. Damn paiseh -__-". The second try, I used the other stick to help me but it went horrible too. Haha.. I forgot the "natural" way to even hold the stick or to form the comfortable finger thingy for the stick to rest on. Lol..

This morning I had BK breakfast. The ads on buses were tempting haha.. Wasted my $6.95 as it was not very filling. But oh well, just to fulfill my craving.. Hopefully it fills my stomach until dinner time to make my $6.95 worth it..

I hardly had the time to read newspaper so I was quite surprised with the latest news as I saw the headlines at Yahoo!. I just realised that the transportation fee would be increased. And something is happening to USA economy (which I don't understand as I never learn economy) and another recession is feared in the near future. Still about recession, I think there is some riots happening in the UK due to the economy stuff.. Haiz.. What a bleak future...

Friday, August 5, 2011

500th post!!

Wow.. this is another hallmark of my blog.. Lol.. although unfortunately I only have the same boring stories to celebrate this 500th post.

I had been busy for the past 2 weeks preparing for my Herpes presentation. I did it today and that is why I can finally find the time to blog. I am starting to feel the crunch of the pre-reg as all the deadlines are coming. And I am still slacking and finding time to play my Final Fantasy IV and/or Dissidia Duodecim. Lol.. I actually had a deadline today but I managed to bargain so that I can submit my assignment on Monday instead. Thank goodness I was given the permission.

The presentation went okay. I thought it was not that good as I had to rush like a Shinkasen to complete 84 slides in 45 minutes. Phew.. Initially I thought it was possible as I finished about 60 slides during my 20minutes FYP presentation. I was wrong. I was more worried about being able to finish on time rather than the content of my presentation. Again lucky people find my pace was okay (how on earth can it be okay!) and easy to follow. Lol..

On Tuesday I had attachment with doctors and it was quite an eye opener. I am a bit lazy to share about it now but from the attachment, I feel that pharmacists are just too nice! And that's why we are getting all the shit from patients. Some patients will just create trouble even to the doctors. But doctors are not worried about receiving complaints etc. They do whatever they believe is right. One patient got abusive to demand for 30mg prednisolone stat and threatened to complain. The reply was: Go ahead and complain. How I wish I can say the same thing to the nasty people out there.. Seriously I don't know why we have to always act nice even though we are not in the wrong. To me it is so ridiculous. Doctors are not scared to reprimand (or in layman language SCOLD) patients. And pharmacists just stand timidly to get scolded by unreasonable patients instead. Phew!

I noticed an interesting trend that as it comes nearer to the weekend, there are more and more nasty people falling sick. Today, I refused selling more than I sold medicine. Some examples of stupid comments that I received today:
1) In Malaysia I can buy 1 box without any problem. I know it is more controlled in Singapore.
If I am in retail, I will surely replied sarcastically GO BUY IN MALAYSIA THEN! And worse, this person tried to lie that the medicine was for herself. My goodness, it is not a crime to buy a medicine for someone else, you know. So there is no need to lie. And please don't be the one who got pissed off when I ask lots of questions and made you finally give it up "Actually this medicine is not for me but for my brother-in-law! I don't even have gastric!". Well done! If from the start you say you are buying for someone who had taken it before, you could get your medicine more pleasantly.

2) Just give me the medicine! I know my body. Anything happen, don't worry, I won't sue you.
This comes from someone who bought 30 tablets of medicine last week and wanted to buy another 60 today. Too bad ah auntie, your word means nothing in the face of the law. If someday you just drop dead, it will my fault for supplying you with the medicine. Whatever you say does not matter.

I am also extremely irritated people who gave me a WTF face if I cannot speak chinese. Excuse me, from my point of view, I should be the one giving you a WTF face for not able to speak english! Bleah. But oh well, I am thankful to my year 2 preceptors for imparting me with the correct attitude to handle these nasty people :D I am actually nasty to nasty people and with that I do not hide the anger within me. They gave me shit face,  I would give a shittier face! Haha..

Of course there are some nice ones who are a pleasure to serve. I felt so bad today when someone called that she was overcharged. It was by me :( The item she bought was charged by strips and I thought it was by tablet. She was overcharged by 20x ZOMG. Thank goodness she did not sound angry on the phone. Sigh.. I hope in the next occasion, I can meet her and personally apologise for the mistake.

I am getting fat this week =x I had BK a few days back. That was my first BK in this year leh! Haha. Whopper was good but the onion rings were terrible. That supressed my craving until next year at least. Haha.. I also craved for Western food. After my dental appointment today, I went to have dinner at the Domani Cafe or something. Wew.. only half a plate I already felt very full and wanted to vomit. What an irony! My stomach is shrinking but my tummy is getting bigger.. Zz...

Ah a stranger came to read my blog and left a comment: "Actually I didn't bother to read all". For your information, this blog is meant to be my personal diary. I don't expect people (not even friends) to read, especially strangers. So please go away if you don't like and keep your negative words to yourself. Nobody asked you to visit here and read. Shoo shoo.. go away...

Aaargh seriously: WHAT A BORING 500th POST!!