Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Yay.. I supported Earth Hour again this year. Lol.. I walked to McD for dinner and I walked back too in the hope of 'wasting' 1 hour. Haha.. Even McD was joining the Earth Hour.. And it was more cozy with limited lights inside lol.. Anyway, I was greeted by 2 cockroaches (yucks!!) in front of the new business school. I jumped when I saw the first one and I was a bit paiseh because not far from me, someone else was walking towards my direction.. Anyway, what I want to share is only this website:


I personally find the pictures very beautiful and amazing. Another plus point for being able to click on the picture to see "switch off the lights" in the pictures. Lol.. Indeed darkness is better than light! Haha..

It's good to see that people around the world support the Earth Hour.. But it would be more amazing if Earth Hour is not just an hour each year.. if people are doing it not for the sake of the hip surrounding the Earth Hour.. but really because they want to prolong the life of this planet :)

My ass hurts...

Lol.. I have been busy with pharm anal for the past 1 week lol.. Last week was crazy doing the lab reports.. I don't bother to count the total number of pages but I believe it is at least 50pg-long. It was tiring, it was irritating, it was driving me crazy. There were some problems and when I asked friends, I am super irritated with the same stupid brainless answer: the senior report did that/had that so just follow -_-" I thought my suffering was over after I finished all.. but it continued when I was going to print today. I type in Word 07 but library has Word 03 the settings are a bit different. I wasted time to tidy up things again. And only at home I realised there were 3 lines whose font was somehow changed! If I were the marker, when I see this kind of thing, I will definitely think "wow this person clearly copy pasted from someone else and forgot to standardise the font". -_-" Haiz.. Now I am irritated by the fact that I just did the bare minimum. I am sure other people would like put fanciful cover page (because the senior did that), put all the procedure etc (because the senior wrote that), put lengthy definition (because the senior had it too) etc etc.. Bleah.. Everything also senior senior senior yucks.. Stupid idiots.. No wonder everyone becomes so idiotic when there is no senior to refer.

The test was crazy today. It was deceivingly simple: 1 qn with 4 parts only. But I totally had no idea how to do the calculation. Is it taking the ratio of the concentration? Or is it the ratio of the amount? Or is it the ratio of concentration : internal standard? Sigh.. Apparently all gives answer 0.67% so I guess the answer does not really matter. What matters is the method. I hope I chose the correct one.. It was crazy to study for it. I skipped many of the lectures and thus I got confused about many things. But surprisingly, I had more confusion at the parts where I did go for the lecture -_-" Perhaps I must skip more hor.. Then if I skip I will not think so much and just focus on copying...

My work on last weekend was disastrous. Haiz.. It was my first time working alone.. Sigh and to be honest, it was my first time doing the busy door o_0 I did a fatal mistake of jamming the door.. I also overlooked 2 girls who were ready to have a 'picnic' inside.. How could I miss the big Subway plastic bags!! Sigh.. Now I am a bit reluctant to work.. sigh.. scared to do more mistake.. Bleah.. I guess must toughen up my mental and thicken my skin.. This kind of thing is normal in working life.. I hope things will be better this Wednesday..

I surveyed the ticket price to Korea.. It would be at least $1000. Haiz =( It is expensive but no matter what I would be going =) After my mum, it's my dad's turn to become a pain in the ass.. To be honest, when my parents start to talk about money, I would just literally explode.. It is not as if I am spending money like water and it is not that they give me a lot of money anyway.. They already dump me here, made me work my ass of and waste my youth just for the return of like maybe $20k per year.. And out of it, most if not all goes for school fees, hostel fees and whatever living expenses which I feel that my parents should pay instead of using my wage! So it is extremely shit if I cannot even take a freaking few k's for a holiday! Not like as if I go holiday around the world or I go holiday every year.. And not like as if when I go overseas, I just go for holiday. When I went to Sydney, it was because there was World Youth Day and I think it's once in a lifetime chance.. Similar thing with Cambodia, it was also for YEP, something which I don't think I will ever have the time to experience if I didn't go last year.. Same thing for now, I wanna go because it is the last chance to experience this kind of lame student conference. Of course I don't deny I also wanna to go see other countries. I am not as pathetic as them to be proud of my-son-in-singapore kind of thing.. Yucks.. They should know how pathetic their kids are.. I don't even know what US is like, what Europe is like, what Disneyland or Gold Coast is like.. Perhaps it is a good think that I'm stuck in a pathetic course that does not allow exchange programme or otherwise I will have another war with them..

And lately I have been woken up by a dream of dog biting my ass lol.. The last one was the best la: 2 dogs! One at each side lol.. Though when I have a dream involving pain, usually i discover that my sleeping position is wrong.. Either I lied on my arms or my bolster was under me already haha..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nodame Cantabile - The Final Score part 1

It is another continuation of Nodame and Chiaki's journey in Europe. Just like the 2 special episodes, there will be 2 movies: the first one (this one) is more about Chiaki and the second one (will premiere in Japan in April 2010) will be more about Nodame's story. This movie mainly presents Chiaki's struggle to salvage a dying orchestra and Nodame's struggle to catch up with Chiaki in order to reach her goal to one day perform in the same stage with Chiaki.

My opinion:
The BEST nodame live-action so far. I am thoroughly amused and laughed for several times. I thought the SP last time were already very lame and hilarious and it is just unbelievable that the director still managed to come out with even more lameness and fun. The anime-ish cut scenes to depict Nodame's crazy delusions were just crazy. Lol.. some people may find it over-the-top but I find the scenes are still appropriate. The more hilarious parts are of course the lame acting scenes, complete with the lame facial expressions and lame voices: from a kamehameha fight, Nodame ran around happily to distribute flyers with the Hallelujah playing in the background., and Nodame attacked Chiaki out of jealousy. Haha.. The best part for me is still the acting on the parts of Tanya and Frank, especially when they were dying because of Nodame's curry (that reminds me with the crazy curry cooking lameness too lol). Chiaki made a lot of funny and disgusted expressions too! Haha.. But still, I don't like the parts where he throws around Nodame. And this time, it is really an eyesore because I can obviously see him throwing a manequin. A bit fake to me..

Story-wise, I think that the author has run out of ideas for Chiaki's story. The plot about him leading a half-baked orchestra is a repetition.. boring. In the drama, he was faced with fellow students busy with their own personal life and to me, that is almost the same with the adults busy with family and work in the movie. There is disharmony in the orchestra too, a problem he previously faced, just that the reason for the discord is different. A bit of failure to me.. I want a bit of realism so I also find it unrealistic for his new orchestra to prepare a concert is just 3 days and that concert turned out to be an epic failure. It's like a performer knows that they will present shit in a concert, something very unlikely to happen.

Nodame's portion is a bit better developed than in previous live-action. Here, she is shown to be more determined and at least she has a goal: to one day be on-par and can perform together with Chiaki. This is a great improvement than the mindless chasing after Chiaki previously. At the end, she is so sad when she realises that Chiaki is getting better and better and she wonders whether it is still possible for her to chase after him one day. However, Nodame's parts also have fair bits of repetitions. I hate the parts where she is jealous of Son Rui and her playing was affected: an exact thing happened before! Worse, she didn't want to perform (even when Chiaki invited her)! It looks more like she is being jealous, rather than she is feeling inferior to Son Rui in terms of playing. Bad bad..

Near the end of the movie, there is a short scene regarding the Japanese orchestra members. It is good to see the old characters back (in fact, the casts don't change.. I like haha.. I just hate to see change of casts in a series) but like in the SP, these characters seem to be fillers only, with no story regarding them. Though from the preview of the 2nd movie, these people would have greater role. Oh ya, the Jean and Son Rui are also a bit redundant here. I guess, they could just be removed. Son Rui appears just to make Nodame jealous? That's so o_0.. Jean is depicted to have a concert but that's just it. So he is there just for his girlfriend to have a kamehameha fight vs Nodame?? That's another o_0

My afterthoughts:
It is a great comedy. Hehe.. The music is still great too. Wow.. there are so many lesser-knowns great classical pieces out there ^^ However, I am glad and it is appropriate for the series to end soon. Yes, just another movie left to close the whole series. I can seriously tell that the author is running out of ideas and already hits a dead end to develop the characters. The more spin-offs made will just make "Nodame Cantabile" name only known as a comedy series.

I like the way the conflict between Chiaki and concertmaster is being resolved peacefully. This kind of conflict is very real in working life, especially as a junior/new employee facing an irritating senior/colleague/boss etc. If I were Chiaki, I would already screw the concertmaster lor! Haha.. I guess it's one lesson I can take.

I also see my working style is similar to Chiaki: I am mean, nasty, frank, blunt, and results-oriented. I don't give a damn on how much effort you put in as long as the result is shit, I will still call it a shit. I don't think it is wrong but I don't think it is very correct either. Well, whatever if it is, I hope that in the end of the day people will still say I do a great job. I don't care about the "rude", "bitchy", "nasty", etc parts as long as there is the "good job" part. Haha..

And again it is shown that jealousy and/or chasing after someone will not yield good result of happiness for the person. Jeez.. I will need a better reason to do something in order for me to do it well and not hating what I do.. So now the question is: must I do FYP? I hate it! I don't want to do it. I am doing it because so is everybody. Sigh.. That's not a good enough reason :(

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I just went for a free medical check up this morning and I can confirm that I have a pretty bad hypotension indeed. My reading was 100/62. Taking into consideration that I was quite pissed with my friend before the reading (I could feel my heart beating hardly against my chest) and I forgot to go toilet before the reading, 100/62 would already be an over-estimation. I wonder how low I can go. Sigh.. But it maybe because I didn't eat for 16 hours prior to the measurement (8 hours of fasting were enough but I had my dinner at 630pm the previous night). No matter what, I had 3 consecutive 100/60-ish readings in the last 6 months so.. Maybe I should not donate blood anymore.. Anyway with today's blood taking, my left arm already looks like an addict's arm with so many needle marks.. The marks from my previous blood donation were still there. Don't know what the nurse was doing siaaa -_-

I bumped into a friend who is studying medicine and I asked her for recommendations. She said exercise or eat more red meat. Lol.. to me, the choice is very obvious. It's like asking me whether I want to slim down or I wanna get fatter. Of course I want the former! Lol.. But I am lazy :( Haiz..

I am surprised that my weight was 59.3kg only. Bleah.. I never stepped on my weighing machine for quite sometime already because it has always shown 61 or 62. So either my own machine is spoilt or the machine I stepped on this morning was faulty. Haiz.. I shall not be in denial.. I am very sure that I am getting fatter and fatter so how can I be only 59.3kg?? My stomach is already like a pig. If someone kill me and sell my meat, I think my stomach will be very fatty and delicious.

I better sleep now since I will be working for 2 shifts tomorrow. Lol.. In the end, I never touch my lab reports also ouch...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just cleared a test today. I thought I was "well" prepared for it but apparently I could not really do the paper. Lol. I had the feeling that looking up antibiotics in the textbook would be necessary and it was indeed correct. Too bad last night I thought I had no more capacity to spare for the antibiotics and I paid the cost of my negligence.

To be honest, my COPD quite sucks. I cannot even distinguish between exacerbation vs worsening of chronic cases. I wonder what I will do in the future o_0. To make things worse, I don't know whether it is necessary to add up to 3 bronchodilators or whether it is the time to go up to add inhaled steroids. Sigh.. In the guidelines, this kind of decision is always based on PEF values but in the test question, there was nothing about PEF values. It was all vague descriptions regarding the worsening of the symptoms. Haiz..

Bah anyway I just checked the textbook (a bit too late eh?) to discover add glucocorticoids if repeated exacerbations! Gosh! I never see the bolded part before :( Now it makes sense the questions mentioned one person had 4x exacerbations in the last 2 years or something while the other person had much less (cannot remember the figure)!. Bleah..

Another shocking discovery in the textbook is the inflammation process+cell and chemical mediators difference in asthma vs COPD! Yup.. it was the COPD structured question. Haiz.. The notes only include the cells and I made up my chemical mediators. Anyway I anyhow tikam the process. Ironically, the last slide I read before the paper started was the diagram with all the cells involved. So sad that I had no chance to read the following TWO slides regarding the inflammation process and effects!! Gah.. otherwise I can crap a bit more intelligently. The second structured question was on orthostatic hypotension and unfortunately I only memorised the definition. I crapped on the symptoms and management. Bleah.. the teacher already warned "don't give me an essay" and I bullcrapped pretty long while in the notes: symptoms were being described by mere 5 words o_0

Don't be an extreme! Haha.. Previously I always find it very weird for those people who are super-duper-mega-holy. Now I discover that the other extreme are equally scary too! Lol.. Religion/faith/belief is always a sensitive issue and I have yet to discover the thinkings of those people who claim to be atheists/agnostic/freethinkers etc. I am honestly interested in how they think about this life, the happenings of this life, and the afterlife. While I was not born to a particular religion, God called me pretty early in my life. And thus I never remember the time when I was a freethinker. I am very very much interested in this topic lol..

Well talking about extreme, I am also an extreme in another aspect. Lol.. About CCA stuff ba.. I had enough! Lol.. I guess being a leader is bound to attract a lot of hatreds. When you show kindness, people will take advantage and worse, people will call you weak/lenient/etc. In contrast, when you are being just and fair, people will just bitch and call you heartless/ruthless/ngiau (??). And in this aspect, I am sad to say that I rather people know me of being ruthless and ngiau than people undermining and questioning my integrity when I am showing favours to some ungrateful people.

Hmm.. the weather is lovely today so I shall use the tiny bit of free time (before hecticness of Pharm Anal kicks in) to update my blogs. I guess it's time for me to add few games and animes that I have finished lol..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good mood hehe..

My mood is pretty good today after the test. Haha.. so surprising rite? Firstly, I realised that my first CA was upon 20. Thus my 13 was not too bad.. Lol.. at least it was not 'barely pass'. I guess I should be able to get an S for the elective. Today was the second CA and I felt much much more confident than the first one. There was less calculations and those few calculation questions were pretty straight forward. More questions were related to RNA/DNA/protein so they were more doable for me. I hope I score pretty high and can safeguard my ass, I mean my S. There is still another CA which carries 50% and I am pretty worried for that one. After physics, bio, and chem, the next part of the lessons would be about computing, something I totally never do before. Since I am already struggling like mad for physics that I used to do, haiz... I need God's help for the upcoming CA.

Just had tutorial on a case of Diabetes+HTN+dyslipidemia. To be honest, I am quite surprised that I can recognise the strings of drugs used. Lol.. Though it is not so useful if I don't know the dosing and side effects etc. But still, I think it's quite amazing to be able to recognise them. Lameness aside, I have pretty much to prepare for this Friday's test: COPD and HTN. Sigh.. I am feeling very tired today and I don't think I can study. That leaves me tomorrow and thursday. I am crossing my fingers here. Haiz..

Time flies so fast and New Prince of Tennis has reached chapter 25. I finished everything on Sunday. Lol. To be honest, I feel the plot was rather sucky and lame. Gosh.. the training is getting more and more 'adventure-like' like those from Naruto or One Piece kind. Lame... Then it's just ridiculous to see secondary school kids play against high school kids. It's just not possible at all levels.. Imagine the difference in the physique alone! Bah.. Though it is good that Ryoma lost (at least that makes the story more realistic) even if it was not shown on how he lost. And I certainly like to see Yukimura beat Sanada. Wow.. Apparently his YIPS-thingy can even affect the best players. Hehe.. Shall see how the story develops.. but I don't put my hopes so high. Haha..

SNSD? What's that? Lol! I am pretty shocked that despite readings newspaper quite often, I don't even know the latest in thing! Gosh.. I even know about Super Junior and their "Sorry Sorry". Perhaps they are not famous enough? Lol.. But apparently they are very famous. Hehe.. I am not a fan though. Pretty? Yes. Dance moves are quite impressive and cute too. But their acts are a bit too 'sweet' and 'cutesy' for my liking.. Urgh.. cant take it... Just not my type of girls. Haha.. I rather those feminine, sexy (but slutty), sensual types. This group is just too flirty and bitchy for me. The songs are not that appealing too. Sorry girls.. Please sell your talents (songs, dance, face) instead of selling sex appeal LOL. At least last time, I do agree that Wondergirls and its "Nobody" song are pretty good :)

A very catchy tune according to a friend of mine.. But I beg to differ.

And to my friends who are big fans of that group, I always let them see this video to tease them. Hahaha.. They will go "ewwww" and "eeeek"

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My stand regarding points in my CCA has drawn another hatred and curses towards myself. Lol.. I guess that's just a proof on how well I have been doing on my job and yet another person proof herself to be a complete ass.

Here goes the story: there is one bitch who bitches around on how she hated me for taking away her cca points in the last minute without letting her know. Ohohohoho.. Now here lies the faults in her argument: firstly, it's not HER cca points! She had yet to perform and she had yet to attend ANY bloody practice. Thus it's not HER bloody points. There is no free lunch in this world so go work your ass off to earn those points :) Second fault will be the "last minute". We waited and gave her chance (and obviously since she's a bitch, nothing good can be expected of her) that's why we waited until the very last practice before the closure of the CCA point keying in period. We let her know that she was already removed and she should bloody know being removed means her cca points will be taken away, it's just a matter of time. In fact, she should already know that skipping practice => removal from performance => bye bye to points, something that we have stressed since last year. It's just that we have to go through to our parent club and someone from there will settle the points. So perhaps it's last minutes but again, she should know that when she was removed, the points were not hers. Third fault, why the hell she needs to be told regarding the points taken away? OMG, who the hell she thinks she is? Contribution to club = almost nil. Attitude = pathetic, never even told us why she skipped the practices, never even LIED on why she had to skip either. Likeability = NONE, just came for CCA to get her points, I don't think she bothers to talk to other people or even smile to other people, so I don't think people even know she exists in the CCA.

Of course the story doesn't end there. That's not enough 'bitchiness' to show how bitchy this bitch is. The bitch actually checked her points one day after the keying in period was over! Ha! So no matter how hard she begged, cried, and whatever a bitch is good at, there was nothing to help her. Then, she sent her bf to harass the president of our club regarding this! Yes, her BF! Instead her lame sorry ass to defend herself, she asked her BF! OMG! Now, after I know the other 'half' of the story, I just cannot imagine how low she can be as a person. Her biggest upset and argument is: she could have BEGGED points from her other cca if she was told that her points were going to be removed. Ahahaha.. Bravo bravo... Really nice argument..

The good thing is she still has got the brain and not bringing in this matter to yahoo group. If she does, I will not hesitate to spew out on how pathetic her behaviour is and let everybody know that she's that kind of person. But oh well, obviously I am not that nice. The moment I hear the same story from another party, I will jump into conclusion that her big foul mouth spreads the fake news too far, and I will screw her ass in the yahoo group.

It's unfortunate that she chose to mess around with me in the gossip..
It's unfortunate that she told me happily last year "Ohohohoho I skipped that performance and I got to keep the 7 points"..
It's unfortunate that despite her pathetic attitude in the cca, she still had the balls to run for exco position..
It's unfortunate that I was with her in some other cca for 2 years and I also know how pathetic she has always been in other cca..
That leaves nothing positive for people to see in her..

Oh well, part of me wish that she will not be able to get accommodation next year but another part of me think that if she gets accommodation, then perhaps she can be ashamed with what she has done now: the point is not out yet and she already quickly jumped into conclusion that she has not enough points and is blaming for that. Whatever the outcome is, it's a win-win situation for me while it's a lose-lose situation for that loser.

And I heard that she has yet to get a job. Hmph not surprising that she can't get any. Her attitude just sucks to the core. I wonder what she put in her CV. I wonder whether she has got any good story to tell interviewers regarding her experiences like bitching, spending time together with darling, and cheating cca points. No wonder...

Well bitch.. good luck for your future endeavors.. I hope I will never see you again.. And I hope this episode can teach you lessons in life. Life out there is cruel.. so if you cannot even juggle school and cca, if you keep on hoping someone to be lenient for you, if you keep blaming on other people for your actions, then ... (fill in the blanks yourselves..)

Ah and one last thing, last year, she got free points and she boasted about it.. perhaps to other people she bitched around on how stupid the people were to give her the free points.. and this year she bitched around on how stupid people are to take away her points.. so what does she want? Lol.. apparently whatever people do, people will still be bitched around by her.. What a bitch LOL

Ahaha... I am so bad.. but I just cannot help but to post this video..
Anyway the ending is funny LOL

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My moodiness hits the climax today. Haiz.. I have been having bad days, especially regarding food. Tuesday always sucks because I need to rush for food. To avoid queue, I decided to get beef ball from the indon stall. I thought it was beef ball noodles that's why I rejected the rice. Sigh.. so I ended up eating 5 balls with tauge and green leaves only. Bleah.. Yesterday was another food blunder. There was no more chicken so I had to order dory. And I ordered grilled dory instead of crispy dory because the person in front of me said grilled dory. Perhaps the good thing from that was I never said "dory cutlet" instead. Yup.. I really wanted to eat chicken mah. I wanted olio also but the uncle gave me normal spaghetti also. Haiz... Though at least the cream sauce was thick (and good) instead of the normal diluted disgusting one. Haha.. I am quite surprised that despite my moodiness I still accepted the wrong dish instead of making his life difficult by telling him that I ordered something else. Anyway, there was something very funny. The uncle asked the person in front of me "Do you want cream sauce? Tomato sauce?". The girl replied "I don't want tomato sauce. I want chili sauce!". Lol.. clearly the girl never bought spaghetti there yet. Lol..

Today lab was another big punch to my stomach. Bleah.. Finally, the stupid experiment to collect urine is here. Bleah.. it will definitely affect my quality of life. And what's worse is, it makes me unable to sign up for work this weekend. Sigh.. I am more disgusted to see that the measuring cup and the measuring cylinder are yellowish! Bleah I cannot imagine that they were used by so many guys and came into contact with their urine ever since the stupid experiment was put into syllabus! Haiz.. It's kinda very very surprising that the panadol is not an expired one -_-

My elective is getting more worrying. My 1 page crap for the previous assignment was totally wrong. Today's assignment was another mistake. Gosh! I spent my time for nothing. Only 2% but still. Haiz I am getting very worried. Seems like I have to hog the book this Saturday and rot my day away to prepare for CA2. T_T

In today's Heart, Mind, and Body there is an article about sleeping disorders, namely regarding OVERSLEEPING! Yeah.. Haha.. There is one called narcolepsy. Someone suffering from it can just fall asleep anytime anywhere. I don't think my sleeping problem is that bad yet. So perhaps another condition: sleep aopnea? I cannot really tell because the person who is sleeping cannot really tell about this. Anyway the terms explains a condition where someone is not breathing for a certain period of time while in sleep and this can cause death! Oh gosh... I hope I really have this.. I can die peacefully in my sleep :) The last one mentioned is depression.. Sigh.. Am I depressed again? I thought everything is going alright for me.

Haiz.. I am kinda pissed with my progress in doing my lab reports.. I shall start planning my time for the dumb urine test then...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have not been writing for almost 2 weeks. Wow.. Haha... surely I will have a lot to say :p I shall start with the good things first ^^

My CAs have been okay so far. Hehe.. Not flying colours, but not too bad either. The important thing is I am satisfied :) Just had practical test today and I am so glad that suppository did not come out! Otherwise, it would be damn rush and stressful. I just hope that I did not do stupid mistake (a minor mistake but can cause me to get zero straightaway!). If everything is okay, I am sure I don't need the retest.

I have been busy playing FF7 Crisis Core and I am glad that I completed it yesterday (finally fiuh...). I can have a life outside PSP again finally. I shall write more about the game when I have free time. Lol. I spend less and less time on facebook. Particularly because I don't have those games that force me to log in every few hours. Yay!! Haha.. God is amazing indeed. Last Lent, I was addicted to Cabal. And when I was at the peak of my addiction: the server crashed and I could not log in for few days. Lol.. This Lent, a major change happens in Country Story and that makes me no longer wants to play the game. Lol.. Are they mere coincidences??

I finally passed the test and now a confirmed usher. Hehe kaching kaching that means a pay rise ^^. I worked for 2 events last Saturday and it was very tiring. It was quite 'boring' because both events were actually the same drama. But really, it depends on the audience. During the matinee, nobody laughed and the drama seemed to be very serious. But at the evening, everyone was laughing like crazy and it seemed like a comedy. I find the play very funny and interesting. But still, I hate plays! There are things which seem I cannot understand or are deliberately left unanswered for the audience. Now it's gonna tough for me to find an appropriate slot to work. Lol. As a newbie, I can sign up like 24hr before an event because there isn't much competition. But now.. lol.. must plan my schedule. Unfortunately I cannot sign up for anything yet..

Ok here is where the bad things start..

From this week onwards, I will have a CA or an assignment due at EVERY week. Haiz haiz haiz.. I am so sick.. I am getting very worried for my elective on next Tue. I really hope I can do better. There are more biochem stuff and less physics/calculations for the coming test so I hope I can pull up my grade. It is no joke if I end up getting a U :( I also have not started on my lab reports. Bleah.. And another chunk of drug names to be memorised for next Friday. Aaah..

CCA season is 'over' and I am positive that I have enough points :) But I am getting sick of some people who are very uncommitted and indecisive. Haiz.. Very pain in the ass to work with these kinds of people. They got not shame while mine is just too big. Bah bah bah.. Maybe my hypotension is getting worse that makes me damn moody and tired. I have enough sleep everyday but I keep feeling tired. Something is wrong with me!

Anyway, my tiredness makes me very irritable with people around me, especially my classmates. Bleah.. now I realise that I don't like A LOT OF THEM! Gosh.. Must choose my hospitals soon and I hope I get a near one on top of not stuck in the same place with people I don't like. I shall not elaborate or otherwise I can keep on ranting until tomorrow morning..

And today, I learnt that 2 of my friends are already attached. Huhuhu.. when will my turn come??? And I finally overcame my laziness to dig out my stuff to find the manual for my watch (I thought I left it at home but actually it's with me here lol). I cannot stand it anymore, it is getting way too fast then the actual time. I managed to change it back :) though at one point of time, I was thinking of just throwing it (only $30 anyway and it's been 3 years) and just get a new one. Haha.. It's gonna take sometime for me to adjust to the 'correct' timing shown by my watch now. Lol..

Ok bed time liao...