Monday, August 31, 2009

Highly Distracted..

The first CA of the semester is coming in less than 7 days. But I am still unmotivated to prepare for it. Haiz.. I have not started mugging properly.. I only read the text book and write down few additional stuff to the notes. The book is so boring.. I am giving up and I decide that tomorrow will be the last day I am doing that. Wednesday onwards, I will just start mugging whatever I have in the notes.

Patho is just so sick la.. The pictures are damn disgusting.. 1 picture on the notes were beef steak look alike which actually is lungs (dunno what happened to it). The brown colour meaty substance with streaks of black parts really resemble a steak after being grilled. Haiz.. It really supresses my appetite. My stomach was not particularly well and I got the feeling as if I wanted to vomit.. And yeah.. the pictures in the notes.. they really induce vomitting.. And my notes are in black and white.. Perhaps I will really vomit if I have the coloured version.

I had a weird dream last night. I went to buy a durian bread! Haha.. It was at a bakery shop (like bread talk like that).. I am quite sure that it was not durian cake or durian puff, it was durian BREAD! Buy that will give me 60 bonus points somemore.. Lol.. Dunno what points seriously..

And here comes my biggest distraction.. I really wanna get a PSP to play Final Fantasy Dissidia :'( Someone please be generous and give me :'(

The Game Cover

And while searching for when the game will be available here and at what price, I found out things which will rip off my money: the figurines from the game!! Aarrgh! I will be broke.. But wait..!! After more research.. I changed my mind.. Omg.. the faces are damn ugly lor..

One with the best expression in this set

Naughty and Mischiveous

Ugly.. Never like him anyways..

OMG! He's pouting! Such a turn off!!

My favourite character!! Okay.. I will skip the set and just buy Squall..

But.. OH NO!!!

Upon zooming, his face is damn emo o_0
I will still buy him anyway la.. Hahaha...

Conclusion: packaging is deceiving.. but hey.. zoom in to the bottom right corner!! That's maybe the reason for the ugly faces!! I want the Made in Japan ones have or not?

That sums up my post :) So glad that this is the first picturey post after dunno how long already hahaha...

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Waa my study plan was ruined yesterday. A friend asked me to go a 2hr dungeon with him and I ended up playing up to 4hrs last night. Haha.. Crazy cabal is sucking my life away. I ended up sleeping at 2. And guess what, I need to be at school at 630 this morning. So I only had like 3 hours plus of night sleep.

So what is so good about this event I signed up for? Lol.. the answer is nothing!! OMG! It was worse than the event last week. The queue for the helper was longer than the participants. They had so many helpers until there were no enough t-shirts for the helpers. Madness.. There was no duty allocation. At some point of time, one of the organisers would come and shout "Can I have xx volunteers come with me please". So -_-

So what happened to me? I ponned.. Lol.. I was lucky that I got the LAST piece of shirt.. I signed attendance and I left haha.. I totally cannot be bothered anymore. Someone e-mailed the organiser regarding cca points and only 2 points will be awarded. It is useless so I do not care! Haiz.. but now I feel guilty because I stole that last shirt T_T I hope bad karma and retribution will not come back and haunt me.

Anyways I had a bad morning. I never know that there are two different stairs from KE7 to Science.. I took my group to the wrong one this morning and ended up losing our way in NUH.. Trust me! Hospitals are freaky at the dawn.. I was surprised to see the kids in the Children Ward are already up that early.. I HOPE what I saw were real kids!!

I picked up my cheque from Watsons on Friday and yay I am so happy!! Haha.. Got money lol.. even though the amount was not that fantastic.. Haiz and my friend came to tell me that Final Fantasy Dissidia US version is out.. AAAARGH!!! That's a very big temptation for me.. Anyways.. I have been telling myself that I will buy psp when the US version of the game is out.. And now it is really out.. I watched the trailer at youtube.. and I am really drooling.. One sad thing about the game is just: the US voice actors suck!! Haiz.. Why is not there an option for Japanese dub with English subtitle.. Haiz haiz..

It's mirrored so it may look pretty weird.. But hey.. I downloaded the proper version already!! Lol.. Squall vs Sephiroth FTW!!

And this is the video that drive me nuts to buy the game!! Can have different costume OMG that is sooo coool!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


This month is just unbelievable! I cannot believe that I had 4 servings of Swensens sundaes within 4 weeks! OMG! That would be so fattening.. Haiz.. But the ice cream is too good!! Lol.. I had Sticky Chewy Chocolate (still my all time favourite!), Banana split (with 3 different chocolate ice creams), Durian Supreme (new flavour and my new favourite!! yum.. yum..) and Milo Indulgence. The last one was disappointing though. I could not really taste the Milo.. and the chocolate crunchy balls (I dunno what they are) were gross.. Jeez.. I should have tried my Banana Split with 3 scoops of durian ice cream haha..

Birds are dropping dead literally. In just 1 week, I had 2 occasions seeing dead black bird. One was at science canteen.. and the other one was yesterday. Ew ew ew...

Lethargy has finally dawned upon me. Haiz.. I have enough sleep.. in fact I am sleeping earlier than my sleeping time for the previous semesters. While I am able to wake up better in the morning, throughout the day, and worst in the evening, I am feeling damn tired.. Even playing games cannot keep me awake. Walawe.. like that how to study -_-! I guess I need to exercise.. It is just amazing that I felt more awake the day after the loong and tiring Sunday event than now when I have enough sleep.. But.. arrgh... I hate to exercise!!

CCA nightmare is back! Lol.. I seriously just hate CCA point leechers.. Haiz.. I cannot believe that there is a worsely organised event after what I experienced on Sunday. I signed up as a bazaar helper (it was over yesterday) and for next week blood donation drive. However I received no acknowledgement whatsoever.. What the fish! Haiz.. The list of exco was just sent today and aaahh... no wonder.. so few locals.. mostly cca point leechers.. no wonder..

Talking about CCA, I succesfully got the VP post for Angklung. Tomorrow (I mean later) there will be first exco meeting. I am crossing my fingers. What types of people I will be working with? Another group of CCA points leechers? Haiz haiz.. I hope not.. Well if they are.. I will not be at disadvantage too.. I will join in the bandwagon.. haha.. 6 vs 1 I will confirm lose in my attempt to change them!

I still think that school is relatively slack now. But wait.. after I saw my friend's calendar.. I realised that from next next week, there will be a CA every week! Aaargh... Mugging season starts!! I am prepared to put studies as second priority this sem. Haha.. Especially since next weekend (the weekend before the CA), both days will be spent for First Aid Course I have signed up for.. However, an e-mail came today which stated that they would prioritise the new exco.. Soo?? If I do not get it.. I will take it as God's sign for me to mug for the CA haha... But seriously I rather mug harder next week to compensate the weekend.. I really wanna learn the First Aid. So if I have to go somewhere else or some other time, perhaps I really run out of energy and enthusiasm..

Lastly, I wanna write about my phone. It is aging!! Previously it could survive 1 wk+ before it required recharging.. Now the battery does not even last for 5 days. Haiz.. I am really tempted to change phone. Especially since I was given a Singtel brochure. Woohoo.. changing to Singtel would give me $200off handset purchase lol.. But if I do that, I will need to pay M1 for breaching the contract.. Another option: add $100 to get new phone from M1.. the timing is just nice. I have finished 12 months of my contract.. Haiz.. Difficult choice!! I want new phone.. If I get from M1, I need to tahan with M1 for another 2 years.. At the same time I really wanna change to Singtel.. but that has to wait until next year.. Aaargh!!! I want a new phone already before my K800i met the same fate as my Nokia 3350.. It is as worthless as junk now.. Maybe if I want to trade in.. it's me who has to pay the person who takes the phone. Lol

Okays.. Good nite!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

EXPerience is EXPensive

Let me share my very first experience in helping out in a sports event. Haha.. My senior asked me to join as a helper for this event called Legs and Paddles. She enticed me with the good shirt and good goodie bags. Even though I joined mainly because I thought it was good to try experiencing something I never tried before, the "good shirt and goodie bags" boosted my interest level to maximum. Lol! Saturday was the briefing day and yesterday was the event day. My senior shocked me when she said the event would be held next week.

On saturday we found out of our duty. We were in charged of water point! Damn slack haha.. On top of that, we got the water point in the main area! Lol.. Therefore we did not need to walk the 5km route in the middle of the day to see where we would be doing our job on the event day. Haha.. So even though it was quite dumb to waste the Saturday like that, I have nothing to complain.. at least I was spared of the walk.

I had a lousy start of the day on Sunday. It was drizzling.. and the first bus only reached my bus stop at 612 (I reached the bus stop at 545). Since I am a good boy and wanted to come punctually at 640, I decided to take a cab until Harbour Front followed by MRT to Dhoby Ghaut and finally taking 16. "Luckily" a taxi came. Unfortunately, the driver only heard "Harbour Front" and missed out the MRT.. He overshot and I had to stop at a bus stop in a dark scary path (I think I walked past a cemetery) to walk back to the mrt station. There goes my $10 cab fare. And ooh la la.. the first train started at 620. Fantastic.. So lesson of the day #1: buses and trains start damn late on Sunday!

Thank goodness there was 65 which went to Orchard and I could continue on with 16. Surprisingly, I was not very late and I was the second person to arrive haha.. The first one was my senior because she cabbed all the way thanks to oversleeping up to 610. Lol.. and on the day before, she was insisting on meeting at Kallang MRT at 615! Wakaka.. Lesson #2: taking 65 from Harbour Front allows me to reach Orchard faster than taking the train. Haha.. I only know this after 2 years.. OMG! Haha..

Water point job was really donkey job lol.. In the morning, I rode on a pick-up to drop stuff to the station under the bridge. Hoho.. It was quite cool and very windy sitting behind. Lol.. Nice.. After that, I was supposed to help out in any other areas which lacked in people.. Just because nobody was drinking so there was no need to man the point. Lol.. Firstly, we had to help out carrying canoe (damn heavy!) and the paddles. Secondly, I was sent to replace the guy at the U-turn of the running route. OMG.. I was given no map whatsoever.. The u-turn was about the mid-point of the route so basically I did my 2km or morning run. Jeez... What pissed me off was: the guy whom I replaced was getting a picked up to return to the main area. Wtf.. I should be sent by the lorry to the place while picking that guy up! -_- In the morning it was quite dumb.. I think after I arrived, I only saw about 6 runners. Gosh.. But still not too bad for me.. at least there was another marshall a few steps from me.. So it was not that boring. One person shared about runNUS event.. and her sharing made me wonder whether I should go next saturday.. Haha.. I guess this event has given me the experience lol.. no need to have more :p

Lunch time came.. and food came damn late.. and the food was damn sucky since I hate chicken rice. Lol.. another 2km walk because I wanted to get more water and to get my valuables from the main area. Then we returned to the bridge water point where we were supposed to have our lunch.. Lunch came like 45 mins after we arrived and 10mins before the next event started -_- Rain came.. The good thing: we had extended lunch break.. The bad thing: the event was postponed. Haha.. But okay la.. at least the people there could talk and surprisingly we all hate ragging wakaka... And I learn few secrets from other rags ohohoho...

Work resumed.. This time there were a lot of runners haha.. I felt a bit grossed out. I gave out stickers to them and in return, I received their sweat, germs, and Kallang River water.. My right palm must be very contaminated haha.. Some people said thanks so it was not too bad. One interesting thing was there were few occasions that the runners expected me to stick the sticker on them. o_0 cannot imagine touching those wet shirt yucks yucks lol...

It was starting to rain when the event was going to end. So?? Ran again to the main area T_T and that summed up the day.. I do not want to count how far I walked and ran yesterday lah.. Haha.. Though I learnt another lesson: actually my stamina was not that bad despite have not run at all for the past 3 years of my life. Lols.. The day was over with a biig disappointment over the goodie bag.. Haha.. The only valuable thing was Men's Health (worth $6) haha.. the shirt is also not every good de.. Lol...

The aftermath: I was dead tired.. I decided to rest from 2100 to 2230.. But I did not hear my alarm AT ALL. I woke up at 330.. My phone was charging overnight. Haiz.. The batt is already lousy now it is gonna be worse I think :'( Anyways, I woke up with an aching left arm.. It has got to do with the carrying of the kayak.. My left hip is also a bit painful if I press.. The kayak has dislocated my fats perhaps LOL! However, my legs did not feel any exhaustion. Weird eh.. Despite the exhaustion, I am sincerely surprised that I was not sleepy during classes today. Perhaps it is really true that exercise improves blood circulation, concentration, etc etc.. I should exercise more!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another week has passed and it is time for me to blog again. Haha.. And this happens to be my 300th post lol.. I suppose there is nothing significant about that. But since lately I only blog once a week, hitting multiple of hundreth post is very special. Haha.. Okay I am writing crap..

Entering the 2nd week of school, laziness has finally set in. Other than GEK lectures, there were temptations to skip morning classes. Haha.. I skipped none but I came late for lab on Friday haha.. Surprisingly, everytime I wake up in the morning, I no longer feel lethargic like last semester. That also includes my waking up at 445 today. So is it because of my tiger eye's stone? I shall see how the coming days will be.

Lessons are getting tougher. Haiz.. Med chem is really a deja vu of PPDA.. unfortunately, I totally cannot remember ppda stuff.. Worse, even after reading the notes again, I cannot understand.. I wonder how I got my A last time.. Amazing.. I fell asleep in the one of the lecture.. and after watching the webcast I discovered that I fell asleep within the first 4 slides (that was less than 5mins) of the lecture. The teacher speaks like a shotgun... I had to do the webcast with 0.8x speed.. Previous webcast I am always able to watch at 1.6x speed. That means I cannot skip the lectures since watching webcast will consume more time..

I went for UCC usher interview and I got the job. Yay.. Haha.. Though I need to invest heavily for shoes, shirt, and belt. Haha.. I just bought a pair of shoes yesterday for $19.90. I think it is quite cheapo because the brand is nobody's brand. But since I happened to be at Toa Payoh yesterday and I don't have plan to return there soon, I decided to buy it. At Taka fair, there is G2000 black shirt $13. I wanted to buy but I forgot my own size. I need to got here again some day before the end of the sale. The belt is the problem since I have not seen any good one. Add them up and I need to work for at least 12 hours to earn back haha...

I signed up as a helper for Legs and Paddles which was held today. I shall leave the stories for the next post.. Because I am damn tired now.. I guess I will sleep for a while

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New sem.. New mindset..

Year 3 has only begun but I feel as if my uni life will come to an end very soon. It seems like there are still so many things I wanna try and I wanna do but there is no time to experience them anymore. Sob sob.. Anyways, I have decided that I will do things I never do before for this year since it is like the last opportunity already.

Firstly, (Thank God) I managed to join Red Cross :) I want to learn First-Aid since I am totally noob about it. Based on my preceptorship experience (I do not even know the difference of the different types of bandages and I also do not know what First Aid Box contains), it is something that I cannot run away from in the future when I work. So it is good to learn now. Haha... The CCA looks damn serious and xiong.. Lol.. And I felt them old during the orientation today as there were not many year 3s. Haha.. I was a bit (actually it was more of VERY) irritated with some people from some countries. Jeez.. Act as if they are good leaders or something -_-I just hope the exco will mostly be the locals. Lol..

I did not really know many people from today. Haha.. My memory is just bad.. Combine that with names in foreign language and I totally cannot remember names. Haha.. Must work together then can remember I suppose. Few things that I learn today: I fall on "reluctant leader" category; working with P.R.I.D.E means people run I do extra; cats' bite is more dangerous than dogs' (I thought can get rabies from dogs?); and many more. Lols... Anyways the First Aid lessons will kick of only in September.

Their OCIP project looks very interesting to me, even though it will be in China. Haha.. The last year's project was also in China and I saw snow! Lol.. and the living conditions did not look too bad either. But sadly, the trip will be May-June so I can say bye-bye. Since it will be my last chance to go APPS next year, there is no way I can change away the preceptorship. Sucks la...

Next week will be UCC interview. Since I missed out Exxon interview etc, I decide that I should try out this one even though the return is money instead of cca points. I asked my friend and I suppose 3 shows per month commitment is not that easy to fulfill. Haha lets see how it goes..

I am also thinking of running for Angklung exco. The post I am most interested is Student Conductor but I am really worried that the practices will clash with other things then I cannot go. Haiz haiz.. Headache sia..

Liddat then lessons how? I still have a friend asking me to play tennis somemore! Lol.. everyone says this sem is the worst. I can roughly feel the momentum is building up. So far first week was good enough. I managed to do the tutorial 1 week beforehand. But I still need to read the book because I do not really understand about the thyroid thingy.

Aaargh stress liao.. I wonder how I aced my JC so well: all A, 3 ccas, 2 exco, 2 olympiads, 2 S papers with very little problem. Now I am like doing rubbish in uni... The difference between uni and jc is only laptop and internet.. These are very detrimental eh?? Bleah... I guess I have to sacrifice my life in front of computer and start more useful things.

Hmm I guess that's all about my busy first week.. Haha I hope after few weeks, I will start to lose weight. That's a good thing on being busy (not busy body :p).. I do not need to exercise but can lose weight haha..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So old..

The academic year 2009/2010 has officially begun! The week 0 was quite happening for me.. I poped in for few days of the orientation week. That made me realise that I am feeling very old already. It seems that I no longer possess the energy, the vibrancy, the enthusiasm, and the youthfulness once I used to have. Lol.. After watching rag preview on Monday and doing some stupid Bukit Panjang thing, I came back super shagged.. and I sprained my calf o_0. So old already nia lol...

I finally had the chance of experiencing "ragging". Lol.. Half a day was enough to make me conclude that it is just not my cup of tea. Haha.. That wire-twisting, floppy disk-breaking, and painting work would be my first and last one. Haha.. Perhaps doing it last year (when pharmacy was competing and eventually won) would be more meaningful. But life is a choice. Haha.. I sacrificed the rag last year for my Sydney trip and FOW which I do not regret. Lol even when I see the new students, I do not think that I would enjoy this FOW as much as last year. Haha..

Talking about rag, I somehow feel that generally the performance was not as good as last year.. Do not talk about the halls.. They are always one level above the rest. Haha.. I am amazed with their details which could be seen even from afar. The carousel (which moved) was really stunning.. the different parts of a whale which move synchronously was great.. and some of the under the sea costumes were awesome.. One thing I do not understand is that how come there were so many similar themes: namely ship (sunk ship, pirate ship, airship, watever ship) and under the sea. For the faculty club, I think my department's effort was pretty good. If we were allowed to compete, we will definitely won few awards.

After rag, I went with a few friends to eat and play Bridge. Lol.. 3 hours went very fast when it comes to playing cards. Lol.. It was the first session where there were a lot of washing, a lot of no trump, 2 times when one of the winning pairs won zero set, and few times when I got imba set lol.. (13-1 for one round). Haha.. So for cards, I will still be quite young.. Oh ya.. it took place in McD and the frappe of McCafe was horrible.. Coffee Bean's Double Chocolate is still my favourite.

I also had a blood donation (the first after 14 months.. holy cow!). My senior asked me to donate for a friend.. I almost wanted to not go because the previous night I went for the night walk.. Due to exhaustion, my blood pressure was borderline pass (100/63). No wonder I answered the AIDS question wrongly.. Haha.. The doctor warned me to drink or I might faint. Lol.. When I told the nurse, she was more worried and asked me to eat (free food of course!) first.. After eating, I felt better :) even though in the middle of donation my vision went blur for a while (first sign of fainting). Lol.. And after all was done, I got another coupon for free food! Now I know how to get 2 meals. Hehe..

I learnt few things on that blood donation. And this excludes the way to get 2 meals lol. Firstly, due to my Lariam during YEP trip, my platelets are not donate-able for THREE years (holy cow!). So loong.. Sigh.. but at least I can still donate blood.. I thought I could not donate anything at all! Secondly, I learnt that if I faint during a donation, the bag of blood is not full, I am as good as having and accident and wasting my blood. The reason is there is anti-coagulant in the bad.. And if the bag is not full, the ratio will not be right and the blood will be unusable. So.. it was worth it to drag myself out of the bed to go to bloodbank that day! Hehe..

Okays.. I guess that's all and Happy National Day, Singapore!