Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering 2008... Hoping for a better 2009...

2008 has been a mixed year for me. It is a year of irony and contradiction. I had so much fun and excitement, even though school work really weighed me down. I made some new friends although my friendship with my old friends took a U-turn and I feel more lonely. My spirituality should grow this year but somehow it was the opposite that I am experiencing. Yeah.. Let me just rewind on events that made up my 2008.

I was eager to welcome the new semester after the surprising Year 1 Sem 1 results. Unfortunately, it was pure dumb luck. For both semesters in year 2008, I did rather badly. My cap is constantly dropping. The disappointment comes from the modules that I did not expect to do that badly. Seeing the last 2 semester, I have finally concluded, the later the exam is, the worse my results will be. In addition, PRxxx3 were always my worst module. I hope there would be no PR3103..

At the beginning of the year, the semester seemed to be slack as only 3 modules were allocated. But my electives tired me out. Projects and endless Chinese work. The other semester was even busier with the 6 modules I took. And Chinese 2 was just too difficult for me although I enjoyed the class. Well, no matter how much I dread it, I am still grateful and believe that the Chinese modules have improved my Chinese. At least my hardwork is useful for the long run. Haha..

Yah so finally I know that I will not be able to shine in my cohort. So I shall just enjoy the learning process and take one thing at a time.

Social Life
I had my first (and last) OGL-ing experience. It had to be some divine intervention that I had such a great people in my OG. Considering how shy I am, it was great to get a more outgoing people in the OG. I think my OG helped me more than I helped them. Haha... And it was great to know so many new friends. Ya.. the friendship continues on and does not die. I hope it will continue on. I treasure being friends with them, somehow I feel more relaxed and open to themas compared to my own cohort people. Ironic. Still, I also get to know more of the people in my cohort.

With my 6 modules and taking different modules (and different SP lessons) made my relation with my clique a bit drifted away. Not as meaningful as the previous year but I am still very glad for the people in my clique. We are in great synergy. Haha... I hope to patch things up next sem.

My trip to Sydney gave a bunch of new great friends for me. Too bad many of them will be graduating next sem. Haha... After that it will be quite challenging for me to make new friends for me to remain in my CCAs. Sigh...

And sadly, I have to bid farewell to someone I always think can be my best friend. After so many ups and downs, I have finally decided to say goodbye. I think it is no longer healthy to keep such a friendship. Too much pain, fakery... I am just tired...

I had my baptism.. I had the life changing World Youth Day experiences... Yet I had the worst Christmas this year. And towards the latest quarter of the year, I feel that my prayer life is in ruin. I hardly pray... and I hardly have a time for myself to reflect on my relationship with God. Haiz... Well, it is New Year.. I believe it is time to mend and start a new prayerful life. After all, the greatness of this year was all due to God's grace: the fantastic trip to Sydney with total strangers and I came back with great friends, the great FOW despite my initial fear and worry, the missing of deadline to submit SP tutorial selection that helped me to get the best tutor, the last minute (I bidded 5 minutes before closing time) intervention for me to bid for my 6th module which helped me to reduce the drop of my CAP, I was struggling in my Chinese 2 but lucky I had a senior who lent me her work and some friends+my sister who helped me write essays/speech, I got my payment 1 year after I quitted my work in 2007 (it was exactly a year.. I fired myself in 12 April 2007 and I received a phone call that I would get my payment in 12 April 2008.. the call came a few minutes before mass began... lucky I decided to answer the phone).

I am looking forward for more divine intervention to change water into wine :) Without it, my 2008 would be a shit.

This year I clocked the most mileage as compared to the other years of my life. I visited 5 countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I hate travelling but still I enjoyed these travels. Lucky I went to Bangkok in August. With all the ruckus in their airport recently, I don't know when I will be able to go there if I did not go in August.

I finally bowled this year. Haha... Great great great... Have been wanting it since dunno when... Lol I think it's more fun than playing pool. Lol.

Too bad I could not go home this year end holiday. Really really sad.

The busy schedule made my entertainment life sucked this year. I only watched animes at the beginning of the year. As the year was ending, I entertained myself with The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives every Monday. There was simply no time for me to watch anime. My Spiral is not completed yet... After so long... Lol.. Code Geass R2 is my target next.

I guess it was because I played Cabal and facebook games to often that I have insufficient time for anime. Lol...

I don't really buy so many anime books this year. Haiz... I am still hurt with my wrong investment in one Code Geass book. Oh well, as I went to Kino yesterday, I found 2 new books I wanted to buy. One is Code Geass book (this time I am ABSOLUTELY sure it is an ILLUSTRATION book) and one is a square enix compilation book..

I also wish to buy an iPod... or a PSP..

ZERO exercise this year. Sigh... Cambodia made me drop 3kg yeah... It was really a surprise (I kicked my balance at first cos I did not believe that I lost weight) as I felt that I was getting fatter. I guess all my muscles have completely been converted to fats. It's time to exercise perhaps..

And my eyes :( I am going blind soon :(

That's 2008 for me... Sayonara...
And welcome 2009..!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YEP 2008: Dispense A Dream - Cambodia

Day 1
One thing that caught my attention upon landing was the cool weather. Wew... Unfortunately my wish for such good weather to continue was unfulfilled in the days to come. After landing, we had to walk from the plane to the airport, it kind of reminded me of domestic airports in my country. But I was surprised to see that the airport itself was very good and modern.

The area was not really surprising for me. I have seen similar conditions (improper roads, villages, etc) in Indonesia. One thing I did not find in Indonesia was the dust. It was so red and dusty. We had brunch before going to the first school at Puok District. It was rather torturous as I was eating in high alert in order not to get diarrhea in the first day.

At the school, we played and interacted with the kids. One memorable thing for me was when a boy asked me how I felt. I told him I felt hot. He replied me that he was happy. I was like 0_o... Diao! Wrong answer. Lol.. After that was lunch and a visit to some dunno what temple (after seeing temples with gold in Bangkok, temples with yellow shiny paint did not interest me at all) and crocodiles (which were rather scary). We went to the other school and the game on that afternoon was too tiring for me. I ran 6 laps -_-... Crazy...

Thereafter we went to the orphanage where we stayed for the next few days. It was better than my expectation. Yihaaa... At least there was proper toilet and plumbing. Good toilet means good life for me haha... Travelled through dust storm in our search for dinner. With 3 meals on this day, I concluded that the local food was very very tasty! Yum yum..

Day 2
The first time I saw the school we fund raised to build. I was shocked and disgusted as the land was made of shit (more correctly there was a huge pile of dung to be mixed with the land). From that I always refer to the school as "The School Built on Shit". The kids were so dirty (unlike the kids from the previous day) and I could not stand them. Sigh... We went to market after that and the amount (not number as I don't think the flies were countable) of flies was just so huge!! Maybe there were more flies than humans. And the flies were like pets for the people there as they did not bother to shoo away the flies from the food sold there. At night, water supply was cut off. Wat the hell...
Day 3
Had to play with the dirty kids against. Gosh I could not stand them... It was my team's turn to cook. As expected, I was quite useless. After that we cleaned the house and the girls' bedroom. As my team members' attention was fixed on a cockroach, I saw a rat. I screamed like mad (a good stress relieve though). We tried to look for it (to chase it out of the room) but we could not find it. We tried to think that it was a lizard and I saw wrongly. The dirty house+seeing a kid spat on to the water tub in the toilet+water was cut off previously (and that meant I showered with some spit water) really made me very upset and moody. Bad day no 1.

Day 4
Painting began!! I loved it! Haha... I also drew a clock. So so but not too bad for someone who could not draw. I am still quite proud of it. At noon, the rat appeared again and the team decided to break the news to the girls and we embarked on a mission to chase the rat out. It was quite fun actually haha.. At least I know I did not see wrongly the day before. After that, we went to Cambodian swimming pool (apparently it is a lake) and had fun there. I made a fool of myself and successfully fell down TWICE from hammock. There was no toilet and I had to go pee in the bush... The survival instinct to made me forget about landmines (should not have gone too deep into the tree areas). At night, the toilet bowl choked after I used it. Holy shit! Still a bad day for me... Why people still threw tissue paper to the toilet bowl... and why the toilet had to choke when I used it.

Day 5
Teaching began =( The kids were rather unresponsive. So sianz... That was why I did not teach in the afternoon (though my team should be doing so) and I went to paint instead =) I did not play with the kids too. Yay... It was also my lucky day! I had a lucky streak when playing cards on that day. I was always King or Queen except for the last 2 games when I became the asshole. Lol..

Day 6
I did not why but I felt very tired after I woke up. I was quite glad that I went to another school in the morning (not the unresponsive school I went on the day before). Sadly, in the second hour, I also got unresponsive students. They were to shy. Haiz... I tried to reduce my food intake and I was surprised that I survived till dinner time. From the day onwards, I took less food then the days before (when I ate more than usual as I did not want to fall sick). I was quite touched when 2 kids offered me food at the school as I had never played with them before. Considering the hygiene condition (I would never know if they had touched the shit on the ground or wat), it was extremely nice for me to eat the soggy cracker and half-eaten oreo. With that, I also ate road side ice cream in the afternoon. Thank good I had no LS due to these food. Lol. While it seems that I had a good day, my mood took a U-turn in the evening. I started to lose patience to some people. It was really taxing for me to surpress and hide my displeasure.

Day 7
Cooking day. Nothing much or interesting to tell.

Day 8
It was the final day of painting of the Angkor Wat School (the official name of the School Built on Shit) and I would say that we did a great job. That was why I took photos of the paintings and camwhored with many of the paintings. Haha... Camwhoring made me high and my craziness continued during the Xmas carol practice. Someone kept saying I sang well. Lol... Though I know I sucked in singing, it was still a good thing to hear. Lol. After lunch, we went to have a Cambodian Neoprint. It was damn slow and gross. On the way back, I kind of lost the way. Lucky still managed to find the way safely. Haha...

Instead of teaching at the orphanage, the teacher said I could continue my paintings for Xmas decoration. Yay! Haha... Dunno she really thought my drawings were good or she just did not want me to disturb her class. Lol... Frosty, candy canes, jingle bells were done. But the highlight was Rudolph which I drew from Bambi. Wew... My talent in drawing is not bad sia... Lol...

In the evening, I entertained myself with a group of people by playing Super Puzzle Fighter. Lol.. With a good luck, the maximum consecutive wins I had was 6.

Day 9
We visited Royal Angkor Hospital. It was a jaw-dropping hospital. But I wondered how come there was no patient. Lame... I was disappointed as I did not see the helicopter (yea the hospital has helicopter service). It would be good to take a photo with one. Haha... After that we went to Siem Reap Center Market. I was so disappointed to find out that it was ONLY a some souvenir shop centers. I expected an aircon-ed shopping malls. Sigh... Had lunch at their Holland Village area. My beef steak was very tough but I shall forgive them as they charged me wrongly by US$2 less despite me breaking a glass haha.. We also went to the traditional market in the city. It was much cleaner (and significantly less flies) than the one near the orphanage.

In the afternoon I continued on with last minute Xmas decoration. Made a copy of rudolph, plus a gingerbread man and a nutcracker. I had to thank the painter. I thought the nutcracker was ugly but after it was painted, I thought it was good. My reindeers looked like dogs after painting. What an amateur artist I am! I also blew few balloons and took some pictures with 2 camwhores in the making. They are still so young yet they really liked the camera more than me. Haha...

Day 10
Finally we moved out of the orphanage to the guest house. I found that my room was too hot. It turned out to be the slyness of the guest house people. They made fanspeed 1 as the fastest and 3 as the slowest. No wonder it was so hot... Finally I could floss and put rubber band for my teeth again.

I had a sore throat so it was another bad day for me. Still I enjoyed the great Pizza for dinner. My choice (the 4 cheese) was fantastic. Hohoho...

The trip to BBU (is it Bright Build University) was quite pointless. Dunno for wat. I enjoyed the traditional cakes though haha..

Day 11
Whee... The visit to Angkor Wat!! :) I learnt a few facts I did not know about Angkor Wat before: 1) Angkor Wat is not just a temple. It is a complex with 12 temples. Lol. Angkor Wat is just one of the temples.
2) Most of the temples are of Hindhu origins. I always thought they were Buddhist. It was only after the Buddhist kings came into power that they removed the Hindhu gods statues and replaced them with Buddha statues.

Some of the temples were quite challenging: very steep to climb up and climb down. It was like mountain climbing. I enjoyed it though. It was a pity that most of the temples were in a pathetic state. They started the restoration work too late I think... What a pity... Ah and seeing some of the people paying respect to the Buddha reminded me that I had missed Church for 2 weekends... and for another 1 weekend... and for Christmas... OMG... Forgive me God..

The entry was US$20. Very ex... The entry pass was quite cool though. Had a photo in it. And the toilet in the complex was pretty nice. Hoho.. It was my first time taking jumping photos. Lol.. The first try was damn gross... The lump of fats at my abdomen was exposed =(

I had a great dinner. The name was Fettucine Basilica. It had ham, onions, tomatoes,and cream sauce. The tomatoes were sweet and the taste blended well with the cream. The cream was so thick and yummy and rich in taste though it was small in amount (which was good and not soggy like Pastamania). FANTASTIC!!

Day 12
Mass Drug Administration began. It was super boring and tedious. Wearing of the mask and gloves was quite cool though. Haha... There was a temple near my station so we visited that. It was a very 'ugly' temple. Only like some random rocks being stacked together. Lol... We also had Swensens in the night. The sticky chewy chocolate was not as fantastic as the one I usually have in Singapore. My sore throat and blocked nose became too unbearable and I started to take medication.

Day 13
Results day... Results were as bad as last sem... Cap dropped even further. Haiz... My gloomy mood made me went out alone in the night. I was honestly scared. Lol... Dunno why that night seemed to be less crowded than usual. I did not get the shirt I wanted to buy as the shop was closed. The furthest I dared to go was to the bakery where I bought the weird Earl Grey Tea Muffin.

Day 14
Mass Drug Administration to a village far far away. I went to their toilet which was a proper toilet. However, the water has 1 layer of oily stuff. I don't know what.. Ew... The dinner at Dead Fish Tower was not fantastic. The place was great with the ducks and crocodiles but not the food. We also had some crazy fun with the singer before we left. Lol.. After dinner we went to the night market. The Dr Fish experience was so damn cool. I remembered seeing it once in TV and I thought so gross to do. I tried it... and I recommend it to people!! Lol... Christmas Eve celebration at a cafe called Funky Monky but the US$2.50 chocolate milkshake was crap. I went to the ladies (did not know it was the ladies)... and I played pool. Won and lost once to a friend. Not bad considering it was like the 3rd time I played pool. Lol.

Day 15
Shitty Christmas!!! My worst Christmas so far.. The Mass Drug Administration was getting to unbearable and boring. Add sore throat and a cut on the calf to that... Crap!!

Day 16
Last day of Mass Drug Administration. Being stationed at the school was damn fun!! It was tiring as there were a lot of students but it was easy as the teacher lined them up and they had similar age and weight. Lol... So no need to ask for the age. I was sick of all the Yukman... Mui.. Bi... Bai... Boon... Pram... Etc... With the gloves and directing the kids to move, I felt like some traffic police.

I went to buy souvenirs. Only managed to cut the price by US$2. But since the shopkeeper was nice and friendly, I shall forgive her. Lol...

I felt so tired that in my afternoon nap, I dreamt about having a nap.. Lol..

Artisan Angkor workshop was interesting but the trip to Handicap International was not as what I expected. I was bored.

The lake trip should be fun... Too bad the devil possessed me and I had a bad mood. Sigh... I wanted to take photo but dunno whom to help me take. Sigh.. Wasted the good photo taking opportunities. The sunset was good though.

Day 17-18
6 hours trip to Pnomh Pehn.. Shopping... Visit to a Killing Field..
The hotel room was great... The toilet was soooo huge. Lol.. Nice toilet means good life for me...

Day 19
Flying back to Singapore.

I felt the trip is quite useless for me. The only useful thing was the fund to build the school and the painting of the school. I don't think the kids were benefitted by the English lessons. All the lesson materials, posters, hygiene stuff, and even games were not used. Basically all the meetings, time wasted, effort, etc was wasted. I only generated $40 during the fundraising so I did not really help to build the school anyway. And I did not really play with the kids. So I really did nothing for them basically...

I did not enjoy myself thoroughly either. It was quite sad to go there with nobody (yeah... not only no buddy but nobody) as at times it felt quite lonely. I am glad that I find new friends whom share similar thoughts with me there. At the same time, it was quite sad to see how some people I thought I was close to treat me: worse than those I was not very close too.

Well, what's over is over... Many good memories... and some bad ones... But too bad that the bad ones hurt and affected more... Oh well, I just need to recall the reasons why I wanted to join in the first place: CCA points and to experience an oversea CIP.. Both objectives have been met so I shall be thankful. It was still a good experience... though it could be better...

Back from Cambodia

Returned safely to Singapore yesterday. With my friends, we celebrated a friend's belated birthday at the airport. It was quite nice to have people waiting for me outside the airport. Haha... No family here so nobody ever picked me up at Changi Airport mahz.. It was great to be myself and with my friends again after 19days of act friendly act nice and act patience. Thanks people :D Too bad the one who took photo for us was a lousy and he took such a lousy picture. Haiz...

Unpacking DONE
Laundering DONE
Uploading photos DONE
Resting NOT DONE
Blogging about the trip NOT DONE
Dental visit LATER

Shall see what I can do after I return from dental and going out with a friend later :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going for YEP

Hi everyone.
Tomorrow 6am I will be leaving for Cambodia (11-29 Dec).
The worst part (packing) is done. But I am still lazy to go T_T
I just hate travelling. And the thought of leaving a comfortable life here is very burdensome.
I hope my trip will be fruitful.
This year is the 2nd consecutive year that I am not celebrating Christmas at home :(
Early Merry Christmas to everyone :)
I hope I will have a safe trip and will return safely to Singapore.
Still, 23rd December will be the worst day ever!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Disney Christmas

Christmas is so near. And I will be very sad this time. I am unable to watch my favorite Disney Christmas movies or listen to my favorite Disney Christmas cassettes. Thanks to technology, I can still enjoy them away from home. My blog song is called "A Gift of Love". It is an original disney song from the album Twelve Days of Christmas. Too bad at Imeem nobody has the full album. Then, below are the movies I like to watch.

Mickey’s Once Upon Christmas


Mickey’s Twice Upon Christmas
Ending Song

The best part in my opinion is the Goofy's story :) I love the song. But my question is: Who is Goofy's wife? Lol...

Mickey's Magical Christmas Snowed in at the House of Mouse


Links updated on 25/12/2010 :)
Added Snowed in at the House of Mouse on 25/12/2010 :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lourdes Experience 2008

Woah... I just had a really long day. Left hostel at 7am and reached back at 10pm.. I don't know whether I think this experience is good or bad. Now I know more about Immaculate Conception and the story about the Lourdes Apparition. Haha. Ok I shall just list some interesting events/things or some things that I found interesting:

1) It was quite a cool experience as I could enter the Singapore Indoor Stadium and explored (backstage, storeroom, balcony, etc). It gave me the feeling of watching concert there... Or even having a concert there lol. I went up on stage during the set up to ask where to put the rostrum.

2) Rostrum is a new word I learnt today. It is basically the podium, the heavier/nicer looking one. I had to carry a damn heavy one. Well I carried it with a friend. We had to transfer if from storeroom to ABOVE the stage. Walawe... It was 50kg plus I am so sure... It was even heavier than lifting up someone. Sigh...

3) The lunch was surprisingly high class. Well, for a meal to cater hundreds of people, the food from Seoul Garden + Breeks supplier is definitely a treat!! Yay...

4) I was doing medical station. Lucky there was no casualty. Haha... So it was stoning all the way after the thing started at about 2pm.

5) At one part, there was someone crying hysterically. I thought the person cried because of touching experience by the Holy Spirit. Apparently it was not. It was more of like possesion. I never attended healing rally or watsoever so I really cannot tell the difference. I guess now I have a rough idea. But I wonder how come there was not anyone who fell down/fainted. So unlike those healing rallies shown on TV.

6) Dismantling stuff is faster than assembling. Haha... I got to 'play' with the banners. Lol. Was helping to remove and pack up the banners. Lol... And during the rehearsal, I was acting as the cross bearer lol... I am not an altar boy so it was a preview. Lol... I am a bit mad hor... Ah and the final part of cleaning up was rather fun. We had to search every part of the stadium to find cards stuck on the floor. Lol.. It was like playing a game to find as many clue cards as possible.

7) I saw a lot of ugly sides of Singaporeans. Sorry to say that... but it's true. There was an auntie who was begging me to let her use the Gents. W T H! She thinks the toilet belongs to me meh? Wat the heck lor... Got another 2 aunties asking toilet in a very rude manner and sarcastic even after answer was given. F U la...! I hope you did not find one and wetted your pants. I did not do ushering so I did not witness the ultimate proof of kiasuness. I heard a lot of people jostled and competed to get the packs given as souvenir. Really so wat the hell lor... I am sure many took more than 1.

8) The day ended quite sadly for me. I was expecting to get the water for souvenir T_T Mission unfulfilled. Sad la.. Haiz... Should not expect for such thing but still... Nevermind la... I shall go to the source of the water itself. It was quite demoralising to see one lady who only has one functional limb which is her right arm. Both her legs are prosthetics and her left arm is disabled. It made me realise how blessed I am with my perfect 4 limbs. But still, seeing this kind of thing usually affects be quite badly. I mean... I imagine how she carries on with her life. I really don't know. I just find it quite cruel for someone to get this kind of life.

Ah ya I got the chance to listen to the supposedly best choir in Singapore. Hmm... I saw no eccentricities from the conductor (unlike the stories) but it was quite stressful to watch their rehearsal. But I have to say that he is amazing. He sings perfectly and I like the way he conducts as he moves around and stuff. Lol... But honestly, I saw/heard nothing special from the choir lor. Music-wise, I am still more impressed with the organist in my ex-choir. He is a pro! Talented people are sometimes weird in one way or the other. Oh well... Better than me I suppose... No talent but weird/lacking in MANY ways T_T

Thursday, December 4, 2008

PR 2103: Pharmacostatistics

Haha 2 days late but never mind... The paper was quite random. Some questions were too long and anyway I did not know the answer so I just anyhow whacked (only A or B, 50% chance of hitting the correct one). I am just glad that the last question I was right to use Fischer's Exact Test. Was not really sure actually. The Chi Square was a bit worrisome too. Well nevermind.. I am not confident with this paper or module. In fact, this whole sem is quite jilat. I am just glad that it is over. Looking back, it was really a tough busy hectic semester. Thank God that I managed to survive.

After the paper, my clique celebrated birthdays at Shokudo which basically is a Japanese Marche. The only thing worth mentioning is the Ice Kachang Greentea thingy. Lol. The green tea ice cream is nice. And the colour is GREEN!! Haha... My favourite. No link but oh well, PR2101 states that colour and preference are closely related for consumers. Haha...

1st day of holiday was used up for YEP stuff. Sigh.. From 930-1700, I was at school. Result: I felt a bit dizzy and headachy in the night. Now I wonder how I will survive on Saturday. 830-12200 at Singapore Indoor Stadium (excluding the travelling time). But glad that it was all over. The posters were not as bad as I expected. And I was glad that I learnt 3 things: 1) my weak wireless internet signal is most likely caused by my wireless mouse 2) how to use Paint to copy a certain colour (without wasting time and straining eyes adjusting 2 colours until they match) 3) perhaps I should get photoshop to aid me instead of using Paint. Haha...

At night it was confession. Haiz... Everything is rooted to my lack of prayer. I will listen to the pastor's advice and hopefully it is correct. Sigh... Kind of lazy to go but oh yeah.. definitely better after going. Playing cabal now.

Level 45 Wizard
Cool eh? Haha.. I cannot wait till I can equip my green attire. Then my wizard will be so cool. All green (including the hair!). Wohooo...

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Amazing Race

Aaargh... I cannot stop myself from writing about it. I am extremely sad with today's episode. I almost cried. The team I like lost and got eliminated today. Haiz... The mistake was that the guy left his passport and money inside the cab. The thing I could not believe was that the cameraman knew about it (and shot/zoomed towards the bag) without letting the guy know. I have to admire the team's determination though. They still pressed on and asked money from passerby-s. And I am honestly touched with the Moscow people. They gave them the money. How nice. And some of them are just like some teenagers and workers whose appearances do not show that they are from well to do background. Such generosity T_T Oh well, at least the team won once last week.

Anyway, next week is the finale of the Amazing Race. Even if there is a YEP meeting, I will skip it. I am not gonna sacrifice my show. Haha... I hope Ken and Tina will win. Even though Tina is very bossy and irritating, I love her not kiasu and helpful attitude. For the past few weeks, I had seen her help other groups 2 times. That was wow!! Nick and Starr won too often already la. They don't need to win already. Haha... Although I know they are very good. They are winning because they are good and not because the other groups are lousy.

Haiz... I am so dead for tomorrow's paper. On the left is the state of my notes on Sunday night. On the right is the state on this morning. Yeah.. My mind is currently as messy as the notes. Seriously... I do not understand what is going on. And I am very scared..