Monday, July 30, 2007

Still about Harry Potter

Yihaa.... I am almost finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I only have about 50 pages left in my e-book version (about 5 more chapters to go). I was reading it last night and could not stop because the war part is so cool! JK Rowling rocks!!! I hope the movie will turn out to be good (unlike the war in the 5th installment). I suggest hiring Peter Jackson and don't give a damn if it is necessary to make the movie even five hour long. Hehehe... I shall continue and finish reading it tonight.

Since Harry Potter series has come to an end, now I am wanting to make my collection all in English. Thus I need to hunt for the first 4 books. I should have done this when the first time I came to Singapore 4 years ago because now the first edition is almost none in existence. The later print has suckier paper. I have to be satisfied with the thin 'yellow' paper. It is still better than the ugly dark greyish paper versions. Though the thin 'yellow' paper versions have very disgusting covers (holograms with hologram stars in the cover.... Yucks!). The Prisoner of Azkaban is almost certain to be bought soon. The Chamber of Secrets is very rare but I saw none of the Philosopher's Stone and the Goblet of Fire. Dang!!!!

Hurray... it's a toy fair again at Taka B2. No Saint Seiya figurines that I am aiming for (Cancer and Aquarius) but I found new 'waste of money thing': a sheet of paper with Gundam Seed Destiny pictures costing $5 each. Dammit :( My bad habit of unwise spending still prevails. Sigh...

My process of shifting in to PGP is 70% compelete. It will only be 100% on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to rush for my Student's Pass application (I hope I can make it). I am not sure whether I had written about my new hostel before. It has a condo-like environment. My room itself is quite small but quite huge for 1 person (I am contradicting myself). The only problem is: it is hot!!! The windows are opened upwards (not sideways) so how the heck the wind can blow in. Another eyesore is some sellotape markings on the WINDOWS!!!! Grossssss!!!! I checked the toilet and hey... it is clean and good (I hope the rest of the people can keep it clean) and spacious. Whew... The only problem with the facilities is the absence of IRON (and thus IRONING BOARD). I can't believe that I have to buy an iron (my stuff is already like 6 luggages) and iron on the table. It's a mad mad world. I also did not found the railing to dry/hang my laundry. Ah well...overall I am happy with my new place. I hope the friends and the lessons will be cool too. Ah... School is starting...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Stomach Flu

My whole plan for this weekend is ruined by the illness mentioned above. I missed the welcome tea today (I hope that there is nothing important being mentioned during the tea) and will miss the night cycling tonight. I think I had missed a lot of things, especially about the CORS. I read the information from the website and my head was spinning (whether my headache worsens or not, I don't know).

I will write more information about my sickness. It is viral air-borne disease and although the name is quite docile, actually there is an intestinal infection. As a result, I will always vomit after every meal (there is ongoing diarrhoea and fever and headache too). Once you contract the disease, you must see a doctor and take antibiotics (because it is caused by virus). I take 6 different pills after every meal because unfortunately no one medicine for the disease. Thus you take several pills for you fever, headache, diarrhoea, vomitting, and the antibiotics. Haiz...

Ok, I must log out soon because my head is painful again and I need to have my lunch. I hope that I will get better soon so that I can go for RCIY this evening and finishing my Harry Potter 7 (I am stuck at chapter 20).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter

I am suffering from Harry Potter fever. It was particularly bad last week because I had not watched the Order of Phoenix (I just watched it today) and it was exciting to wait for the Deathly Hallows to come out on Saturday (even though I did not buy it). I even had a dream in Harry Potter world and had a fight with Malfoy (perhaps I went mad but not mad enough to dream that I was as a character in the series... nope... I was myself in my dream). Such magic that JK Rowling (and Harry Potter) has. No wonder anti-Potters will say that the story and the magic is dangerous. It was not because of Harry Potter actually. I guess I was too tired after my flight. Because the next night, I was dreaming that I was in another fantasy land. This time it was Ryuroden (Legenda Naga). Again, I had something to do with the bad character again: Qing Long.

Okay, it's time to back into reality. Harry Potter 5 movie is bad as what many people said. Although it has not lost its magic touch, there are too many parts being cut or being altered. Too many that I am so lazy to list them down here. Cuih... I wonder what the stupid director was thinking. He did not want to make the movie longer than 2.5 hours. For goodness sake...the 5th book IS the longest book in the series. How can he gave the same show time as the 1st one? Idiotic!!! Amongst his so many stupidities, the only thing I find very UNFORGIVABLE is that the final battle in the Department of Mystery is bad...ugly...fugly...!!! The pace was too fast. I could not comprehend what was going on (it was ok in the book though) and the battle between the Order and the Death Eaters were merely black and white clouds flying and zapping here and there.

About the book: EXPENSIVE. Haha... It's the fault of the major bookstores that when the paperback is out, they slashed the harcover prices to as low as 10 dollars. I shall wait for another 6-8 months. To save money. Haha... But I guess by the time the price falls to 20dollars, I will just buy it. Anyway, I have the online version which I am pretty sure that it is authentic. Thanks to the person with nothing to do who typed the whole book. Lol... I am still pretty reluctant to read it because it will be to taxing for my eyes. But let's see until when I can tahan not to read or not to buy.

Haha...for now on, I guess I will crave my hunger for Harry Potter by buying the sticker book. As usual...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I hate this!!

Fiuh…Tomorrow is already the day that I have to return to Singapore. It is very difficult for me to do so. But life must go on so I have to face it anyway.

My past few days have been heartening. Although I wasted 3 hours online to search for Prince of Tennis GBA ROMs, I finally got all of them. Too bad that the Cool Blue and Passion Red (which I downloaded 2x each from different sources) are not working properly. I do not why. They always hang by the 3th service. Darn… I wonder whether it’s the problem with the ROMs or with the GBA emulator. The emulator should be fine because other games are okay. In fact, the newer Prince of Tennis games (Stylish Silver and Glorious Gold) are perfectly alright. I wonder why. I already spent so much time to get them and I really feel bad to my parents because they will pay the phone bill. I wonder how high the bill for this month will be. Sigh… Partly this is because of my preparation if I am getting my own laptop when I go to university.

A part of my happiness is due to a new doll that I just bought. It is a DOLPHIN!!! Yihaa… Haha.. So sad that I only got it 2 days before my departure, I had so little time to hug and sleep with it. Nope.. I am not going to bring it to Singapore… I should start thinking of a name for it. Hehehe…

Hmm… Gloomy days are coming and my brain just shuts down. I have nothing much to say.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Could not get what I wanted

My last weekend in Indo ended and my search for the missing Dear Boys 11 was unsuccessful. I went to look for it at 3 different places but it was futile. My search for Prince of Tennis OVA The National Championship episode 10-13 was also useless. The OVA set which I suspected to be complete was only up the episode 8. Sigh… I guess I have to wait until the next holiday. So I bought no new film at all this holiday. I was so tempted to even buy Harry Potter 5 but did not do so in the end. Watching the movie version is still more appealing. I even planned to buy 300 and some other brainless movies but I did not do so because my disappointment of not getting Dear Boys 11 was too great that my mood was really bad. Sucks…

While shopping this afternoon, I found some ‘unique’ t-shirts. Unfortunately there was no size for me (the one with straps on the chest, the dirty green shirt, the bright green shirt) and there was no Bugs Bunny shirt at the Looney Toons section. Haha… Sigh.. I still regretted that I did not buy the shirt with a very full round collar (the collar is strangling the neck). I have never seen that kind of shirt before. I should have bought it because lately I only bought shirts with unique/never-seen-before designs.

It was very difficult to get sandals (not slippers) nowadays. I am wondering what people wear nowadays when they go hiking or outbond-ing. Shoes?? It is so disgusting to dip into muddy river wearing shoes and bringing the shoes bag. Yuks yuks… Well who cares? I bought a pretty ugly sandals for a mere Rp 50000. Arrgh…

4 days left before I must fly back. Hmm… Sucks sucks sucks… I am so lazy.. Just the thought of what waiting me after I fly back makes me sick… Aaarghhh!!! I hope there are nice things I can find/buy there (such as the Prince of Tennis figurines I saw at Mangga Dua or perhaps Prince of Tennis 40.5 is already out or I am really hoping for the English translation for Prince of Tennis 10.5 and 20.5). Little time left and I have to download as many songs as possible. Haha… I hope the links for the GBA emulator would be fixed also.. Please…


I hate it when I have to wake up early (meaning when I have not enough sleep) and I hate it more when I am forced to go somewhere against my will. So last Saturday was a bad day because those 2 things I hate happened at the same time. I was forced to go for my dad’s office family gathering 2007 at Gelanggang Samudra (Dufan – Ancol). We had to be there by 830 though we already knew that other people would come late (anyway…my dad is the big boss so he had to show a good example). It was very frustrating for me because my dad was so enthu to go there for a mere 3-minute-long speech which nobody cared to listen to. Walawe… Okay….so looking at the bright sides, at least I got to eat the nice cheese bread and saw sea lion shows (pretty entertaining but believe me I won’t go there to watch this twice…haha..though my love for animals made me feel that those sea lions were cute animals and they were being tortured to be a ‘show’ item for damn humans).

After that, came the 4D crap show. The queue for it was so disgusting. I was more disgusted by the fact that Indon people were very bad queuers… Haiz…they kept jostling to cut queue although it was hardly significant in terms of the number of people that they could cut the queue. Damn idiots…!! Worse, they kept very close distance and I was very irritated by the lack of space for me to breathe. And just in case you are wondering how the heck can there be a 4D (4 dimension… not 4D gambling thingy) then you are smart!! No such thing as true 4D. 4D is 3D (breadth, length, depth) + another D. The ‘other’ D is very lame. It is vibrations (basically feelings). Damn disgusting lor. I wasted more than 30 minutes being sardined by discourteous, inhumane people for a mere less than 10 minute lame crappy show. It was a journey through the ice age, under the sea, and in the middle of a forest in China. Wow…very interesting (please…I am being sarcastic). And yup the 4th ‘dimension’ was the rocking chair and the water sprinklers. Alamak… The show was super ‘expected’. The surprising parts (such as appearance of shark and being attacked by snake) were not surprising (hello…the snake was already staring at your face for at least a minute). So I was very furious with the stupidity of the audience of shouting and screaming at these ‘expected’ things. Well, those parts were pretty scary (especially the snake… I have to admit that I was still quite scared though I already anticipated that it would lunge towards my face) so the screaming was still acceptable. It was very gross and crazy that they all screamed then the chair was rocking as if the ice berg dropped or the trees fell off. Alamak…. Lame people. But the ending was even lamer, the trees in the forest of China were dropping because of A PANDA!!!! Yucks… Waste my time siah..

My agony was not over with that. After that, we went to the Pasar Seni. It was irritatingly hot and I was sweating (my pants were so sticky) so I was grumbling all the way. There was an ASEAN fair so seeing all the nice food (though I was not interested in buying or eating any of them) and that quite lifted my mood up. There were 2 Viet guys singing a very boring song from their country and basically that was it. Then we went around (thankfully by car) as my dad was looking for Jimbaran restaurant (I hate seafood so I was cursing under my breath so that we would not find that restaurant). We found it (it was very deserted) and hallelujah… it was closed (I think it opens only in the evening because no sane person would want to have a meal in the middle of the sea in a very hot and scorching afternoon). Around that area, we saw some very grand houses (which have to be owned by some rich billionaires). Wow… they were still under construction but you could already tell how magnificent they would be. We were astonished and wondered how many maids the owner would need to clean the whole house. Haha… I wish I will be that rich.

Then we continued our journey to Mangga Dua and my dream of getting any anime DVD nd exchanging the spoilt Saint Seiya DVDs was shattered. Censored…censored!!! Arrgh… I saw Final Fantasy XII PC CD ROM and yeah!!! I want to buy a laptop… I don’t know whether I really want a laptop or not… Actually my biggest concern is my eyesight (the trouble when it comes to airport is second lah). I don’t know how lor… Well… had a bad day!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh noooooo!!! My mom’s laptop has been infected by virus(es). Although I ran the full system scan, nothing was detected. However, when I tried to run few programs which work on my dad’s laptop, they did not run here. Some files were missing/gone. It is just similar to my old computer when it had virus(es). Some files were gone though nothing was detected by the scanner. Shucks… shucks… I don’t know and I can’t do anything about it lah. It’s the stupid administrator’s fault. No administrative rights for this account and thus I can do nothing to salvage the situation.

Ah… Anger is a disease. I was so angry that my second part of my WeiB Kreuz OVA was spoilt when I played it in the DVD player. I remember that it was perfectly fine last time (which was like 4 years ago). I almost wanted to throw away the CD already but when I tried to play it using laptop, it was fine. Fiuh…

I ran out of things to do today so I re-watched Prince of Tennis The National Championship. Darn…it made me want to get the continuation (only the last 4 episodes). I hope this weekend I could find it when I am going hunting for DVDs. Sigh… I should just buy the full 2 disc set last weekend. I was too stingy because I thought that I already own the first 9 episodes. Aw….never mind about that.

The newest cinemags is out. It cost me Rp 38500 (super expensive) and I am totally disappointed with the Harry Potter coverage. Only 3 pages about the newest movie and the other 10-or-so pages of the coverage are only random rambling about some Potter facts. Even the bonus was like … er… I don’t know… not what I expected. Wand was already the bonus when Harry Potter 4 was covered. Wand again for now?? Chey… I was hoping robe or hat or whatever… Something new. Well, no matter how disappointing it was, I was still hooked to buy because of the wands.

Okay…few more days left before I return to Singapore. I am so lazy and just the thought of it makes me sick. Uh uh… Must download as many stuff as possible before I fly back. Hopefully the links for the GBA emulator is already fixed and I can get more good songs… Sssh….

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm ANGRY!!!!!

Woah…thank goodness that I watched Dear Boys anime last week. It made me wanting to read the comics again. I was just so shocked, really shocked, and angry to realise that I actually missed the volume 11. I did not realise that because from volume 10-12 is the match against Yokohama. So when I read that for the first time, I did not realise that there was no volume 11. Shit… The book was out about 3 years ago. I guess it is rather impossible to get it now. I had searched it at Gramedia near my house and asked my friends to look for it at the other branches far away from it but it had been always no stock. Damn it!!! Damn it!!! Damn it!! I was and am furious!!!

Actually I was planning to watch Samurai Deeper Kyo this week. But there was a change of plan and I watched WeiB Kreuz instead. It is a sad anime. Haiz… The creator is very cruel. All of the characters suffer because their girlfriends are always dead. Pretty bad huh?? I had finished the 25 episodes and will watch the OVA tonight (I completely forgot what the OVA story is all about).

Last weekend, I went for anime DVD hunt. Unfortunately, I got none. The number of anime sold is getting lesser and lesser. Shucks… That’s the end lah. Maybe because of this (that I could not buy any new title) that I decided to keep the Samurai Deeper Kyo for next time. Lol…

My phone bill for this month would explode. I will be away anyway but still… I feel pretty guilty. My hunt for Prince of Tennis’ songs is getting crazier as I have found several good sites for downloading. Yumm… Yumm… Unfortunately, most of the songs that I anyhow downloaded in the hope that they would be good songs turned out to be ugly. Waste of money and waste of my time. But still that did not stop me from kept downloading. I really have gone mad L I am looking for Prince of Tennis GBA emulator. Found a website but unfortunately the links were broken. I hope the whoever would fix those as soon as possible so that I can download the games before I fly back. Good thing that in the search of songs, I found a link to 1 of the games (Genius Boys Academy). So not bad. I am very elated to find 1 (though it is not easy to play the game) and I would be jumping in jubilation and exuberance if I can get the other 3. Hehehe….

So yup.. All my activities during the holidays is disastrous to my eyes… I am very sad but helpless to do anything about this. God please forgive me and return me a good eyesight… AAARGH!!!!!

It’s exactly a week before my departure for Singapore. I am very lazy to fly back…but how?? No choice!!! I must set aside some time to read the students’ booklet because there are some things that I still have to do for the university entrance stuff. Yupz… I shall start doing that NOW!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Long long time

Ahahaha... It has been a week without laptop and internet. Last week I had done with Prince of Tennis anime. I finished about 120 episodes in 7 days. That was 17-18 episodes per day. Pretty taxing on my eyes. Well...those days are over. Anyway it is a very very good anime. Now I am not sure whether Gundam Wing will still be my favourite anime. But I think it will be. Haha... Because I already like it even though I have not watched the anime completely. Well whatever...

This week has been relatively more relaxing for my eyes. Hehe.. I finished my Final Fantasy VIII. I tried to record the part of the ending which song I like but it was horrible (hmm...recording from TV speaker is always horrible). I guess I have to download the 12.2 MB version from the net, only to extract the particular 3 minutes part. Haiz... I tried but failed (only managed to get 5 MB plus and then the downloading went down). I don't know.

I also finished watching Dear Boys. Hmm hmm.. The DVD sucks. There are so many spoilt episodes (but thankfully those are still watchable). 26 episodes for a week... What a great drop of productivity compared to the previous week. Haha. I am not saying that the anime/story is bad (ermmm.. I am quite uncomfortable with the seiyuus actually). In fact, it is good in the sense that it is not draggy. I have watched several sports anime and I have to say that this is the least boring among them all. The matches are short (rarely extend beyond 2 episodes) so the good ones are really good and the less important ones are less important. Haha... I feel that this anime has pretty bad opening and ending songs. However, the BGM is very good and appropriate in building up certain atmosphere in the show. Two thumbs up for that.

There is hardly any good TV shows nowadays. Even the morning children cartoon shows are gone (and ironically, it is school holiday right now so there should be children wanting to watch good TV shows). The only TV show (I mean Japanese anime) I am watching is Baby & I. It is a very old anime but I still like it (though the anime is comparably worse than UFO Baby, the stories in manga is better).

Stupid connection!!! I am unable to upload the pictures. Darn darn darn!!!