Friday, March 23, 2007

Everything comes in 2

I no need to go to school anymore but interestingly, for the past 2 days, my dreams were about school. On Wednesday night, I dreamt about being late to sit for a 2A.M. History paper. It was really non-sensical because if I remember correctly, the school was across the Plaza Singapura. Okay that was too mad. Last night dream was more sensical. I forgot to prepare for Bio exams and on my way to school, I was rushing to mug Transport in Plants. I recalled root pressure wrongly as turgor pressure but the details were correct, including the casparian strip, salt secretion by endodermal cells (I wonder whether this one is true), and the capillarity and so on and so forth. Everything happened in my sleep (subconscious mind). I guess I have gone a bit crazy out of boredom.

During my lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday, my rubber band in my mouth snapped. The causes were fried dumpling and zinger respectively. I opened my mouth too widely :p

Yesterday the person with job offer called me. After asking some info and claiming to 'check the rules and regulations', there has been no follow up. Arh....waiting sucks...I hate waiting. This is worse because it is waiting about the job. Haiz....A friend offered printing t-shirt job for today only but unfortunately, I need to get my SVP at ICA. Wasted opportunity to get money :( Nah...

To end this with a higher note, I am at library and have borrowed Gundam Wing Episode 0, Blind Target, Endless Waltz, and Ground 0. Actually I have them all and read them all already. But because I am too free, I think these books will be great. I want to borrow Evangelion 7 too but only 4 books are allowed. I will finish Eva 7 after this in the library. There are other titles which I am interested to borrow (Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist) but they are incomplete (and not from no 1), that is why I am quite reluctant to borrow those.

I have been watching Yugi-Oh lately and now I roughly understand how the card game goes. This makes me more eager to go home and re-try to play my Yugi-Oh playstation game. I bought it long time ago and when I tried it at that time I did not understand any single thing about the game. So I only kept it for collection. Now it's the time to give it a try.... Maybe God knows my wish... No job means going home in April and I can play the game. Hahaha...

Hmm...I guess this weekend will be a good one with all the Gundam mangas...and Gundam Seed Destiny anime tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not Bad...

Hey... The library at Orchard is wow... I never know that library offers manga for borrowing. I am so delighted. Hehe... Though many of the comics are old titles and most of them I have already read and buy (such as Gundam Wing, Inu Yasha, Conan, Rave), there are few that I have never read before. I wanted to borrow Escaflowne but after I saw the artwork, I changed my mind. In the end, I borrowed Evangelion (3-6) instead. Why not from 1? Because no 1 is not available. So is no 2. Now I will not be so bored if I don't have job yet. Hahaha... The multimedia centre is also more 'private'. I feel more comfortable when blogging, not afraid of someone's scrutiny.

So basically, this is my 3rd week of jobless and boring stay in Singapore. This morning Aidah called and my spirit was lifted because of a possible job. Hehe.. The tuition centre to which I sent my CV never reply and I think it is a hopeless attempt too. It is almost impossible to get a job without connection if you are a foreigner and don't speak Mandarin here. Sigh...

I just went to Kino to browse through Prince of Tennis SMASH animation book. feelings are correct. I already had the pirated version. Unfortunately, the pirated version is very ugly (the paper), no wonder Comics discounted it up to $5 only. What a waste of money...but it's inevitable when you buy pirated stuff. I am thinking of buying Prince of Tennis 30.5 again because the one I have right now is of bad quality too. Sigh... $25 is gone already.

Overall, everything is okay so far today. If I can get a job (contacted by the person referred by Aidah), then it will just be a perfect day :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It has been a disastrous week for me. On top of not getting the job I was applying last week, I got fired from the only tuition I had. The first session went totally okay and I had no expectation that I would be fired, especially since the parent was like 'begging' me on the phone not to quit and dump this kid. In the end, the reverse occured. What is more irritating is that I was informed about the dismissal by the agency, not the parent. Shame on him lah. I don't know how much I would get paid for that one session but I hope it will be half of a month pay (which has to be shared with the agency...) because if I were the one quitting the job, I have to pay half of a month pay. I wish the same rule applies if I am the one getting fired.

Partly because of this (and the fact that in total I had called 28 agencies), I will stop calling tuition agencies! I will try to get an office job or a job as a tutor at a tuition centre (so I will be employed by the centre, not by parents). I saw one ad in yesterday's newspaper and currently I am chonging to get my resume done. It is so jialat because the library computer does not allow me to use ms word or to transfer photo into the computer. I have to ask my family in Indonesia to do this for me. Haiz...hopefully this hardwork pays off and I can get the job at the tuition centre although the working time is pretty bad... 9-6 in the weekends... I wonder when I can go to church.

Talking about church, I experienced the first (and I hope it was the ONLY) time of kneeling at the floor. was so uncomfortable. I always thought kneeling on the floor was alright but actually it sucks. So next week, and next next week, and next next...week, I will find a seat which will guarantee that I won't be kneeling on the floor.

But hey...not all things were bad this week. I bought a handphone sticker of Fuji Syusuke. Actually I am looking for Kikumaru but I don't think there was or there would be any. I think Fuji is a better choice then Ryoma or Tezuka (act cool guys with unfriendly and smileless face :p). By getting the sticker, it also means that I have found the 'casing' (actually it is not really the casing but whatever you call the thing is, it is the case to protect the screen) for my K800i. Yesterday, I went to M1 shop and got my internet settings done. Woohoo...although using internet from handphone is definitely more expensive than from the library (which is already quite expensive). It is 10cents/10kb. So let's say if I want to download an mp3, it will be roughly about $50. Crazy... I tried to download a new theme but I picked the wrong one. I chose "Pool" because I was thinking it would be a "swimming pool" not a "pool table". Waste my $2.50 lah.

I just realised that my History O-level grade was A2 not a B3. That means I always remember it wrongly. Hmm...not an A1 so it is the same to me:disappointing.

Yesterday I watched Gundam Seed Destiny at Kids Central. Wow...not bad...2 episodes every Saturday. Now I have something on to do on Saturday afternoons. Interestingly, though they played 2 episodes in an hour slot, they played the ending and opening song twice. Furthermore, the english dubbing and the subtitle were not exactly identical. Though I think it is a pretty good series, I still prefer Gundam Wing. There are too many characters (I can't remember the names) and some characters die (I hate this kind of stories) but perhaps after watching another few episodes, I will like the series... Who knows...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Desperate Houseboy

Okay... Don't have dirty thoughts in your head as you read the title... Haha... I mean it literally because I am really desperate for jobs right now. There are so many things I want to buy but I don't want to use other people money. I want my own. Hehe...then I don't need to account for my expenses. So far I have contacted TWENTY FIVE tuition agencies and I only got one assignment. That is how gross it has been. So everyday I am just rotting in my room with nothing to do, except watching TV in the evening. And about the office job that I applied on monday, I don't think I get it but never mind. I will surely find other jobs.

I have few interesting experiences from calling the all the tuition agencies. One lady loves to talk so much that it took 8 1/2 minutes for me to talk to her...and in this amount of time, she said "I'm joking only lah" for about 5 times. Never mind about that because she's friendly. One lady is a *****. She thinks she knows the regulations regarding scholars better than me... Hello.....missy/madam...who is the scholar here??? But it's fine if she does not want money, I still have many agencies (as if I will get any

Oh ya tonight will be my very first tuition assignment so I am a bit excited about it. Hopefully everthing will go well later.

In the past 2 days, I have found a new activity in the morning: biking. I went to the nearest petrol station to buy newspaper (the uncle never subscribes to newspaper...I wonder why) yesterday (and today) and my butt is painful already. Haha... It is always like that when I ride a bike...just like the few times I did in ECP. The trip to the station is very's a downhill trip...but the trip uphill is arduous. Anyway, it's a good exercise. Lol...

Parting words from me: OYABUN! OYABIN! OYAPYON! MYO! MEW!!!
Wondering what it is? It is a funny/lame words I learnt from InuYasha last night. It's related to Shippou (too bad I can't upload his picture) and the 5 fox demons. Hehe...

Monday, March 12, 2007


My whole day was ruined yesterday because of a mistake I did in the NUS application form. I put in my old passport number which will expire on 25 April this year. I thought that after I submit the application, I still can edit the particulars, but unfortunately, it is not the case. Now I don't know how I can change that. Perhaps I have to call the university to ask directly about it.

I did the application at Emma's place which actually is quite (not very) near to my place. It is about 3 bus stop distance... The journey was quite tiring but to save money, I prefer that to going round and round: take bus to Bishan, take mrt to AMK, then take bus again. It would take more time too. I was looking for the library at AMK but I could not find it. I shall try it tomorrow because it is cheaper to go there than to Toa Payoh. Hehehe...

As I was waiting at Junction 8, I decided to buy X-0 book. Luckily, cashcard could be used and now I am no longer confused with what to do with the previous remaining balance in the card. I found Dear Boys artbook too (is it good luck or bad luck???). More money I spent but it was worth it. The book is good and the price is relatively cheaper than the other artbooks. Yesterday trip made me more tempted to buy FF XII figurines and worse, I found a new good thing: Star Ocean figurines set. And after seeing that X-0 is nice, I want to buy the X-infinity too. money money..I need money...I need jobs...I don't want to use my parents' money to buy things for my satisfaction... Oh ya, I almost missed about Gundam Wing Zero Scale 1/60. If I had been to Seiyu last week, I would agree when my dad said he wanted to go for NUS open house. Then I could ask him to bring the robot back. It is impossible for me to bring it back on my own, because I have other toys to bring back. Haha...

I was struggling to wait for Ugly Betty yesterday as I had been lethargic during the weekend. It is the Hollywood version of Betty La Fea which I watched about 7+ years ago. I can say the 'ugly' in Ugly Betty is not too bad. See the original version and that's what you call a real ugly.

I had a weird dream last night where people whom I know are not at the current location they should be in reality but I still managed to wake up in time for the Amazing Race All Stars. I don't think the challenges are as fun as last week's but it was great to see the liars lost. Haha... it was more exciting because the losers were champions for 3 times during this season. Na na na na nah...

Friday, March 9, 2007


Wow...even dreams have "to be continued....". Last night I had another dream about getting a job. That made me really hopeful for any answer out of the 2 applications I sent yesterday. Unfortunately, no reply came. Thus I think I don't get the job... :(

Well, at least I have something to be hopeful of. I got a message about a tutee at Toa Payoh... Hurray... Hopefully this will be my first real job (although half of my first salary must go to the agency) and will be the beginning of more offers... Hehehe... In the newspaper, I read an ad about a tuition centre looking for tutors. This can be a good full-time job and let's see my luck this time. So far there has been any reply (I sent my data only about an hour ago) but I really hope this time I can get a real day time job. When I reach home, I will call another 2 tuition agencies and that makes the total of 8 different agencies I have tried out so far. It is a very sad prospect.

My 'lust' to shop is becoming more and more dangerous. I can't stand it... X pictorial books, Full Metal Alchemist figurines, FF XII figurines, Umizaru VCD, ...., and the list goes on. It's so difficult usingmy dad's money. Last time, I got money from MOE so I could anyhow buy things that I wanted because the money was mine. However, this time the money is not mine. That's why I am very desperate for jobs.... Phone bills are still bearable but transport is a little bit out of control. I need MONEY MONEY MONEY....JOB JOB JOB!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, Inu Yasha was very hillarious last night. I could not help myself but to laugh and giggle. The episode was just totally lame (lame but towards the funny aspect) and entertaining. The opening song has changed to the new one (Takki and Tsubasa's One Day One Dream) and the ending song is just getting worse. The songs on the wednesday episode were pretty bad too. I wonder how come Inu Yasha soundtrack is getting worse. Initially, they are very nice (V6's Change The World, BoA's Every Heart, one Ayumi Hamasaki's song which I can't recall the title, Do as Infinity's Fukai Mori) but they seem to be getting worse. From the songs I mentioned just now, i think only Change the World is really nice (means you don't get bored listening to it after many times).

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wah...I have spent almost a week here with nothing concrete to do. Yeah..I have been complaining since Tuesday about it to my friends and they replied "You are complaining for being jobless for 2 DAYS while many just got their jobs after 1 month search". Haha... It sucks to be jobless and I guess being a student is the best thing. There is nothing much to worry except tutorials to do.

I am using my aunt's account to get into the internet from the library. It is quite a troublesome process because I need her birthdate and blah blah blah. Then the internet is not free so I had to top up my Cashcard. I wanted to top up fiftEEN dollars but the lady heard it as fiftEE dollars... Darn.... I don't know how to use the rest of the money. So yup...I went to the recommended and I was interested in 2 jobs. Hopefully, I can get 1 of them. I am quite tired of looking for tutees because I called more than 5 agencies and none of them has given any reply yet. Today I was offered two students at Tampines and Pasir Ris and I declined the offer. It was too far from my place. Well, if I am desperate, I think I will call back and grab that opportunity. It is quite difficult to decide on any tuition job yet because I need to find a regular job first. Finding a day job is more problematic because usually they only want Singaporean or PRs or blah blah blah.

For the past few days, I have been a lazy bum. Everyday I merely watch TV shows including HanaKimi. Among the so many shows I have watched, the only one I am voluntarily watching is only Inu Yasha. Too bad that it is so late at 11pm and only from Wednesday to Friday. But not bad lah.

Because I was too free and too rich (according to Emma), I went to watch Hannibal Rising. It was a waste of money. I felt sick during and after the show...though the gory scenes are not as bad as I expected. can be a dangerous proffesion because this cannibal hannibal is a medical scholar... Whew.... Actually I wanted to watch Happily Never After but it only came out today. Yesterday I saw in the newspaper its review and it was given 1 star only. So I won't watch it. Hohohoho...

My desperation for a job has even affected my sleep. I had a dream of getting job last night but unfortunately, it was only a dream. Sigh...

Monday, March 5, 2007

I'm back

Finally I have returned to Singapore to collect my A level results. Everything is up to my expectation except a Merit for Chem S. Well I actually got the feeling that it would be a merit, even by the time I exited the exam hall last time. Haiz.... My GP is up to my expectation and yup, I feel grateful for it. Interestingly, I was not happy for the first 2 days upon getting my results. I don't know why but perhaps I was a bit shocked to see that I'm #71 at school. Gosh... It's because my merit la!!! But well, my life in VJ is over and I must go on.

I am so lucky to get a place at Sembawang Hills Drive. Though I went to the wrong place at first. I have no complain about my room except that it is a bit dark (btw it's underground). So I won't get sunlight. But other than that, everything is perfect. The owner is very nice. I am allowed to have lunches if I am lazy to go out on weekends though I am not paying for lunch. I had a dinner last night and I was amazed. I was told by the maid that dinner on weekends would be simple but I can say for sure that last night dinner was great for my standard (after 4 years of dreadful hostel food) and I can't wait to see the 'not simple' dinner would be like.

I am still slacking now and am looking for job. I hope I can get something by tomorrow. I want one which pays at least $6 per hour. I hope that I can get some tuition job during weekends or I will be bored to death... I hope I can get job(s) soon as the living expenses are so high, especially for transport. I have spent $15 plus on BUS and MRT ONLY for the past 4 days. There are so many things I want to buy too such as: X pictorial books (there are 2 of them), Full Metal Alchemist figurines (hurray....they are discounted Takashimaya), FF XII figurines (though Vaan looks rather weird, Ashe is pretty). Btw I have bought 3 Prince of Tennis pictorial books :) Hahaha... I will get scolding because of that. One of them (whic only cost me $5 after discount) really does not worth the money. Thankfully I bought it at $5 only. Hah...if I can already earn money on my own, then I can buy those 'luxuries' without any guilt. Soon...

Thanks to Anne and today I can blog, check my mail, and read the Elex Media forum. I also hope that my aunt's library card enables me to use internet in the library for free. long as I don't get caught. Lol... I will need internet so desperately next week as I have to apply for university. I hope I have a bright future ahead of me. Wish me all the best :)