Monday, January 29, 2007


Nowadays, the number of places selling anime OST is dwindling. In fact, there is almost none. Yesterday I went to KTC (another haven for dvd and such stuff) but my search for anime mp3, japanese songs mp3, or anime ost was futile. There was none. I was so down that I did not bring my Dear Boys and Final Fantasy XII to be exchanged with the better ones as these 2 dvds I have are screwed. There was one shop selling recorded anime dvds (I mean the owner download the fansubs and save it to dvd and sell it) but I did not buy because the shopkeeper was so unprofessional. I wanted to buy Prince of Tennis so I asked which episodes they were selling and the answer that I got was "There are 35 dvds". Gosh...I was dumbstruck!!! 35 dvds?? How many episodes are there in one dvd? Idiotic... The "proper" ones that I own have 20 episodes in a dvd. So 700 episodes??? Ridiculous!! I did not buy that >.< In the end I only bought Shulato (it is a very old anime, as old as Saint Seiya TV series as can be seen from the picture). I checked the beginning of each episodes and they are okay so I hope there will be no problem. If I go back there next week, I shall remember to exchange the 2 dvds I want to exchange and go dig out new animes such as Samurai Deeper Kyo and Vision of Escaflowne. I saw them yesterday but I was not in the mood to buy new anime (my intention yesterday was to get SONGS) but I bought Shulato because only one shop selling that. Hahaha...

I checked out Anime Machi but the anime ost there was very few and I could not find what I was looking for. Haiz... I miss the shops where I used to buy and order anime stuff. So in the end of a very long and saddening day, I concluded that I should hunt anime songs from the net. It was fruitless too. But tadaa... this morning (as I am typing this) I can get the songs I want. More surprisingly, it is from the website that I could not download the songs last time. Thank God.

I got another surprise last night. The Kenshin DVD with spoilt episodes could be played from the laptop. I always find it weird that sometimes what the dvd player cannot play can be played by laptop and vice versa. So I watched those spoilt episodes and unfortunately the last minute of the very LAST episode of the series was still SPOILT!!!!! Grrr.... Maybe it is because the dvd is too full lah (it has more episodes than the others of the same series).

Prince of Tennis is a very good anime. It makes me want to play tennis and it has very good songs... I must find it in Singapore though by the time I see the price in HMV I will change my mind. Usually the price of import anime cds is S$60. I wish I can buy online because usually it was about $20. However, I have no visa card yet and I never trust online shopping stuff. Except if I can pay after I receive the stuff.

I guess that's all for today. I did not have enough sleep last night. I had only about 5 hours but interestingly I could not fall asleep again this morning.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Anime Personifications

I think that these two anime characters best depict both of my double personalities.

Heero is similar to me at the times when I am in a bad mood. He is not very sociable (tends to be personally distant) but is very loyal to his friends. He is cold and seems to be very unfriendly as he focuses more on his duties (though I may not be as dutiful as him) and will do anything to complete his tasks. He comes across as being heartless as he seldom shows his feelings and thus making him a “perfect soldier” in the anime. These traits are so like me. Those who know me will agree with my words above. Lol. Our physical appearance is quite similar (Don’t you think so??) with black and quite messy hair. He wears knee-length shorts in the anime (and jeans in the movie). While I don’t really fancy jeans, I do love wearing shorts, which are much shorter than what he wears. I prefer slack clothing than tight one too! Wow…I never expect that there would be such fictional character who can be so similar to me. The only difference between us (hahaha…I’m talking as if he is a real person) is our physical abilities. He has 2X physical prowess than normal human being while mine is ½ than that of normal human. So I guess I’m not so talented in the brawn side but I am confident that I am better at the brain side.

Eiji is a new character I like due to the similarities I have with him (except the sports department!!!) when I’ve gone crazy. Eiji always smiles in the anime, is talkative often jokes without thinking the consequences in advance (aka can be insensitive). From the way he plays his tennis, I can also tell that he is quite selfish and immature. The similarities are less as compared to Heero but perhaps I like this character because it shows the type of person I like to be my friend. Fiuh…truthfully I am tired of guys who don’t like to talk or joke. Boring boring… No wonder I feel that I am more connected to girls as they love to talk nonsense. One part in the anime I like about him is when he fights with Oishi (his double partner) because of his childish words and actions. In the end, everything goes back to normal because he is just to talkative to restrain his mouth from speaking to Oishi. Hehehe..

Actually, there is another anime character I like which is Conan. Hohoho… I like him only because he wears glasses and he is super smart. But attitude and characteristics wise, I don’t really feel any similarities lah.

Hahaha…this lame entry is inspired from a radio talk show regarding “imaginary friends” that children have, especially those who are feeling lonely. And guess what, the expert says that it is good to have “imaginary friends”. Haha…while I am glad that I am normal, I am quite sad with the fact that I feel lonely. Nowadays, friends don’t just come so easily.

I am watching Virtua Fighter right now. Currently, there are 3 vcds left and that’s all. The last time I watched it was 5 years ago (or 6) and I have almost forgotten everything about it. The artwork is not so nice (and worsens towards the later episode) and I hate the opening song, ending song, as well as the bullshit Akira always says before fights). But I don’t regret watching it because I always put a very strict selection on animes that I buy. I only keep those with “re-watch” value. Otherwise, I will throw the vcds/dvds already.

One more comic title is down as Kyo has ended. Quite sad but from seeing the design of the cover of the last book and the absence of any summary behind made me realise that no 38 would be the last one. And it is true!!! It has been a long journey (4 years plus which means the first volume came out at about the time I left for Singapore) and I already forgot the earlier parts of the stories. I have to re-read all soon.

I heard from Emma rumors about O level results will be out on the 5th of February. That means A level will be about a week later. I hope these rumors are false as I don’t want to go back to reality of being a student again this soon. I also do not want to miss the fifth time to do “angpau harvest”.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy go Lucky

I feel so lucky and thus happy today. Yeeeeehaaaaa…..!!!

Firstly, after I went about cursing about the slow connection last night, I found another site to download the song (Walk On). It was much faster at 4.something KB/sec. Wow…1 song was done in 15 minutes. It is still bad as compared as when I downloaded stuff in Singapore. It took only about 15sec there. However, 15 minutes is still better than 40 minutes plus if I download from the sites with download speed 2. something KB/sec.

My lucky strike continued on today. After 30 minutes of searching, I finally found the site to get the other mp3s I wanted. I got 4th Avenue CafĂ© from anime Rurouni Kenshin. The complete song is not as good as the short version in the anime but I still like it. I managed to get the nice Kenshin song which I did not know the title. I only hear it from the dvd at the menu screens. Thanks to and lady luck, I anyhow tried to see the lyrics of Kenshin songs which I never knew before and tadaaa… at the second try, I found the song. The title is Kimi Ni Fureru Dake De. Woohoo….sugoi!!! It is a great song and has a great arrangement too. Band songs are indeed better than boyband songs because the music is entertaining too.

In the midst of downloading the songs, I met Ake online and went out this afternoon with some of my primary school friends (Ake, Bonita, Nicky). I hate watching movie here and thus only met them for a while and went home when they went in for the movie. It was great to see them. Haha… I guess those are true friends indeed. After 7 years of not meeting one another, we still could talk like last time. One thing I regret is that many of primary school memories are forgotten already. I even forget the name of the people and the teachers. I can’t even recall my ex-classmates. Pity me… My brain is dead. I don’t know what I was doing in my primary school days. Lol.

Well, they said that I have changed a lot. I argued that most guys would change because in our primary school days, we might not reach our puberty yet. However, I was quite surprised that Nicky does not change much (except that he’s growing meatier). So…I don’t know what has happened to myself. I have my P4 photo so I know that I changed a lot. I keep changing!!!! If I look at my primary school photo, secondary school photo, high school photo, secondary school photo in Singapore, and Junior College photo, they all differ. Don’t ask me why. But I think my prime is when I was 15 years old. Going to Singapore only makes me look uglier because I gained weight there (this is surprising because most scholars lost weight because of stress!!! I gained weight because of stress). My face has changed from oval shape into round shape. As a result, my hair is a mess right now (I think I talked about this already last time). Anyway, change does not give a reason for Boni to keep laughing at me. I think she was so surprised that I have become so cute, adorable, and charming. Hahaha…

I realize that I am really not blessed with healthy eyesight. I can’t believe that Nicky only has –1, Ake –0.75, and Bonita still has perfect eyesight. How the heck I can reach up to –8??? Ow please….

Yup…so that’s all the good news I have for today. Hahaha…

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I am downloading Prince of Tennis ED03 now and I am close to desperation. The download speed has never been this disgusting! It is 2oo plus BYTES. Gosh.. I think it is because of the website. Can someone help me to download the song first and send to my e-mail? I guess it will be faster that way. Please...those who are in Singapore... I know your connection is damn fast although there maybe some legal problems in downloading mp3. Haha... Be careful and don't hold me responsible for it.

I just realise that actually I can "justify" my entries. I just realised that in my last entry so from now on I shall remember to "justify" my entries. It is nicer to see.

Yucks...the download speed is getting worse. It has dropped to 182 bytes now. I think I will have to give up soon and try it again some other time. I GIVE UP!!!

Okay, this is my shitties entry so far because actually I intend on not writing any today. I am writing this just to kill the time while I am waiting for the stupidly slow download >.<

Friday, January 19, 2007


I listened to a radio talk show this morning about the benefits of tea. I’m amazed with what tea can do for the body. I have always thought that tea only makes one go to toilet more frequently. Well tea does that but it has many more advantages such as can reduce the chance of getting Parkinson’s disease (i.e. is good for your nerve system), cancer, as well as to help your bowels if you get diarrhea. Haha…apple also has this weird effect. If you are healthy, it helps you to go to toilet but if you have diarrhea it helps you at least so that you can go to the doctor without soiling your pants. Lol. I shall start drinking tea everyday though I must remember not to drink it with an empty stomach as the caffeine stimulates stomach acid production. In addition, caffeine may hinder the absorption of iron from your meal so it is advisable not to drink tea with your meal. However, as long as your tea is not concentrated it is alright. Wow… what an enriching talk.

I can feel my mind and brain is numbing!!! It’s so difficult to remember Japanese and Chinese words. I am learning a bit by a bit from watching anime and Chinese shows respectively. I am still confused between ‘tadaima’ and ‘itadaikimasu’. One is for “I’m home” and the other is for “I’m eating”. Don’t know which one is which. If my guess above is correct anyway. Haha.. I also know that there is a YOU in Chinese for male and female separately. I learn that ‘ai’ is so similar to ‘yau’ and also ‘friend’ in Chinese. Haha.. Soon I can write best friend already. So far I only know hao peng you hao peng you. Ah…no wonder Chinese are so smart, even to speak and write their brain must work so hard. Even harder than memorizing bio stuff!!!!

Freak!!! Because of the dust, my air con is blowing air with foul smell. I was so angry that my mom said that she could not smell anything and insisted on the newly painted door for the foul smell. My day was worse!! I GOT SCOLDING and as if the air con becomes like that because I want it (or as if I’m the one wanting the doors to be painted). For tomorrow, he wants something to be done to my windows. I am running out of anger already >.<

Finally, I got Magic Kaito 1. Hahaha…after waiting for about a month. Oh yeah. Lucky!!! I also bought Black Cat 9 and Banana Fish 13. The good thing about being in Singapore and coming back once every half a year is that the titles I read is in sequence. Unlike now, I read one a month (because the new volume is out one for each month). But both ways make me cannot remember the stories or the names from the different titles well. So sad liao. I don’t know studying in Singapore has done bad to my brains. While I may be better in thinking, I am sucker in memorizing. No wonder how I hate arts subjects and bio!!! I hate memorizing and ironically when I was studying in Indonesia, I had to remember every single thing in the notes and textbooks. To illustrate how gross it was, let me give you examples. I was expected to remember Latin names of plants and animals mentioned in the book, learning the biological systems (digestive tract, respiratory tract, etc) for all 5 kingdoms of animalia and that includes memorizing the drawings and able to reproduce the drawings as well as recalling the names of the organs, to remember every single formula for maths and physics. Haha…life is simpler in Singapore but is more stressful because even though you memorize the whole damn notes, you still may do badly in exam if your thinking and creativity to crap is bad. Lol.

Another week passed and that means it is a week closer to A level results release, go to university, and the end of my very first great REAL holiday in the last FOUR years.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Broadening my knowledge in the entertainment world

Haha…in the end I watched Prince of Tennis yesterday. 20 episodes a day (about 8 hours in total) and I really feel so guilty for my eyes. The DVD is quite a no-problemo. Though there are some technical glitches on the top and the bottom of the screen at the last few episodes, overall is okay and nearly perfect. Everything goes smoothly, unlike the pathetic Final Fantasy XII clip. Out of 18 minutes, there are at least 5 minutes here and there in which the show gets stuck. Haiz…

Hmm…watching Prince of Tennis reminds me of the tennis games I played with my seniors and some of my batch mates in the hostel in 2005. Last year I was too busy to play and there was nobody interested in playing anyway. Those times were the first time I played REAL tennis. I only matched against a wall previously. My target was to hit the ball to the corner between the wall and the floor (to hear the nice “Blup” sound) and to hit the clock hanging on the wall (in the end, I broke that clock). I played it in my house, not a special wall at tennis courts…just in case you wonder how the hell there was a clock hanging there.

I just happened to watch my sis’ Chinese mini series with her yesterday. The story is about a girl chasing after a guy and thus is willing to disguise herself as a guy. She (or He) attended the guys school and lived in an guys hostel. It was so fake lor. I attended all guy school and stayed in a hostel (though not guys hostel only, the girls and boys block are still separate) before so I know what real life there is like. The guys are so touchy though it is quite funny to see several guys think they are gays because they are attracted to this guy who is actually a girl. The reason of the girl chasing the guy is because she wants to see the guy doing high jump again. What a lousy scenario…but I never like Chinese mini series anyway. I prefer Japanese although Japanese stories tend to be very boring. Eer… I think not boring but making people fall asleep because there tends to be a long silence here and there.

Now I am starting on my research on courses for university. My dad printed so many pages about medicine, engineering, and so on and so forth. I only managed to read medicine yesterday and I got a big headache. So complicated…I don’t know how people can survive there. Interesting thing I noted was that there will be a study on CPR. No..i’m gonna lose my first kiss. I told this to my friend and his reply was more bizarre and I feel that it was not appropriate to be written down here.

My room was almost finished yesterday. Almost because my dad is too fussy over small things and hence today one of the doors must be re-painted. So troublesome. I did not sleep at my room yesterday because the smell of the paint was still too obvious. I slept on my parents’ room. On the floor of course..and the bed on the floor was too thin. I could feel my tail bone getting an upward reaction force by the FLOOR (quite impossible if you study physics, it should be by the bed because my body was not in contact with the floor directly, haha….). I can say that I did not really sleep last night because this morning I felt so tired (as if I never sleep) and got panda eyes o_o In addition to this, my pimples are getting worse. I blame this to the dust!!! My puberty should be over now but yet my pimples keep coming out.

Grr…it really caused me PMS-ing the whole morning. I watched TV and learnt about ‘second puberty’ (a term concocted by mass media and factually not found medically or psychologically…gosh I misspelled that if no help given by Microsoft word.. and no such thing as mispelt meh???…another signs of deterioration of my linguistic ability in England and for me to go back to Singapore asap) in The Breakfast Club, Metro TV. I watched a rubbishy drama at RCTI (called Intan). The story sucks but I am merely interested because the actors are so good in CRYING (the acting was so convincing). I don’t think I am gonna watch it tomorrow because I don’t think there will be another crying scene tomorrow. From ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ in Indosiar, now I know that braces are suppose to improve my appearance. However, I feel that I’m getting uglier. While my teeth are getting tidier, the shape of my jaw and chin is getting weirder. My smile sucks more than before, especially if I try not to show my teeth while taking picture. I FEEL CHEATED!!!

Okay.. I guess I am gonna spend my time sleeping all day today. I promise to myself not to play PS until tomorrow and to abstain from watching DVD today. It is to rest my eyes…but I am still playing computer… Aarrgh…

Monday, January 15, 2007

Yummy yummy :)

YES!!! Finally I went to Mangga Dua yesterday and got Prince of Tennis TV series episode 1-60. Woohoo!!! I checked the beginning of every episode and everything was okay. Thus, hopefully nothing is screwed this time. Interestingly, the pirated dvds I bought were made in Malaysia. The price was Rp 15000 each a few years back but now it is already the same as local-made pirated dvds. Haha… Good thing that I could hold my “lust” last time. Haha… Unfortunately, no shop was selling Dear Boys or Kenshin anymore. My evil plan to exchange my broken dvds failed.

Uuh…Vanguard Bandits is cool. I managed to complete the game in about 20 hours. I wondered what made me think that the game was damn hard and sucky last time. I guess gaming ability improves with age too. Haha…

Yesterday was another juicing session. This time my sister and I tried melon and carrot. The melon was successful although from one WHOLE fruit we only got 2 mugs of melon juice. Haiz… The carrot was a failure. It was quite bitter and tasted terribly. I should not trust my sister’s claim that carrot juice was nice. We especially bought Australian Carrot (aka Bugs Bunny Carrot) because she claimed that the don’t smell, unlike local carrot. I convinced myself to buy 5 carrot. Like duuh… Now nobody will juice it. Haha.. I’m prepared to eat carrot-containing dishes for the whole of this week. In addition to its horrid taste, the carotene (the natural colouring in carrot) was so difficult to wash off from the juicer. In short, it was a mess in the juicing session yesterday.

My house is being repaired. Though it is only the doors, it created a total havoc. Dust is everywhere and even walking feels weird because the floor is not smooth. My parents are always pms-ing during these days but hello…they only stayed in the dusty house for a few hours everyday while I must bear this state for the whole day whole week whole month… Aaargh!!! Hopefully, the dumbo workers will do their work faster. My room has TWO damn bloody doors, and one is facing outdoor. So if they cannot put back the doors in a day, I can’t imagine what state my room will be in. I must wrap my Gundam Robots cabinet (darn…I just cleaned it last week and I don’t want to do it every 2 weeks! At least once every 2 months). Beside the dust, I hate the SMELL of the paint and whatever chemical being used. Hopefully my lungs won’t be damaged for inhaling foul substances for weeks.

Last night I had a terrible nightmare. My braces and 2 teeth of mine DROPPED off. I was crying while blood was still gushing out of my mouth (and I collect it on to my palm) in the dream. The two teeth were the molars from the left side which in reality I only have one. When I woke up, I found that there was food stuck onto the braces at that part. So I guess it was a sign from God. I was too tired last night and after my extremely thorough brushing teeth session (brushing with toothbrush, brushing with inter-dental brush, and flossing) I still missed something. No more nightmares please. I think I had more nightmare nowadays then when I was studying during school terms (haha…perhaps studying is a NIGHTMARE itself)

I can’t decide what I shall do tomorrow. Shall I watch WeiB Kreuz or Virtua Fighter (in ORIGINAL VCDs I bought in 2001…hopefully they are still working) or shall I play Vanguard Bandits again to get the other 4 endings? Erm…just see tomorrow…

Saturday, January 13, 2007

talk talk talk write write write

Whew…today I have A LOT to say. Haha… Firstly I am just aware that my eyes’ health is deteriorating. I used to be able to play playstation up to 5hrs nonstop but nowadays I play for 2 hrs only and my eyes feel like popping out. My prayers for an improved eye sight have never been answered. Currently, I’m replaying Vanguard Bandits. I did not complete it the first time I played it a few years ago. It was just too difficult. Hopefully this time I am luckier and more skillful in playing the game.

Today I went for Brazilian buffet at Churasco. Ouw…almost walked out of the restaurant initially because I thought the meat stuff would be served. However, the meat would only be served after I asked for it (it was still a buffet though) so that the meal was still piping hot when it arrives on the table. It was quite true that once I ate the meat, they were quite warm. If the restaurant were to put the meat as buffet on the long table, everyone would be eating cold dish! The promotion says there are 20 plus different kinds of meaty food. I counted and there were only about 10 dishes served. However, they were enough to make me full J And because the buffet had to be “ordered” first, the feeling of fullness was not too bad. I could still walk after that. Haha.. The soup was great too (I took 2 servings) but the other stuff were bullshit. Not nice at all. I ended up eating banana fritters. Hahaha… Overall, it was a pleasure to dine there and I don’t mind returning there.

I met Eli, Anie, Shiany, and Leony (I almost forgot her name because I always call her via her nickname = Meinyol.. Lol.. That makes me remember the good old junior high school days) twice. The first time before I had my lunch and I did not see them clearly. They shouted my name (quite loudly) after I by passed them about 50m away. Wohoho… At a later time we met again after my lunch and we had a good chat. They asked me to take photo but my hair (and hence my appearance as a whole) IS in a pathetic state right now. I never feel ugly like this. Phew…I’m waiting for the outing with my primary school friends (hopefully it won’t be cancelled). Comparing my social life in Indo and Singapore, it is just so ironic and contrasting. I have so many friends here but so few there >.<

I was horrified that gradually my linguistic ability in English has decreased. I forgot the word “torture”. Gosh…how can it be???

The great album that I like to hear right now is Tommy Page’s Greatest Hits. Wow..there are so many GREAT songs about love such as Madly in Love, I’m Falling in Love (I’m falling in love…my dreams are coming true…), and Shoulder to Cry On (when you need a shoulder to cry on…when you need a friend to rely one…). It is quite sad that nowadays western music has become worse and worse. Btw, I looked at the cover and the album was released at about 1985. ??? I don’t know… Hahaha…

I want to talk about the recent hoo-hah about low cost carrier aka cheapo airlines regarding the very last incident of Adam Air. Haiz…I always hated budget airlines. Let me share some horror stories about budget airlines which may make you re-think your airline preferences:

1) Delays are often.

2) I shan’t name it but a budget airline will give you no seating. Thus the experience of finding seats will be equal to finding seats in a public bus or public train if you try using this airline. Everybody will just try and to fight to be the first to enter the plane and get the best seats. Haha… Plane fare for public bus’ experience???

3) The price + pay for excess baggage = the price for “not-cheap” airlines. Ah ya don’t forget that your safety is at stake too. (I remember the headline in the newspaper FLYING CHEAP = YOUR LIFE IS FLYING AWAY and the sub headline LOW COST CARRIER = LOST SAFETY).

4) According to the e-mail my sister received, budget airlines often use AGED planes. The e-mail says that airplanes, which are more than 10 years old, may be likened to 40-50 year old human beings. Ew….

5) This shocking thing occurred to me and to one of my friends (it means there were 2 separate incidents). If you are ‘lucky’ and get to sit at the emergency window…tada…the life of the whole passengers may lie in your hands. The one sitting exactly next to the window will be briefed by the stewardess on how to OPEN the emergency window and the one sitting at the aisle will be told on how to block/prevent other passengers from rushing towards the emergency window IF there is any emergency. Gosh…can you imagine how shocking is that??? My mum joked “then no time for you to put on your life jacket” while I think that “as if in emergency your head is clear enough to remember how to open the window”. Haha…related to point no 3, you can doubt whether the window can be opened actually.

6) Okay, this is the most horrifying story I ever heard. One of my seniors experienced this. In mid-air, for one second or two, the engine DIED off (in planes, the roaring of the engines is very obvious to the passengers). WHAT THE… You may think that he was hallucinating but…all passengers were aware of that as suddenly silence came to the plane aka people stopped chit-chatting..

Erm…I don’t hate budget airlines or what but I guess these are experiences you need to know. I shall never use it anymore!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I'll go where fate leads me

Another fruitless week has passed and it is a week closer to the time of determination of my future (though I don't know when it will be). I am still clueless (maybe 'unsure' is more suitable) about which course to take. There is some preparation for medicine because it's the only course which needs preparation. Lol. I don't know whether it's where my future lies but I FEEL that way. I shall believe that whichever course I would be, it's the best according to God.

This week I did not touch the car at all. My dad and I took turn to feel tired and hence my driving lessons may go backwards a few steps (I really hope NOT). I only watched anime, Rurouni Kenshin, and I was rushing through it. What a disappointment to find out that the last CD was screwed. 4 episodes could not be watched, including the LAST one. WHAT THE HELL!!!!

I only started playing my playstation today. Not really in the mood though. I only played Digimon Card Battle and improved the game by getting additional ONE card only. Haiz... I thought I need 500 wins to get something but actually 300 wins are enough. So I wasted my whole morning for nothing. I shall find another game to play. Perhaps in 2 weeks or 3 weeks time because on Sunday my dad will bring me to Mangga Dua and I can enrich my dvd collection aka wasting more money, and swapping the spoilt dvds.

I feel more and more pressurised to find a job and a place to stay at Singapore. Haiyo...I guess all my last previous entries have this as the last paragraph..... Ah I guess that's all. My eyes are very tired........

Monday, January 8, 2007


I really don't know why is so difficult to access. And I can only access this using my dad's laptop, not my mom's.

The main thing I have in mind today is FOOD!! Yeah..this afternoon my sis cooked burger for me. Haha.. 2 pieces of very thinly sliced beef burger and 6 pieces of salami. The salami was even better than the beef. Lame la. But still, it was good though it gave me a headache to clean the stuff which got stuck in between my braces. After dinner, I made avocado stuff. Eerrm...I don't know what but it was not a juice, not a pudding, basically just put the avocado flesh with ice, chocolate milk, and a lot of sugar. Tadaaa...that's all. I like it!!!

I also like Minori snack. I was tempted to buy it because of the lame TV ads ("Takeshiiiiiiii....!!!!" "Minoriiii....!!!"). The taste is SWEET and hence it is new to my tounge.

My dad is very tired tonight so I can't have the driving lesson. Haiz...I was looking forward to it actually. Ah ya...tomorrow is my mom's bday. I hope that my surprises will succeed and will be good.

University stuffs really confuse me. I still don't know what personal statement is etc etc.... AAAARGHH!!!!

My hair is getting more unbearable. The sides are growing sideways... I will look like eiji kikumaru in the future.. Only need to dye my hair red.

This should be for yesterday

Aaah… at last I re-started my driving lessons. It has been horrible so far. I still can’t make the car move, once it stops, swiftly. Every time I see something on the road, be it humans, cats, dogs, and the worst of all is another vehicle, I will panic and lose control of the car. Out of the 2 times my car came face to face with another, my car just stopped dead. Yesterday the car in front of me turned into another road since I failed to re-start the car for FOUR times. Hahaha… Okay, on the road, it is not something to be laughed at. I must prevail to master driving ASAP. Lol..

I just bought Eragon dvd (pirated also). It was totally disappointing. Horrible, the book is so boring and the movie is even more boring. Though the walking/journey part is cut short, the battle parts are so disgusting. I’m so infuriated. All the actors are ugly some more. Even Sienna Guillory is not as pretty as in the posters. Interestingly, there are some scenes which I saw somewhere else but cannot be found in the movie. Weird… Since it is a new film, the quality of the dvd is still ugly. I shall wait for the pirated version of the original one. It will have proper subtitle J. I won’t buy the original vcd/dvd for such a movie. Hah..Harry Potter is still the best no matter how bad the movies are as compared to the books. Perhaps it is because the books are great in the first place. And today I got the good version of pirated Death Note dvd. Hahaha…

I played (meaning tried to make a juice) with the juicer my dad got for Christmas. Now I know why the restaurants never sell FRESH apple juice. Fresh apple juice is so disgusting because apple is so easily oxidized and turns dirty (disgusting) brown easily. Yucks… Next time I’m gonna try with avocado although the juicer should not be used for fibrous fruits but who cares. Lol.. Avocado juice should be nice.

I just ordered a birthday cake for my mom. Not so convincing but I really hope it will be tasty (though I doubt so).


And it’s getting closer and closer to the end of February. I’m very confused about my university course to take, the expenses, blah blah blah…, ah somebody please help me suggest!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The First in 2007

Okay...although I have nothing much in my mind to write right now, I insist on writing because it will be weeks until the next time I can do this. I can't imagine how much my dad must pay for December's internet use but I think it will beyond imagination and like it or not, I'm gonna get screwed and banned from going online.

In this the new year, the things which are on my mind are only jobs, place to stay in Spore, finding a job there, getting a place to live there, ..... And last but not least MY A LEVEL RESULTS because my future (university) depends on that. Until now I'm still clueless about the course I'm going to and 8 weeks is not a short period of time.

Fiuh...finally, last night I managed to get rid of all my boxes and put all the stuff into my cupboard. It brought back the memory. Oh gosh... WeiB Kreuz and Virtua Fighter VCDs, PlayStation CDs, and many other things. Haha... I wish I can turn back time.

I also found PC games which unfortunately cannot be played. I don't know the snes emulator doesn't work and the weird game in Chinese (darn...tricked me by putting English descriptions behind) cannot be opened. The only one that works is Beauty and the Beast.'s not bad but one time you play it and you master the game already. I'm gonna give it to my niece.

Please pray that I can get a job soon :)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

The end of 2006 was not too good for me. The Internet was down for several days due to Taiwan earthquake and on the 31st, my handphone network provider was totally screwed. I could not send sms but thankfully everything returned to normal on the early morning today so Happy New Year smses could be sent.

For the past week, I had been busy accompanying Ci Siuling, Benek, and Soi Kou. Oh gosh…almost everyday we ate out. If I’m gonna list it, there were Bangkok, The Duck King, Secret Recipe (mmm….I love the ice blended chocolate), Sari Kuring, Dapur Sunda, The King’s Place, and there might be some other places I forgot to list. I tell you truthfully that during those days, I was really sick of eating heavy food and I craved over junk food. It was because almost the same food was ordered at each place. There was lack of creativity and bravery to try new menu. Haha…

I was kinda busy near the end of the year. I managed to shift in my comics from the cartoon boxes to my cupboard. My God…I almost have 1000 comics… I need to start putting a brake on buying comics. Otherwise, there isn’t enough room for them. I am re-reading Harlem Beat J Who says you only read books once?

Other than eating, eating, and eating, the other thing I remembered doing is watching Peter Pan. Cool!!! A quote I like most "You can't make me a man. I wanna be a boy forever and have fun". I wish it is possible in the reality. This 2007, I will be 20 years old already. I am really sad that I am considered mature already. It means that I cannot behave like a kid anymore (though I look like one).

Well, I hope this new year will be a happy, peaceful, lucky, full of blessings for me and my family. I hope that my A level results will exceed my expectation, get a job soon, will get into a correct faculty in uni which is the best for my future, get the hang of driving ASAP, can learn mandarin, and more good things which my escape from my thoughts right now.

This should be posted on last wednesday >.<

Yesterday I have a bad day for food. My brunch was an unpalatable crab noodle. I asked my mom to buy me a dumpling noodle but due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a change at the place of eating. So I ended up eating the gross noodle full of seafood (err…I don’t really love seafood). I was so sick afterwards that I didn’t have any lunch. For dinner, my dad brought us to a Manado restaurant. Because I never tasted Rica-Rica before, I agreed. The restaurant was quite sucky. The service was poor. We had to call the lazy waitresses before they served us. Most of the food was spicy. The not spicy ones were hot in my mouth, so there was not much difference between hot and spicy (this is why usually hot and spicy come together as a phrase…). I shan’t eat that kind of food anymore, just once in a lifetime. At least now I know what is Rica-Rica.

I’m starting to get desperate over reading comics. I bought a new title just because the main character’s name is TAMA. Haha…the title is Full Swing Tama. It’s about tennis so I thought it won’t be so bad and it turns out to be quite good. I also bought Aquarian Age (I haven’t read it yet) and Godhand Teru (this one is about a 26-year-old doctor who looks like a teenager). My collection will swell..yippee… Ah and Prince of Tennis 18 was out too! Hurray…

I tried Krispy Kreme. I’m sure it will lose out to J.Co. J.Co is much nicer and has more variety. It is easier to eat (not to filling) and of the okay sweetness, Krispy Kreme’s donuts are quite stuffy (though Dunkin Donuts’ are still more stuffy) and the sweetness will just kill all the diabetics… It will be another one-time experience only.

I attempted to sleep early last night (after watching Love Actually) but I failed because I was stupidly attracted to watch a silly Indonesian-movie. Sucks…that made 3 days straight of insufficient sleep. But Love Actually is quite a good movie, though I don’t get some parts, and a sweet one too. And the small boy is quite cute!!!