Tuesday, December 26, 2006

not-so-merry -christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This year Christmas is not as good as the previous years. I don’t know why but there aren’t so many Christmas-themed movies this time. Only Harry Potter (The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets) and Sister Act I & II accompanied me for Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. There isn’t any show about celebrities singing Christmas carols. It was quite disappointing. Only my annual Christmas cassettes and Disney’s Christmas Stories VCDs made me happy.

I am so distraught that my Phantom of the Opera cassette has gone missing >.< I don’t know whether I lost it or Wenny, who borrowed from me, haven’t returned it yet. I hope it’s the second one. I don’t wanna buy it again and very good music is inside.

Some of my anime dvds are spoilt. Yucks…after Dear Boys, now I have found out that DNAngel disc 2 is spoilt too… Darn…I finished watching Orphen although about 30 minutes from the whole 24 episodes are not in. I think I am gonna watch a new one because the subtitle is also quite horrendous. The names are mispelt. Krylanceo becomes Qi, Orphen becomes Oufan or Oven (wth), and the worse is Majic which becomes (Majikke, Magechel, Maqik, and etc)… It makes the whole watching experience awful.

From Lembang, I brought back 2kg worth of fats around my belly. Haiz…I don’t know how I am gonna get rid of it. New Year is coming and I must reflect on good and bad things I’ve done/achieved and my unfinished targets this year. I’m waiting for Peter Pan and Spidey in the TV too. But tonite will be Love Actually!

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